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Joselyn C.

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No, I would not host them again.

"Another review forced by peerspace. I have chosen to ignore the suggested review questions and come up with my own list. So, using my own Subjective Point System, in order of importance: 1. The DJ: ok volume or dangerous levels? DANGEROUS, above 95 db. Minus 20 points 2. Did the caterer/kitchen person clean up, separate and take out trash as agreed? NO, mostly, minus 5 points 3. Did guests ask where are the scissors, or did they pull open all 32 kitchen drawers in search of same? NO, plus 10 points 4. Did guests ask how to hook up video/sound or did they just start randomly pulling cables and disconnecting stuff? YES, sometimes. Zero points 5. Did guests senselessly destroy anything? NO, plus 10 6. Were guests nice/interesting/considerate? YES, plus 10 7. If any toilets were plugged, did they 10 points)tell me or did they minus 5)try to repair on their own or did they minus 50)ignore totally with disastrous results? IGNORED, minus 5 8. Did they break the “Please don’t gouge the wood floors with heavy furniture” rule? YES, minus 10 points 9. Did guests do anything else that made me say “Jimmy Crickets, who would’ve thought that could happen?” NO, 10 points 10. Did the booking guest push for freebies and extras that you would not normally provide? NO, 10 points "

Yes, I would host them again.

"Joselyn and her team were fantastic. Their event was extremely well-planned and from our perspective, went extremely well. They were packed up and cleaned up before the end time and were very gracious in their appreciation of the studio. We would love to work with them again. "