The 8 Best Fine Art Photographers in London

Looking for the best London fine art photographers? We’re glad to hear it since that’s exactly what we at Peerspace have for you today. As the largest online marketplace for hourly creative spaces, we help fine art photographers discover unique venues that bring their visions to life. After all, fine art photography is about more than just snapping a moment. It’s about crafting a story through the image through light, framing, intention, and careful consideration. Nothing is accidental, and that which is — because isn’t art about contradictions? — only enhances the mastery of the creator behind the lens.

In a vibrant, ever-changing metropolis like London, the talent pool of artists is enormous. These London fine art photographers have invested countless hours into their craft, letting nothing go unnoticed. Each brings something special and unique to the table. Check out their work!

1. Gina Soden

Gina Soden sees beauty in places where most people see only ruin. Traveling around Europe, she explores “the boundaries between beauty and decay,” photographing abandoned structures that have been left to be slowly reclaimed by time and atrophy. As she writes on her website, each piece captures the unique architectural character of the location. Each space is “heightened by their painfully slow transformation”. Using natural lighting and a wide-angle lens, Gina brings us quietly into a space that has gone without human interaction for years.

A single armchair sits in the pool of light trickling in from the window; once brilliantly-colored wallpaper falls off to reveal dull plaster behind. The beauty in the abandonment is otherworldly—enchanting. It’s not all gloom and silent reflection, though. Gina includes funny stories with each post, like the time she ran into a film crew while tip-toeing around an old building, nearly giving the director a heart attack thinking Gina was a ghost!

2. Tony Sellen

Tony Sellen describes himself as an artist above all else, producing fine art black and white photographs which immediately grip the viewer’s attention. Tony excels at capturing the relationship between light and dark, symmetry and imbalance, and the many faces that London wears.

His long-exposure series of the city is especially phenomenal. He renders the churning waters of the Thames into a glassy, impervious reservoir, impossibly serene, with clouds passing overhead. Tony only began seriously practicing photography in 2014, when he really developed his style. With a passion for geometric street photography and architecture, Tony’s innate understanding of composition and timing earn him a top spot as one of the best London fine art photographers.

3. Giacomo Brunelli

Giacomo Brunelli is a master of capturing moments: careful cropping brings attention to a single detail, and nothing is extraneous. This photographer still works with film, letting the natural grain add texture and depth. Each small imperfection in focus speaks to the viewer without correction.

We especially enjoy his low-to-the-ground street photography, capturing a woman’s high heels as she steps onto the pavement, or a toad stretching to get a better view of the human world ahead. Motion, stillness, reflection, and expectation are all themes that jump to us from Giacomo’s camera.

4. Josh Brandão

Based in London and working internationally, Josh Brandão blends fashion and art in his dramatic fine art photography. His work focuses on the lines and shapes created by the human form. In fact, he often works with other artists to incorporate makeup, costumes, lighting, and other subtle design elements.

Josh shoots both in-studio and on location, equally masterful working with natural light as he is in a more controlled environment. He’s also been interested in fashion photography for a long time, earning a degree in the field at the London College of Fashion. His portfolio is filled with music videos, brand promos, runway shoots, and fashion editorials, to name just a few. In fact, in 2017 Madonna’s ‘Rebel Heart Tour on DVD’ featured Josh’s photo as the cover!

5. Lottie Davies

Lottie Davies has worked as a photographer for most of her life. Her career spans both candid moments as well as the meticulous planning of studio shoots with models. Lottie’s projects are wide-ranging, from the hauntingly beautiful “Memories and Nightmares” shot between 2008-2009, to her charming “Love Stories” project of 2012-2014, wherein Lottie recreated the moments of how couples met.

“I collect remembered stories from couples in long-standing relationships,” she explains on her website, “and I ask them to write down how they met. This results in two descriptions of the same event; as time goes on, the consequences of that one moment continue to reverberate”. Her photographs are carefully designed, thoughtfully captured, and altogether a work of art. It makes her one of the best London fine art photographers producing work today.

6. Giles Christopher

Giles Christopher is a prolific artist whose camera captures all sorts of subjects: landscapes, wildlife, urban cityscapes, and portraits of solitary figures. Dramatic black and whites of London sit comfortably next to the gentle, pastel colors of a buck staring straight into the camera somewhere deep in the woods. Delving through Giles’ portfolio is an adventure across the globe, as his photos feature locations across Europe, India, and Scandinavia. Along with his fine art photography, Giles is also a master cinematographer and has pursued both since the late 1980s.

7. George McLeod

When George McLeod was 16, he built a darkroom in his attic, before graduating in 2003 with a photography degree. Surprisingly, he then took a 12-year break from the subject, only returning in 2015 when he rekindled that old flame and found his voice as a fine art photographer. One of his most recent projects is “Ignition,” inspired by East Asian Sumi ink drawings.

According to the artist statement, he wanted to “find a photographic way of producing intricately detailed images,” doing so by photographing fire at 1/8000th of a second. “A fire can be set up, lit, and to an extent controlled,” he explains, “yet its fleeting nature, not to mention its speed, make for an unpredictable outcome”. The explosive, undulating photographs that George produces in his Ignition series are breath-taking — sharp, fluid, engulfing, and disappearing all at once.

8. Mark Cornick

The ghostly, abstract images Mark Cornick captures of the waters around England and the world lure us into an otherworldly landscape. Here, shapes are familiar, but nothing remains stationary long enough for us to grasp the details. Mark’s work encompasses the layering of multiple exposures as well as minuscule camera movement to intentionally distort and tease our understanding of perspective.

Careful consideration is paid to the colors of each landscape, ranging from pastel pinks and oranges to serene blues to foreboding blacks and grays. Mark’s work draws us in, inviting us to sit still and absorb the wisps of movement the longer we observe.

Bonus: Maja Daniels

Maja Daniels is a London-based, Swedish-born fine art photographer who creates beautifully haunting imagery. Having studied sociology, she is influenced by movement and sound and often uses archival materials for inspiration for her own work. Her much acclaimed and award-nominated first book, “Elf Dahlia” was released in 2019. She is also a filmmaker, using film and photos alike to continue her study on people, time, and space.

We also love what Maja’s website states about her intent as an artist. “Her aim is to create visual expressions that explores counter-hegemonic narratives in order to challenge established knowledge and resculpt the boundaries of the world as we traditionally know it, often starting out in the shadows, in the less visible.”

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We hope this list of London fine art photographers has been eye-opening. As you can see, London is bursting at the seams with artists and photographers striving to make their mark on the world. From abstractions to fashion, street photography, and beyond, they capture the world around them as they see it, drawing us in to witness and take part in the adventure. Of all their contemporaries, this group embodies what it really means to be a master of the craft. They also provide us viewers with incredible content to digest over a long afternoon or to follow over a lifetime.

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