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The 9 Best Engagement Photographers in Austin

Austin is one of the best cities in America to find love, get engaged, and embark on the fulfilling adventures of life. Because of Austin’s ethos of being true to yourself, there may be no better city to find love. The best Austin engagement photographers have the great privilege of documenting these love stories, right when they’re getting to the good part. And they do not take their responsibility lightly. These shutterbugs produce some of the sweetest, most achingly romantic work around.

1. Sean Hsueh of Day 7 Photography

Sean Hsueh of Day 7 Photography takes natural, candid engagement and wedding photographs. Sean’s style is diametrically opposed to the cheesy, highly posed photographs that other photographers shoot as engagement shots. He’s all about getting couples into a natural environment and just allowing them to interact with each other without direction or staging, then capturing the results. Personally, we love seeing couples just naturally gravitate toward each other. This tie — the love between individuals — is really the greatest stabilizing force in the world, after all.

2. Rob August

Rob August says he’s trying to do his photography work “a little bit differently,” and that’s just part of what makes him one of our favorite Austin engagement photographers. His photos use a fascinating mixture of textures, lighting, and tricks of reflection and framing to create unique and uncanny takes on the traditional engagement photography. If you’re a couple that wants engagement photos quite unlike that of any of your friends, take a look at Rob’s portfolio, and we bet your imagination will be set alight.

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3. Diana Ascarrunz

Diana Ascarrunz has an all-around skill set that we really admire. Everything from her locations, to her lighting, to her post-production editing is just spot on. What really makes her work stand out among other Austin engagement photographers is her ability to capture raw, unfiltered joy. Marriage is a decision of the heart, at least as much as it is a decision of the mind. Her photos absolutely brim with the feelings and content of the heart — the joy, the love, the longing, the shared secrets.

4. Jenny DeMarco

Austin engagement photographer Jenny DeMarco has a real way with light, and for a photographer, this is perhaps the most important tool in your toolkit. Her photos show a remarkable range and playfulness. She’s able to tell such romantic stories with minimal setups — sometimes all she needs are a couple’s silhouettes. Other times, her photos are filled with glitzy opulence, and yet always, always, what shines through is the rare love of the couples who photograph with her.

5. Julie Wilhite

Julie Wilhite excels at a type of updated classical style of engagement photography that we’re really taken with here at Peerspace: stripped-down photos that are like your parents’ engagement shots, just slightly updated to make use of the best of what digital photography has to offer. The resulting photographs are destined to stand the test of time, and perhaps even influence the types of engagement shots your own children will get one day. Take a look at her tasteful, beautiful portfolio, then give her a call.

6. Jamie and Zach of Two Fish Weddings

Husband-and-wife team Jamie and Zach of Two Fish Weddings met while getting their BFAs from Savannah College of Art and Design. They take classically inspired wedding and engagement photos of loving Austinites, making excellent use of the gorgeous landscapes and light of the surrounding Austin area. They’ve always been fascinated by photographs’ ability to stand the test of time. And, like true artists, their only goal is to produce photographs that you’ll want to keep close to your heart for the rest of your life.

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7. Kristi Wright

Kristi and her videographer Andrew are one of the most sought-after wedding-photography teams in all of Austin. Both their wedding and engagement photography exhibit a remarkable amount of range. Some of their photos show a super-modern look, with bright colors, gorgeous landscapes, and tons of light. While their other photos are classic, with an amazing eye to composition, light and shadow, simple gestures of love, and architecture. They’ve got the chops to photograph couples of all walks of life.

8. Chad and Tressie Zellner of Two Pair Photo

Another husband-and-wife photographer team who know a thing or two about wedding and about marriage, Chad and Tressie Zellner are an ideal pair of photographers to capture perfect, loving engagement and wedding shots of any young Austinite couple. They’re also amazing location scouts, taking engagement shots in some of the most stunning natural locations with rustic backdrops. If you want photographers that will dedicate themselves to perfect every layer of the composition of your engagement photos, trust Two Pair Photo.

9. Melissa Glynn

Melissa Glynn is an Austin engagement photographer with a flair for capturing photos that look just as stunning on your Instagram feed as above your mantle. She takes timeless and eye-catching images that do justice to the love stories that inspire them. She obviously has a knack for connecting with people, as the couples she photographs are always disarmed and very much themselves and in the moment. What results are some extraordinarily natural photographs that give the feeling to observers that they’re seeing “behind the curtain.”

For the couples she photographs, we imagine these photos will be something they’ll hold onto forever. Thus, one day they’ll look back and just say, “Can you believe that was us? Look how far we’ve come.” Allow Melissa to be a part of your story. You won’t regret it.

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