The 8 Best Landscape Photographers in London

London is a booming metropolis, spanning 1,572 square kilometers and home to approximately 9 million people. Within the city’s boundaries, we can find parks, palaces, industrial warehouses, Victorian housing estates, and riverside dockyards, all alongside famous sights like Big Ben and the Tower of London. With such a diverse panorama available for the taking, it’s little surprise that photographers have made this urban jungle their domain. Check out our favorite London landscape photographers who are currently capturing the magic of this historic city.

1. Nico Goodden

In the past decade that Nico Goodden has spent living in London, he has been diligently snapping the shutter, capturing the city from every angle. “I have seen London change radically,” he says on his website, “and I feel fortunate to have captured views which are now transformed.” From red and orange-streaked sunsets over the Thames, to industrial warehouses rising behind rain-drenched pavement, Nico explores the landscape of the city through all seasons and weather patterns. Nico’s landscape work has garnered him plenty of professional attention, and he enjoys talking about his commission work photographing the city for the purposes of property development, giving us an extra insight into the ever-changing metropolis.

2. Trevor Sherwin

Trevor Sherwin’s photographs have an incredible painterly feel, perfectly pairing the cool grey of a rainy winter day with the warm glow of street lamps preparing for dusk. Every Monday, Trevor posts a new photo, along with a “behind the shot” story, detailing the setup, camera settings, and general adventure around each photo. For budding photographers, it’s a great insight into a professional’s workflow, and for the casual observer, it’s a fun, vicarious walk through the streets of London and beyond.

3. Andy Hunt

Dazzling colors, clever angles, and dramatic long exposures are all staples in Andy Hunt’s work, tirelessly capturing the city at all hours and from all directions. We love the moments of symmetry that Andy notices in the chaos of downtown, as well as the cinematic atmospheres in which he portrays famous London sights, like the Shard, the London Eye, and St. Paul’s Cathedral. Andy explores the city from the streets and from the air, with incredible panoramas showing the buildings of London stretching as far as the eye can see. Looking through Andy’s portfolio feels like taking a magical tour around the city, and that rich variety of locales and subject matter put him high on the list of best London landscape photographers.

4. Laku Davies

Laku Davies is a prolific photographer, diving into London with gusto and looking for interesting angles from which to capture this familiar and iconic city. In an interview with UK Canon, she discusses her process of returning to the same spot at different times throughout the day, in order to play with the dynamics of changing light, and capture the perfect shot.

“Try to use different lenses,” she advises, “or you’ll end up shooting the same picture over and over again.” Laku practices what she preaches, too: from gorgeous telephoto shots isolating a single building against the glow of the sun behind it, to grand, wide-angle landscapes displaying the city from one end of the horizon to the other, it’s all there. We especially love Laku’s willingness to head out in challenging weather, documenting the city in the grips of fog, snow, ice, and everything in between.

5. Kelly Le Rox

Born in London and now spending her time back and forth across the pond in the UK and USA, Kelly Le Rox is a powerhouse photographer who focuses on the city of London at night. With creative and eye-catching long exposures and flaming steel wool photography, she transforms the streets of the city into an ever-changing landscape of color, movement, and action. In one photo of the Tower Bridge, the arch is transformed into a gaping mouth, with two lights like the eyes of monstrous fish out of water, engulfing the passing cars which whiz through its open maw. Kelly’s masterful captures of the city easily make her one of the top London landscape photographers working today.

6. Antoine Buchet

Antoine Buchet is a dedicated London landscape photographer who also notices the small details, like a perplexed squirrel in the park with the iconic London Eye in the background. Antoine’s photos feature a realistic color scheme with little to no post-production editing, letting the magnificence of the city speak for itself. Some of our favorite photos in Antoine’s collection are his juxtapositions of medieval stone walls in the foreground with towering, glass skyscrapers behind. Every day brings something new and fresh to Antoine’s page, and we hope they keep on coming!

7. Alex Tai

Alex Tai takes to the sky with his photographs, snapping London views from above in sweeping landscapes. Skyscrapers pierce the heavy, low-lying clouds which creep up the river in the early morning hours, and bird’s eye drone shots make us feel like we ourselves are flying along the twisting, turning streets of the city. Alex photographs the city in the early and late hours, taking advantage of the pastel lighting and atmospheric weather to craft a dynamic picture full of raw drama. From the meandering river to the twinkling lights of soaring glass buildings, Alex sees it all, and we reap the benefits of his artistic eye.

8. Tom Wright

Modern, sleek, edgy, and hip—these are all the words we use to describe Tom Wright’s London photography. We experience the city in its rawest form through Tom’s photos, from the cold dawn of a winter day to the reflection of a cyclist careening through a puddle surrounded by graffitied walls. Tom is the kind of photographer who will drop anything to get the perfect shot, telling stories on his website about changing course on the way home to get to a good vantage point and pull out his drone before the sun had even risen. The desaturated color and high contrast of Tom’s pictures add to the feel of London as a modern city, giving the sharp angles of the buildings a special contemporary vibe.

The Big Smoke has endless scenery to offer!

Landscape photography is usually associated with mountains and meadows, rolling hills and meandering rivers, but the landscape of a city is no less magnificent. Especially in a metropolis like London, we could spend a lifetime prowling the streets and hardly run out of material! It takes skill, patience, and a love of the city to tackle such a dynamic and ever-changing subject, and these eight London landscape photographers have taken up that challenge with an ease that belies all the hard work behind the scenes. It is no wonder that they come out as the best of the best!

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