The 8 Best Drone Videographers Shooting Aerial Cinematography in Sydney, AUS

Hoping to work with some of the finest Sydney drone cinematographers? We get it! As Australia’s largest city, Sydney is the right place to be when planning a new feature film. There are thousands of ground-based filmmakers available here. But if you want to capture some striking aerial footage, it takes a very different skill set.

We at Peerspace curated this list of the top 8 Sydney drone cinematographers shooting aerial cinematography to save you some time! This talent pool does everything from real estate drone tours to commercial productions for major brands.

1. Droneable

With nearly 500 satisfied customers and 100+ awards to its name, Droneable is a top Sydney brand if you’re looking for aerial cinematography. They count the NSW Government, Lendlease, and United Realty as just a few of their satisfied customers.

Droneable makes maximum use of what drones offer. They give ground-based viewers the ability to survey landscapes or view a vacation home in ways unimaginable just a few decades ago. Droneable has $20 million worth in public liability insurance — not to mention they are licensed pilots. Enabling them to fly in places off-limits to more casual aerial videographers!

You have the option of recording up to 8K footage which they will then deliver wirelessly. And if you need a one-stop-shop for the project, Droneable is also skilled in video editing and production. They do fine editing, graphics, color correction, and grading. Because they are passionate videographers who know that loving their work makes the final project that much better!

2. Gavin Rawlings of Venture Films

Filmmaking and video editing have long been a passion of Gavin Rawlings. While the technical aspects of composition and video gear interest him, Gavin never ignores the artistic elements that transmit emotion and storyline to viewers!

His brand, Venture Films, has a huge range of experience backing it, including real estate, live events, corporate brand visual media, and more. And always with an eye for finding perspectives that help you stand out from what’s already out there.

3. Flying Dragon Cinematography

Christopher Lansell is the founder of Flying Dragon Cinematography. He has created a team of remote pilots to build one of the top teams of Sydney drone videographers shooting aerial cinematography!

They aim to please their partners by using the innate dynamism and speed that drones offer. While simplifying the project by removing the need for dollies, cranes, helicopters, and other bulkier, more expensive pieces of equipment. Small wonder that Flying Dragon Cinematography’s footage has been featured in large-budget films like The Revenant, Alien: Covenant, and Aftermath.

4. Matthew Vasilescu

Matthew Vasilescu has over 25 years of experience working as a corporate and commercial photographer. He’s worked with international name brands and even celebrities like Harrison Ford, Donald Trump, and Anthony Robbins, and Australian brands like the University at Sydney and Townview Australia.

What makes Matthew’s work so distinctive is the genuine interest he has in his subjects. This is very evident when viewing his portfolio. The narrative, the services on offer, and the innate beauty of each subject all shine forth. Which then enhances the power of your visual narrative! As Matthew shares in his own words: “The way people respond to me, the insights I capture, and the way viewers engage with the imagery creates a connection through the lens.”

5. Alpha Omega Video

Event videography, live streaming, aerial cinematography … From the ground or up in the air, Alpha Omega Video demonstrates time and time again that they have the skills to make dreams come true! They are licensed for drone videography through the Civil Aviation Safety Authority. Which allows them to do work in places amateurs cannot.

Plus, the team is always sensitive to the story you are aiming to share with the wider world. The engaging quality of videography is a natural fit for brands looking to stand out in today’s saturated media world. And if you aim to film from above with a professional team like Alpha Omega Video, you’re sure to reach your target audience.

6. RISS Photography

Weddings might be a surprising genre to find Sydney drone videographers shooting aerial cinematography in! But RISS Photography really demonstrates just how awesome these devices can be when telling a romantic fairytale.

They use drones to capture creative angles on their subjects, leaving them breathless with memories that will last a lifetime. RISS Photography has been recognized for their talents not only by us at Peerspace, but also by Shutterturf, Sydney Review, and Wedding Diaries for their emotive feature films!

7. Rotor Works

Drone videography is more popular than ever these days. But there is something to be said for having a human up in the air. A service that Rotor Works provides! They use helicopters and cameramen just as often as unmanned drones. Enabling you to capture critical footage at speeds, altitudes, and compositions drones find challenging. Drones can capture shots from several hundred feet in the air. But their helicopter footage can take place as far as 20,000 feet up if need be.

What’s more, Rotor Works was way ahead of the game when it came to drone footage. Their chief pilot was already an aerial cinematography professional back in 2001.

8. Evan Zell

When searching for a Sydney drone videographer shooting aerial cinematography, we recommend you choose specialists like Evan Zell. His 10 years of prior experience in the video production industry is relevant, regardless of the project he’s a part of.

Evan’s aerial drone footage finds its place in construction time-lapses, red carpet events, corporate video production, and many other genres. He’s also flexible at working both alone and as a part of a group collaboration.

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