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How to choose a venue: A guide to understanding venue design

This slideshow is a preview of the full guide, which can be downloaded below.

Planning a great event starts with the right space, but there’s more that goes into finding the right location than meets the eye. We’ve partnered with San Francisco-based interior designer Noz Nozawa to learn how to master the basics of how to choose a venue. In this exclusive guide, we’ll break down the four most popular types of venues on our marketplace and what types of events each is best suited for.

The space you choose will have a profound impact on how your guests feel. It can bring everyone together or break them into close-knit groups. It can elevate the event or help people feel at home. Here, you’ll learn from Nozawa how to determine which type of space you need and how it will impact your event, whether that be a company retreat, cocktail party, or photo shoot.

Download the full guide to become an expert on how to choose a venue.


Take a sneak peek at the guide highlights:

Industrial Warehouse Copy 2@4x Eclectic Copy@4x

Industrial Warehouse, Loft, and Studio

Best for:
Pop-up dinners, corporate events, and film shoots.

What it is:
As old nuts-and-bolts factory locations have transitioned to multi-purpose spaces, they have become beloved for their paired down architecture and lack of pretension.

Impact on guests:
These spaces often provide a simple, uncluttered environment. The result is that the space never feels too upscale without losing polish or sophistication and guests will feel at ease and inspired.

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Mid-Century modern inspired

Best for:
Retreats, cocktail parties, and photo shoots.

What it is:
Mid-century modern has been beloved for its  functional and comfortable design since it rose to popularity in the 1940’s. Its uncomplicated aesthetic and incorporation of simple, organic elements offers a calm, pared-down approach to design.

Impact on guests:
The combination of an indoor and outdoor experience will have coworkers and offsite managers feeling completely inspired. Corporate guests and party goers alike will find there is something transformative and inspiring.

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Best for:
Meetings, intimate gatherings, and workshops.

What it is:
This anything-goes design style doesn’t take itself too seriously. Eclectic style merges design elements from other categories for looks unlike any other.

Impact on guests:
Your guests will love these low-maintenance spaces where they are encouraged to be open-minded and versatile.By taking away the formality of expected design or furniture you take away the formality of how people interact with the space.

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Rustic: Farmhouse, Vineyard, and Cottage

Best for:
Wedding receptions, retreats, and photo shoots.

What it is:
These spaces are comprised of rustic locations such as farmhouses, vineyards, cottages, or cozy urban spaces with cottage-style elements. They often have French-country inspired decor that has a well-loved and worn appearance.

Impact on guests:
Unique materials and objects being assembled provides a cohesive blend that of harmony and inspiration. It creates a vibe for guests that allows them to show up, have fun and leave their worries behind.

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