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What people say about improv spaces on Peerspace

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  • Scott C.

    Space: Pop Up Gallery and Photography Studio in SOMA

    "...always enjoy shooting in this space and the improvements to the studio added to the experience..." 03/15/2018
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  • Alison F.

    Space: 8 Person Conference Room-1500 Rosecrans Ave. MB

    "...Very nice space. Easy to access, clean and great value. Amy responded very quickly and was helpful with any questions I had. The only improvement I'd suggest would the ability to pay for parking with card as opposed to cash..." 02/21/2018
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  • Jessica S.

    Space: Anywhere USA Modern Contemporary house

    "...absolutely tremendous. Jacob was so extremely helpful all throughout the day, making our shots move quickly and efficiently. He even had suggestions to help improve the aesthetic of the space and enhance our vision. This space was clean, full of character and gorgeous natural light all day long. Each room..." 03/14/2018
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  • Rowena O.

    Space: Gorgeous Modern Event Venue

    "...dropping off their respective items, even when I was the last one to arrive for setting up. I only have some minor suggestions on improving the experience, but I would not hesitate to book again..." 01/28/2018
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  • Stacey M.

    Space: SoMa Downtown Event/Workshop/Meeting Space in Iconic Building

    "...People were great. Space was good although next time I'll make sure there's no improv going on as the noise carried! Location was good and everyone was super-helpful. Would definitely use again..." 06/22/2018
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  • Elad S.

    Space: Union Square Harry M. Smith Conference Room

    "...Second time here, and it was great as the first one. The new improvements were awesome - speakers and microphone in addition to the new location/size of the screen made this place event better. A must have for events..." 07/21/2017
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  • Christine O.

    Space: Welcoming Industrial SoMa Space with a Science Twist

    "...areas for seating, eating, and relaxing. There is also a good amount of furniture and outlets. Two bathrooms as well. My only suggestion to improve the experience would be for the working lab in the back to be more of a focus (e.g., placing spotlights on the experiments..." 11/10/2017
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  • Peter R.

    Space: Grand Meeting Room in the heart of Silicon Beach

    "...My only feedback would be the room needed a bit more light. But, that might have been my own lack of knowing where to improve the lighting..." 11/30/2017
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  • Joel E.

    Space: Historic Island-Mansion With Expensive Gallery-Curated Interiors And Gorgeous Views

    "...Nata was very responsive and service minded. The venue was great for our workshop. The only area of improvement was the projector, which did not work with our equipment (2017 MacBook Pros + USB C to HDMI adapters). Became quite the problem for as the screen became very blurry but besides..." 09/23/2017
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  • Jessica C.

    Space: Downtown Loft Event Space

    "! It was the perfect size for our conference happy hour! Shanna was super helpful and even had great ideas on how we could improve our event. We highly recommend this space to anyone that needs a modern, clean, and functional space in downtown Austin..." 05/11/2018
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  • Jean P.

    Space: Recording Studio in the Heart of Midtown New York City

    "...Andrew is a great guy. He guided me on what should I improve on, he was patient when I messed up and helped me complete my song with the help of another guy named Jon he was also great gave me good pointers motivated me. Couldn't ask for anything..." 11/28/2017
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  • Lucy W.

    Space: Versatile Downtown Palo Alto Event Space

    "...This space was perfect for our improv event! Stephanie and Salvador were incredibly responsive and accommodating. Great experience all around. Would definitely book again..." 10/06/2017
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  • Kim S.

    Space: Downtown Off-Site Space with Fantastic Views of the City Waterfront

    "...This space was PERFECT! Seaton and his wife were incredibly accommodating, continuously offering water to our guests and suggesting improvements to our A/V setup. We were not entirely sure how many guests would attend our offsite meeting, and the space was flexible to accommodate many different guest configurations. Great, large..." 05/03/2018
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  • Samantha S.

    Space: A Unique & Vintage Cafe

    "...Michelle was a wonderful host. Our production was improved by having such a warm eclectic location. Would definitely recommend to others..." 10/25/2016
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  • Esther B.

    Space: Mansion in South Loop near McCormick Place

    " was incredible, and the attention received form Marcy was outstanding, but the dinner was not really good, so perhaps the dinner service can improve and be at the level of the place..." 09/14/2016
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  • Carman L.

    Space: Turn-key Offsite Meeting Loft

    "...fantastic. All of our students were singing and dancing about the home-cooking like catering was some of the best cooking they had. Two improvements we would suggest: 1. Coffee from Philz, since Philz is only across the road, we would propose to supply their fresh coffee as part of..." 09/15/2017
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  • Cameron M.

    Space: Unique Industrial Studio with Cyclorama, Exposed Brick walls, Natural Light and AC

    "...want a good sound person on set. It's not terrible, but it's certainly a consideration. Luckily the host is actively trying to improve the acoustics, so it's very possible the situation is better upon reading this. Bottom line: I've worked in plenty of space in LA..." 02/18/2018
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  • Scott N.

    Space: Hidden Gem near Downtown LA - Idyllic Modern Space for Creatives

    "...check-in, and even called to walk me through the process to make sure we were ok. Very warm and helpful. The interior has improved and the view was just as great. It's impossible not to get great shots in here. One of my favorites, DEFINITELY recommend..." 04/03/2018
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  • Eric R.

    Space: Great Lake's Conference Room

    "...My only improvement would be to let the user know the call # as the speaker at the front door asks for you to enter the code of the person you wish to reach. Great meeting place and excellent space..." 02/26/2018
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  • Nizar K.

    Space: Conference Room in Santa Monica with amazing natural light and ocean views!

    "...Jeanine were fabulous with their support. Room is clean, excellent for a meeting. Price is reasonable, can’t think of a single recommendation for improvement..." 06/24/2018