The 11 Best Car Photographers in London

As one of the United Kingdom’s cultural hubs, London is a prime destination for lovers of automotive photography. Here, you’ll find classic car club shooters and photographers who make a living working from car studios with major international brands. Regardless of your tastes, see if there isn’t a London car photographer here whose work you’ll find instantly addicting!

1. Dean Wright

From hybrids and electric cars to 4x4s and classic vehicles, there’s nothing in the genre that London car photographer Dean Wright hasn’t seen before. We love how different his style is from what’s currently in vogue; rather than moody shadows, he uses a well recovered and retouched style that balanced both highlights and shadows for even lighting. Yet, his rich contrast and eye for reflections and lines give his work a captivating quality that’s unmistakably his. Dean also regularly uses interior shots and lifestyle settings to add to the sense of a “car story” on display!

2. George F. Williams

George F. Williams is a top London car photographer who’s partnered with some of the most instantly recognizable brands in the world, including Maserati, Rolls Royce, and McLaren! His social media presence is massive, and you’ve almost certainly seen his work already on billboards for these luxury brands. He has a lifelong love of photography that he draws passion from. George began his business in 2010, which has since grown into one of the world’s most successful automotive photography brands!

3. Tim Andrew

While Tim Andrew shoots the occasional landscape and architectural image, automotive photography and filming are undoubtedly his main focus. He’s known for his talented on-location work in the outdoors, and in-studio settings, where he brings to life vintage lifestyle stories and contemporary car portraits in expert fashion. He’s also a 360° automotive photographer who has created turntable images for brands like Audi and Jaguar. We’re huge fans of his outdoor car photography, where he uses dramatic lighting and leading lines to highlight cars in complementary and exciting ways!

4. Samuel Bassett

Product and automotive photography are the specialty of Samuel Bassett, a car photographer with an eye for moody shadows and rich color contrast. Coupled with his appealing, contemporary color grading, Sam’s shots nicely fit the sports cars he tends to work with. And as a local London car photographer, he’s well versed in finding aspects of the cityscape that add interest and story to each car portrait. He even provides documentary coverage of motorsport events from the sidelines, giving a glimpse of the action few fans ever get to appreciate.

5. Harry Elliott

Harry Elliott’s list of satisfied partners is long and noteworthy, including household name brands like BMW, Lexus, and Jaguar! While his automotive photography is what really caught our attention, Harry is also constantly in demand for his product and commercial images of beverages and local events. We think you’ll love his more naturalistic presentation of the automotive world, using balanced lighting and colors that aren’t too saturated or contrasty. This gives you more of a sense of being present in the scene, which appeals to a wide audience.

6. Tom Horna

Interested in London’s classic cars? Tom Horna, a founding photographer of Drive Classics Club, is a great photographer to follow, thanks to his enthusiasm and expertise in shooting these elegant models. Tom’s images often include a lifestyle element thanks to the drivers, owners, and scenery that has viewers eagerly seeking more images to complete each 70’s Roadster or Ferrari story. And since the love of classic cars knows no borders, Tom finds himself working not only across the UK but the rest of Europe as well.

7. Nigel Case

Nigel Case is another classic car specialist in the London area who uses evocative backgrounds and balanced colors to allow lines, form, and models to carry all of the visual weight in his images. Rather than punchy color grading that can border on unrealistic, Nigel’s images use well-lit outdoor environments with subtle tweaks to the hues. He even brings in a desaturated element that’s quite different from what we typically see and works nicely with the Golden Hour outdoor scenery he often introduces to his viewers.

8. Peter Aylward

Automotive lovers who love the dark, high contrast, and moody style will adore the work of Peter Alyward. Rich shadow and color profiles ranging from classically desaturated to vibrant in tonality are the bulk of his work, adding extra energy and interest to his car photography. Motorsports are a major part of his portfolio, which is a natural fit for his energetic presentations. Peter also highlights motion and power using blur and intimate roadside perspectives!

9. Alex Penfold

Alex Penfold is a London car photographer who first got started in the genre a decade ago, shooting for fun. He would visit the Goodwill Festival of Speed and other events, enjoying the models on display and honing his skills. But his hobby eventually blossomed into a successful brand of his own centered on race cars and motorsports. Alex’s style is vibrant and high contrast, with sporty and urban lifestyle narratives on display that perfectly suit the Ferraris and Porches he expertly frames!

10. Nigel Harniman

As one of the most well-known and successful London car photographers, Nigel Harniman is someone we absolutely couldn’t leave off this list. He regularly works with Ford, Subaru, Volvo, and other international brands looking for the highest quality car images. He’s also an award-winning photographer, with recognition from AOP, One Eyeland, and other outlets for his automotive images. Nigel’s images have the well-retouched, polished quality of high-end commercial photography that gives his entire portfolio a sense of smooth continuity you’ll love!

11. Tim Wallace

Tim Wallace provides professional commercial images for automotive brands around the world. He counts Lexus, Land Rover, Mercedes Benz UK, and other well-known manufacturers as his satisfied customers! And we think you’ll love his car studio images, using ideal lighting for crisp shadows and custom highlights that show off the best angles and curves of each automotive work of art.

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