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No, I would not host them again.

"I was disappointed by the lack of transparency regarding this shoot as we have specific requirements for small shoots on our street and do not allow large vans or trucks on our narrow street. The crew arrived in two giant trucks - one parked backwards in front of my neighbors door. My point of contact wasn't onsite during this, and the crew was uninformed and confused, blocking in neighbors and parking in red zones, until we asked them to move their vans. This shoot brought in the most amount of equipment we've ever seen, filling our entire yard and we felt a bit ambushed by the size of the production, which we were led to believe would be a small interview shoot (we've done hundreds of shoots at our house, so we have a good sense of what a small shoot looks like at this point) The stress this caused us wasn't worth it as I do my due diligence ahead of time to ensure we know exactly what kind of shoot to expect, keeping them small, with minimal gear (especially during Covid) and had we known what an elaborate shoot it was going to be we would have absolutely said no. That said, when I did call, the point of contact did come to remedy the situation, I just wish I didn't have to call to demand onsite oversight. "

Yes, I would host them again.

"Sarahi and Happy Place Productions were extremely professional. Friendly, respectful crew, everything done by the book. Would highly recommend."

Yes, I would host them again.

"Sarahi is great to work with. Very quick response. "