The 8 Best Pet Photographers in Manchester

When commissioning photographs of your family, people sometimes forget about the furriest members. Yet it’s hard to imagine our lives without our dogs, cats, and other pets — meaning they absolutely deserve their time in the spotlight! Fortunately, these 8 Manchester pet photographers provide various creative visions that can help elevate your pet photography beyond cell phone snaps to something worth placing in the family photo album.

1. Furrtography Pet Photography

Furrtography Pet Photography has over 7 years of experience working with Manchester residents to produce fine art-worthy images for you to treasure forever! Whether you have a reactive dog or a crazy cat, they know precisely the right techniques to showcase your pet. Lisa often uses a classic studio portraiture approach, with matte backgrounds and well-controlled lighting, to create portraits that demand to be printed and hung on a wall. She also works outdoors, where your pet can best express their quirks as they run about and interact with their environment.

2. Andrew Collier

Pets, families, couples, and businesses are the focus of Andrew Collier, a Manchester pet photographer with a special interest in dogs and horses. He discovered his passion for pet photography while working as a family lifestyle photographer. Clients kept asking if it was okay to bring the dog into the frame — which is an absolute must, in our opinion! He now runs dog pawtrait sessions, starting at home where your dog can get comfortable with him and being photographed. And from there, moving outdoors to showcase their unique character better.

3. Joanne Photography

Joanne is the best Manchester pet photographer for locals looking for bespoke portraits of the family’s furriest members! Horses and dogs are her most common subjects, and she works in the studio, at your home, and in the outdoors; wherever best brings to life the creative concept you have in mind! It’s hard to say which style we love best. Joanne’s studio portraits bring her subjects to life through catchlights and well-timed shots that capture character-filled poses. Yet her outdoor work truly captures the spontaneous energy pets have when allowed to play freely. And Joanne’s equine portraits are especially impressive, showcasing the power, grace, and gentle love horses display for their caregivers.

4. David Laslett

Families, corporate headshots, and pets are what David Laslett prefers to point his lens at. He has 15 years of professional photography experience but has been playing with cameras well before then. But his work as a Manchester pet photographer is what caught our attention! His style is a collaboration between your vision and his studio experience, as well as the moods and manners of your dog, of course! Classic backgrounds, studio flash, and quirky expressions are what David uses to immortalize your dog in film forever.

5. Dog Days Photography

Andy and Nicola are the two creative talents behind Dog Days Photography. These Manchester pet photographers offer two styles: documentary walks and studio portrait sessions. In their documentary sessions, you and your dog freely interact with the environment and each other while they capture the fine art-worthy moments that arise. And Dog Days’ portrait sessions involve outdoor collaborations using flattering backgrounds and gently guided poses to photograph your dog at its very best! We especially love the sharp, high-contrast style Dog Days uses in their color grading. It adds interest, brings fur to life, and vibrantly celebrates the colors, liveliness, and emotional energy that pets add to our lives.

6. Emma Barton

Children, dogs, and horses are the favorite subjects of Emma Barton. So naturally, she points her camera at all three, and to great effect. We love seeing the new bonds being formed by children and their companion dogs and horses. The embraces, laughter, and soft innocence on display make her work truly worthy of being called fine art, both in character and quality. Emma tends to work outdoors where meadows, sunshine, and woods can add lifestyle elements to the composition! And if you’re a fan of gentle, realistic color grading, Emma uses hues that don’t distract from your children or pets. Rather, they flatter and uplift them, adding to the emotions, poses, and composition on display here.

7. Bartley Studios

John Bartley Perry is a family, pet, couples, newborn, and portrait photographer specializing in professional studio images for discerning clients. John is especially interested in going beyond mere representational images to find the individual character that each pet has, portraying it in a way you’ll instantly recognize and love! He also invites you to step into the studio with your dog, cat, lizard, and even your skunk! There, he will capture the two of you as you simply interact with each other, allowing him to find fine art methods of showcasing the depths of your bonds. We love the variety of expressive color profiles John enjoys, from his color images to classic monochrome styles. He may add a classic vignette for that timeless portrait look — or go without for a celebratory modern character! Whichever best matches your mutual collaboration!

8. Zola’s Pawtraits

Jade of Zola’s Pawtraits is a master studio pet photographer who named her business after her much loved and missed French Bulldog, Zola. Over the past 6 years, she’s built up Zola’s Pawtraits as a way to create precious memories for other dog owners that they can forever treasure! Her pet portraits are delightful, with quirky expressions, character-filled poses, and ideal lighting that brings out fur textures. Jade favors natural colors and gentle retouching combined with backgrounds that pop and add a festive atmosphere to the shoot! She’s also a master of props! Cute signs, stools, baskets, and other additions add to the appeal of her work.

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