Stunning ultra modern huge loft in Oakland Hero Image in South Prescott, Oakland, CA

Stunning Ultra Modern Huge Loft

South Prescott, Oakland, CA



Up to 100 attendees

5 hr. minimum

Extend a day

About the Space

Located in the up and coming art neighborhood of South Prescott, in a former painter studio that has undergone extensive high-end remodel (award winning). As central as it gets: at the intersection of 4 freeways, 5 BART lines (1 block from station), 1 train station, 1 ferry station, 3 counties, 2 dedicated parking spots! Upstairs location features 25' high vaulted wood ceiling, 2,300 square feet, rosewood floors, white modern interiors, very large living space with period table and full wall bookshelf, white kitchen and counter, large bedroom with designer bed and furniture, glass tiled bathroom with rain shower and large tub, 2nd guest bathroom, mezzanine, laundry, balcony. Cinema projection, huge sectional sofa, air filtration, individual room temperature controls, and more. Note: ground level studio also available for rent (see separate listing).

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Parking Space(s)
Public Transportation
Breakout Space
Apple TV
Outdoor Area
24/7 Video And Police Monitoring
Two Separate Levels


Hourly rate:
$225 (min. 5 hrs)
Included in the hourly rate



Certificate of insurance must be submitted PRIOR to arriving to the location, min. 1M$. Sorry: no shoes, no pets, no kids. In detail: We shall not be held liable for failure to provide services covered by the temporary use due to any cause beyond our control. Insurance Prior to the rental period, Lessee shall provide a certificate of insurance which evidences Lessee's coverage under a liability insurance policy which shall include bodily injury and property damage coverage in an amount of not less than 1,000,000.00. Such insurance shall be maintained throughout the rental period. The certificate shall list the host as an additional insured. The insurance will not limit Lessee's liability hereunder. The insurance certificate must be emailed to the host. Damages Lessee will be fully responsible for (and will reimburse and indemnify us with respect to) any and all damage to the property (or any equipment or other materials on the property) caused in whole or in part by Lessee or its agents (or any other third party present at the property on behalf of lessee). Lessee will ensure that it places protective coverings under all equipment and areas of heavy foot traffic. Lessee will immediately notify us of any damages caused to the property (or any equipment or other materials on the property). We will not be responsible for loss, damage or theft of any property of the lessee or any of its representatives (unless such loss, damage or theft arises from our gross negligence or willful misconduct). Alterations Lessee shall not have the right to alter the property (or any equipment or materials on the property) in any manner without our prior written consent in each instance. Restricted Uses We do not allow projects on its premises that can be deemed pornographic. Any projects involving nudity require written permission from us prior to the day of the rental. Smoking Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the property. Maintenance Lessee agrees to keep the property clean. Lessee agrees to pay costs for extra cleaning and storage that may be required due to Lessee's failure to keep the property clean. The minimum charge for cleaning will be $150. Limitation on Liability; Disclaimer of Warranties In no event shall we (or any of its contractors) be liable to lessee (or any third party) under any subject matter of this agreement, under any legal or equitable theory, for any: special, incidental or consequential damages, even if foreseeable, the cost of any procurement of substitute facilities, any amounts in excess of the rental fees paid hereunder, or any matters beyond our reasonable control; provided that, the respect to bodily injury, or to the extent such limitations are prohibited by applicable law. The property, and all equipment and other materials on the property, and services, provided hereunder are provided "as is" and we makes no warranties, express or implied, with respect to the subject matter of the agreement.


Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri
8:00 AM - 6:00 PM