The 11 Best Lifestyle Photographers in Liverpool

Of all the genres out there, lifestyle photography is one of the most diverse because it includes most others under its umbrella. Liverpool lifestyle photographers seek to add a human story to their wedding, family, and branding images. In this way, they help viewers better understand what it’s like to be each subject and heighten our appreciation! Why not take a moment to carefully explore the work of these 11 top Liverpool lifestyle photographers?

1. James King

From home to outdoor adventure lifestyles, there’s no perspective James King can’t bring to life through his photography. Strong moods and narratives are the focus of his work, using a style highlighting abundant natural light and the interactions between his subjects. We especially love how groups of people come together in his lifestyle images through expression, poses, and scenes that encapsulate an entire narrative in just one or two images!

2. Gail Secker

As a Liverpool lifestyle photographer focused on weddings and couples’ images, Gail Secker brings themes of romance, matrimony, and celebration to life for Northwestern UK residents who share her eye for fine art images. Shadows, earth tones, and high contrast give her work a contemporary vibe captivating and ideal for the detail-rich settings she prefers shooting in. And the lifestyle themes on display range from adventurous elopement to luxury weddings, often from especially intimate shooting distances that highlight the connection her couples celebrate!

3. Roses & Rays Photography

Family lifestyle photography is one of our favorite genres because it provides an entirely different angle on what’s often a stiff and formal style. Instead of sticking to these sorts of poses, we get to enjoy a style that carries an air of whimsy and playfulness, particularly where children are involved! Roses & Rays also love celebrating family connections in Golden Hour lit meadows, near windows flowing with natural light, and other environments that invoke themes of childhood and family memories.

4. Momentarily Picturesque

Family events, newborns, weddings, personal branding sessions, and other genres where one hopes to convey what it is to be them are what Abi presents to the world! Her work focuses on presenting her subjects with an eye for depth, emotion, and joy immediately apparent as a Merseyside and Liverpool lifestyle photographer. She uses a mixture of studio, indoor, and outdoor settings, as well as controlled and natural light, to showcase people in ways that they will look back on with a smile for years to come!

5. Rachel Beekman

Rachel Beekman is a family and newborn Liverpool lifestyle photographer who has a local’s knowledge of the best places to shoot with her subjects. Rachel favors the outdoors, bringing her families out to the beach, forests, and streams to bring to life stories of adventure outings and other classic themes. We’re also treated to other nostalgic narratives, like hot mugs of cocoa, horseback riding, and fun with fall leaves! If you’re looking for photo album-worthy images that capture this spirit, then Rachel is the photographer for you.

6. Jemma O’Neill

Newborn lifestyle images are a favorite of ours! The way talented Liverpool lifestyle photographers like Jemma O’Neill tell stories using props, apparel, and backgrounds is second to none. She uses a fully mature style involving pastel colors, well-controlled highlights, and engaging props that bring to life stories about innocence and childhood in a natural manner. The catchlights in her subject’s eyes are also a delight, as is the continuity of her portfolio, all shot in a diverse yet consistent fashion.

7. Fern & Star Photography

Are you in charge of a female-run small business in need of lifestyle branding images to convey who you are to prospective clients? Why not reach out to Victoria Bahadoor, the entrepreneur and creative genius behind Fern & Star Photography. When studying her branding portraits, we’re stuck by her eye for complementary colors and lifestyle elements that tell us more about her subjects. Their apparel, their expressions, and even their pets, coupled with the backgrounds, masterfully shape our initial positive impression of each entrepreneur!

8. Mike Noble Photography

Young families and weddings are where Mike Noble, a Liverpool lifestyle photographer, really shines! His style is documentary in character, showing families at home as they welcome a newborn or enjoying a day out together in a photojournalistic manner. When posed, there remains a candid flavor, even from extremely intimate working distances, that really speaks to his ability to keep his subjects at ease in front of his lens. And his contemporary yet gentle color grading, with subdued colors and natural shadows, completes the story of a home lifestyle photoshoot!

9. Katie Fallon

Katie Fallon’s love for photography goes back more than a decade. Her art is an expression of the lifestyle family and wedding genres and includes couples, maternities, and newborns, capturing family narratives as they evolve throughout a lifetime. We find her lifestyle children’s images especially captivating, working with kids as they innocently explore the outdoors and their backyards. The images Katie creates help parents remember those eventually distant times when their kids were so tiny – after all, they will only continue growing from that point!

10. Kate Williams

Kate Williams, in her own words, “lives and breathes photography!” Her love for the art form predates college, where she studied and completed a degree in fine art. This formal study, coupled with her natural enjoyment of the creative process, informs her mature personal style! We love Kate’s mixture of photojournalistic and posed captures. Taken together, they provide a complete lifestyle narrative of a couple’s wedding day that goes beyond simple documentation. Her emphasis on color, light, shadow, form, and emotion includes a fine art focus on her images that we think you’ll adore.

11. The Scent of Yesterday

People who love classic portraiture styles using subdued colors, guided poses, and mood-enhancing lighting should look at The Scent Of Yesterday’s work. We immediately think of nostalgia and memories, particularly when viewing their studio portrait and wedding images. But we also get to enjoy more contemporary styles when the collaboration requires it, with vibrant light and colors that bring a fresh liveliness to each scene!

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