The 8 Best Corporate Video Production Companies in London

In one of the most intensely competitive markets globally, London corporate video production companies have their work cut out for them. It takes a diverse portfolio of experience to meet the needs of the thousands of industries vying for public attention. Specialists have their place, but generalists are better at meeting the needs of their corporate clients.

Fortunately, each video production company has experience working with the public sector, charities, tech companies, and other industries. All of them share just the right creative touch for a particular collaboration. So take a look at the work of the top 10 London Corporate video production companies and let us know what you think!

1. Mosto Production

Looking for photography, videography, or audio coverage? Anton Mostovenko of Mosto Production provides all three as a hybrid shooter! And of all the corporate video producers we’ve found, his style is the most vibrant and diverse. Anton prefers footage with a rich color grade and contrasts that are inviting and adds to the story being told. This makes his approach especially well suited to companies looking to create footage that immediately stands apart from what’s expected. Ever see rapping in a content marketing video? Anton’s approach is perfectly suited to the creative concept being introduced here.

2. Theory Films

Theory Films is a London corporate video production company started by Simon and Tom, two talented videographers who have built a team of creatives to support this brand. They work with ideas and businesses of all sizes and purposes to craft videos that exceed your expectations. TV commercials, cinematic promotional videos, brand films, and other projects are just a few of what they have to share with you. And their ability to find an angle that best meets the needs of a particular collaboration, from drone footage to intimate macro details, is second to none!

3. NextShoot

NextShoot was started in 2009 to help organizations and businesses expand their reach into the growing digital space. Since online videography has needs that are quite distinct from television and cinema productions, NextShoot offers your brand precisely the right methodology needed to make an impact online. From interviews to documentary productions, they use careful consideration of how ideas are conveyed. They’re mindful of the needs of their customer and the final audience. Small wonder they can count Google, The World Bank, Jaguar Land Rover, and the Department of Health as some of their most satisfied customers!

4. Business Film Booth

Business Film Booth is one of the most diverse London corporate video production companies regarding the services on offer. They do video editing, testimonial recording, corporate training videography, and other work that helps organizations meet their needs through custom-made footage. Business Film Booth sees their work as non-corporate videos, human-oriented works that seek to tell the right story and the right time and to the right audience. And always in such a way that it holds people’s attention and leaves them with more knowledge than when they began!

5. Chocolate Films

Chocolate Films, founded by Rachel Wang and Mark Currie, has been in operation since 2001. They see the purpose of their business as creating high-quality footage with a clear social purpose. They provide creative workshops for Londoners seeking to build new creative skills they otherwise might not be able to learn. Chocolate Films has expanded over the years to 26 full-time staff (not freelancers) working in London, Glasgow, and Berlin. Their portfolio takes us on a journey into the worlds of medical, corporate, education, charity, and other genres that all are constantly on the lookout for professional videography!

6. Social Films

As a London corporate video production company, Social Films offers everything from a videographer for the day to drone aerial footage. They also have experience creating 2D and 3D animation for explainer films and more. Social Films counts The Sun, Shell, Microsoft, The Telegraph, and several other household name brands as satisfied clients. And the range of their work is just as diverse as their client list, including documentary interviews, conferences, event coverage, and other projects.

7. Magneto Films

London businesses, charities, and the public sector know they can count on Magneto Films when looking for artistic, inspiring productions. They prefer to work with good companies within the charity, healthcare, tech, and education sectors. Magneto Films is behind hundreds of films centered on sharing ideas and connecting people with others who share their passions. Their founders were trained by the BBC and Channel 4, ensuring they know precisely how to create films that reach a diverse audience the right way. And their team of nine talented creatives each offers a perspective that adds to the intimate, human-centered work Magneto Films cherishes!

8. Knuckle TV

Helping companies get their message across to a wider audience in a clear fashion is the goal of all filmmakers. But Knuckle TV is set apart from the rest, using their diverse experience and skilled crew to craft everything from dramas to documentaries with care. Their combined experience draws from years working for National Geographic, the BBC, Comedy Central, and other major companies. What’s more, they have a solid understanding of what, precisely, a given approach is best for, be it a corporate video, promotional work, or other avenues of conveying information!

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