The 11 Best Portrait Photographers in Sydney (2024)


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Curious to see who’s made our list of the best Sydney portrait photographers? From corporate headshots to maternity imagery, Sydney, Australia, is loaded with talented creatives whose love for portraiture inspires them to explore all that’s out there!

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1. Capture every amazing moment with Karen Sadek Photography

As a Sydney local, born and raised, Karen Sadek is close enough to the beating heart of the city to give you endless tips on where and when to shoot portrait images. She specializes in everything from family documentary images to outdoor portrait sessions for couples and individuals.

Karen’s rich contrasty style and love of overflowing natural light are evident in her photography. She’s also a fan of a tasteful high-contrast monochrome style that brings extra attention to poses, mood, and textures for those times when colors need to take a back seat to emotion and form. We think she’s the whole package when it comes to portrait photography, and think her talents would especially shine at this luxe portraits photo studio in Waterloo that boasts plenty of natural light and beautiful backdrops to capture every facet of your personality.

2. Embrace artistic portraits when you work with Sasha Suvorova

Sasha Suvorova’s love for portrait photography explores just about everything that the genre has to offer! From fashion and beauty-oriented takes to couples and conceptual fine art, her portfolio takes us on a delightful journey of exploring how art and emotion can be conveyed using the human form.

We also love seeing the lifestyle angles that Sasha brings into the frame for many subjects. Downtown settings, beaches for swimwear, and other elements suggest stories about each subject and go well beyond simple representational portrait images. We can really picture her work coming to life in this custom-built Santorini and Tulum villa sets with natural light in Caringbah. It’s artistic, elegant, and filled with possibilities, just like Sasha’s work.

3. Go the fine-art route when you book Naomi Mawson

Naomi Mawson is among the most talented Sydney portrait photographers. In fact, she specializes in fine art studio portraits, a genre that’s sadly not nearly as common as it once was. Using tasteful backgrounds, perfectly controlled lighting, and well-chosen apparel, Naomi helps bring to life themes ranging from contemporary to fantasy.

Her artwork is the sort you hang on a living room wall rather than languish on digital hard drives. After all, these are images that leave you wanting to savor the fine details in print. Her love of portraiture also extends to model folios and corporate headshots.

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4. Choose bold portraits when you work with an artist like Kiren Photography

Kiren of Kiren Photography is one of the Sydney portrait photographers who offer something different. His style is more artistic than most, offering his collaborators unique images when they’re looking for a more contemporary style.

We love how he plays with distance when it comes to his urban and outdoor portraits. You get to enjoy tight shots of his subject’s face, revealing a dramatic pose, as well as people at a distance who seem to just be living their lives. Kiren also has an eye for vibrant colors and uses them effectively and in ways that complement his subjects rather than distract from them!

5. Capture the best version of yourself when you hire Refracting Light Photography

Dom is an Adelaide and Sydney portrait photographer whose hybrid approach to photography makes him continually in demand among clients who want a different look. Dom favors both analog 35mm and 120mm film right alongside digital photography and videography.

Film offers that gentle highlight and skin tonality that digital often just misses, lending an unmistakable element to his images. Dom’s also a master of several portrait styles, from photojournalism to fine art, helping him bring to life nearly any theme you have in mind! We bet his work would look extra stunning at this Northern Beaches modern content studio in Dee Why. It’s natural light and minimal style makes it a beautiful blank canvas for Dom’s vision for you.

6. Tell your beautiful story through the work of Mike Selva Photography

Michael Selvakumar is a wedding, landscape, and portrait photographer who takes immense joy in sharing his view of the world with his patrons. That moment where you get to re-experience an unrepeatable moment in time through his eye for beauty is as delightful for Mike as it is for you!

We especially love the conceptual art style that he introduces us to. It invites us to consider portraits, poses, and forms in ways that aren’t immediately obvious.

7. Opt for intimate, candid glimpses into your life with Kiri Shay Photography

Kiri Shay’s appreciation of love, human connections, and friendship drives not only her life but her portrait art as well. While posing has its place, she’s out to capture those authentic, unposed moments where real emotions shine through.

Plus, Kiri’s photography takes on a photojournalistic perspective in this way. She often works in clients’ homes to capture intimate perspectives on their everyday lives. Simply attentively holding a baby can be a moment of fine art when seen through Kiri’s lens.

8. Celebrate the moment when you work with Argel Ramiro of Argeldiosep Photography

Argel Ramiro is an event and Sydney portrait photographer who brings weddings, family bonds, and engagements to life through his artwork. Argel favors gently guided posed sessions where his experience in collaborating with hundreds of folks over the years allows him to bring any theme to life.

He also avoids both deep, moody shadows and overflowing highlights. In doing so, he brings a highly realistic and enjoyable style to his images that are a welcome shift from what’s typically available to Sydney clients! We think his work would truly shine at a space like Moon Vision Studio in Alexandria, which is a 250-meters-square space filled with incredible props, gear, backdrops, and natural light to tailor a portrait sesh to you.

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9. Get playful when you work with Perline Pearl Photography

Outdoor portraits, cosplay portraits, business headshots, fashion images — Perline Pearl has experience in nearly every sort of portraiture style out there! She brings a contemporary element in her choices of poses, lighting, and subjects, particularly her fashion and cosplay subjects.

We also love seeing the diverse background choices Perline brings into the frame, using outdoor, studio, downtown, and fantasy backdrops to add emotion to the stories on display. This wow factor studio in Centennial Park may be the perfect place to enjoy Perline’s talents. It’s stained-glass features, multiple backdrop options, and unique sets make it the perfect playground for an artist like her.

10. Show off your connections when you work with Lolwa Abas Photography

Family and lifestyle-oriented portraits are a favorite genre of ours and Lolwa Abas is a master of her craft! What started out initially as a hobby quickly became a passion and career opportunity. And believe us, the Sydney art scene is that much better for it.

Cake smashes, family outings to the park, studio family images, and even sister’s day-outs are just a sampling of the emotional connections that call to her. And if you’re a fan of warm golden hour lighting and gentle earthy colors that play nicely with skin tones then you’re going to love her work.

11. Get masterful portraits when you book Graham Monro of GM Photographics

For more than 30 years, Graham Monro and his team at GM Photographics have provided portraits for Sydney families and weddings. Graham himself is a Canon Master Photographer, a special distinction, and its first recipient in both Australia and New Zealand!

In terms of their portrait style, GM Photographics offers both posed and candid-style images. Both are ideal, especially for family and wedding images. After all, you want to remember every moment of these special days, which includes the perfectly planned and the not-so-perfect moments alike. We can see Graham’s work coming to life in a setting like this suburban tropic luxe home in Chifley. Its multiple glamorous settings will result in once-in-a-lifetime portraits, no matter the occasion.

Sydney portrait photographers: conclusion

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How impressive is the portfolio of these Sydney portrait photographers? We know that we at Peerspace are massively impressed by them and look forward to seeing their future work. Be sure to peruse their portfolios further and reach out to your favorites to discuss the type of portraits you’d like taken.

And remember, if you’re looking for exciting new spaces to bring your projects to life, be it an event, a photoshoot, or a meeting, check out Peerspace today. Our easy-to-use platform can connect you to dozens of stunning creative spaces throughout New South Wales and beyond.

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