The 9 Best Boudoir Photographers in London

For technical competency and artistic suitability, evaluating a professional photographer is a straightforward task: peruse the photographer’s portfolio. Their pictures mostly communicate the essentials, though not so for boudoir photography! It’s a discrete and private specialty, often involving clients who may be shy or hampered by confidence and body image concerns. As such, the photographer’s attitude, demeanor, and other personal intangibles are just as important—if not even more so—to prospective clients. In choosing our favorite London boudoir photographers, we devoted extra effort to sharing these photographer “intangibles” with you from available information. That said, you can’t go wrong with anyone on this list.

1. Mervyn Reid-Nelson

A former wedding photographer, Mervyn Reid-Nelson felt his skills would be put to much better use helping with a different objective—body confidence—and devoted his energies into providing boudoir photography services instead. And there’s no shortage of gushing client testimonials on his site to prove him right.

“This is an experience,” Reid-Nelson points out, “it’s not just about the photos.” Providing a safe, non-judgmental environment for his shoots, he gently guides his clients through the whole process. “I’m simply there to nudge my clients in the right direction,” he adds, through a shoot that is all about the client and their experience!

2. Stormy Sloane

After moving to London with her “crappy camera” and doing unfulfilling photography gigs, Stormy Sloane searched for something more personally rewarding. She came across the websites of American boudoir photographers, which she’d never heard of before. Only a few minutes in, she was sold. This is what she wanted to do! Perfect timing: The niche’s UK market was new then, and the pool of London boudoir photographers tiny.

Her impetus for wanting to make a go of it? She couldn’t find a single boudoir photographer she was comfortable going to. “Boudoir photography should be a beautiful, intimate, modern, and empowering experience for women,” says Sloane, and that’s what she set out to provide. Thus, she founded Rebel & Romance Boudoir Photography, and the overwhelming volume of happy and grateful client testimonials on her site tells us she achieved her objective!

3. Rachel Vogeleisen

Classic, classy, and elegant—these are the immediate impressions you’ll likely get when you explore Rachel Vogeleisen’s portfolio. She’s a portrait and boudoir photographer, and what you’ll find most striking about her boudoir images is obvious: they’re in black and white. Her photography features typically heavily dark backgrounds and often sharp and distinct skin contrasts, giving a very stylish and conservative effect, as well as a look and feel reinforced by the poses and attire of the women pictured. Definitely a more sophisticated take on boudoir photography.

4. Monika Szolle

Also a black-and-white photograhy specialist, Monika Szolle is primarily a wedding and portrait photographer, not all that uncommon among London boudoir photographers. There’s no mistaking, however, which of the many images in her collection cross over into boudoir territory. Her style is artistically tasteful, and many of her boudoir photos could very well pass as standard portraits… except for what her subject is wearing (or in many cases, not wearing). Her images are sensual, but subtly so, and although on the conservative side, they do embody a more contemporary feel.

5. Alexandra Vince

Since opening her FYEO Portraits (which stands for “For Your Eyes Only”), Alexandra Vince’s work has gained a lot of local media attention. She’s known for providing a safe, friendly, and comfortably fun environment that help women reveal more in their photographs than they’re used to. As a result, Vince’s images strongly communicate a sense of empowerment. Her work shows a bit more aggressiveness than what we’d normally see from many other London boudoir photographers: The edge and feel are subtle, with the poses just a bit more provocative, a tad more… naughty. But it’s empowering, and all in good fun!

6. Rob Anderman

If you can’t shake that commercially sleek feeling about Rob Anderman’s boudoir photographs, good news: Your sensibilities are spot on! Anderman is a hugely experienced commercial and editorial fashion photographer whose work has appeared in British Vogue, The Sunday Times, and many other magazines. And at present, the boudoir niche is benefiting from his profound skills and experience. Adept at a variety of styles, and comfortable both in and out of the studio, he produces photographs that are textbook-like examples of perfectly-lit, posed and composed images that you would expect to see in high-gloss magazines. Stunning.

7. Julia Winter

If your boudoir photography needs run more risqué, professional erotic photographer Julia Winter will fit the bill. Her provocative and highly-suggestive single-person boudoir stills actually fall on the milder end of the photographic services she provides. The choices become progressively and more elaborately “adult” from there, from couples boudoir photography to pretty much anything you’re prepared to imagine. The resulting images are exquisite quality shots and employ a variety of effects as called for—soft focus, hard-edged and contrasty, wet glossy and reflective, etc.—that whatever you require, Winter will likely deliver.

8. Patrick Falaniko

For over 25 years, Patrick Falaniko worked as a freelance creative director for clients in fashion, advertising, and related fields. He launched The Goddess Studio after tuning in to the need for the type and quality of photographs he could provide, while giving his clients an enjoyable and positive experience as well. That his studio has made an impact with his clients, there is no question—just browsing through his portfolio confirms that. Falaniko not only is a highly-skilled photographer, he’s gifted at helping his clients feel great about themselves. “I left on a real high,” said a client after her session, “I felt strong and powerful and lovely.”

9. Apollo Flux

“It is such an amazing feeling to be able to help someone see their own beauty and love an image of themselves,” says Apollo Flux, a freelance fashion, lingerie, and portrait photographer. Flux employs a more traditional, frontal portrait style approach to achieve that goal; he takes a small series of photographs using that generally head-on view, with some minor differences shot to shot. Maybe the subject turns slightly, showing herself at a different angle, or she tilts her head, changes her expression, etc. And amazingly, despite the simplicity, the results and effect from the series of shots are fantastic!

Celebrate yourself—you’ve got plenty of options!

Whether you’re looking around for your first boudoir photography experience, or seasoned with exacting needs, as you can see even from just this list, London’s boudoir photographers are rich in stylistic variety and service choices. There’s absolutely no reason you can’t find someone you can truly “click” with!

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