The 8 Best London Engagement Photographers

Summer is coming, and there’s no better place to spend it than bonny London! Picture languid picnics in the parks of King’s Cross—there really is no better time and place for a wedding than summer in London. Planning a wedding, especially couched in the grandeur of a large and storied city, can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve set out to help you choose the best London engagement photographers to get the ball rolling. Who knows? You may love your engagement photographer so much that they become a great comfort throughout the planning process. With that being said, here are a few of our favorite engagement photographers in London!

1. Imogene Eve Photography

You may have noticed that engagement and wedding photographs often appear staged, sucking the life and personality out of its subjects. London engagement photographer Imogene Eve has noticed as well, which is why she made it her mission to capture more candid moments. Her carefully composed engagement photographs perfectly capture the playfulness and spark between a couple. 

2. Mick and Ash of MIKI Studios

MIKI Studios is operated by creative masterminds Mick and Ash, and their operation has a tasteful, bespoke quality that will appeal to couples who enjoy world travel and quiet luxury. The talented duo are equipped to work with you from engagement through to the wedding day, regardless of whether the engagement takes place in London and the wedding takes place in Cyprus. 

3. Louise Adby Photography

The photographs of Louise Adby often capture a couple framed by a spray of palm in the foreground or partially hidden behind a column in a crowded ballroom. This knack for capturing what feels like “stolen moments” is what makes Louise such a fantastic engagement photographer. After all, engagement photographs should be charming and wholesome, with just enough playfulness to stand out.

4. Karen Flower Photography

At first glance, there’s something cottage core about London engagement photographer Karen Flower’s work. In a good way, of course. However, her work takes the trend of a step further, capturing something about the wild and spontaneous nature of human beings in natural settings. If you think your partner is most beautiful mid-belly laugh or caught in the rain, then Karen might be just the engagement photographer for you. 

5. Eve Dunlop Photography

Eve Dunlop describes her work as fine-art photography, and we agree that her work shows impeccable technique, a sense of perspective and light, and a willingness to experiment. One photograph of a couple, backlit and in silhouette, is so charming we were tempted to ask for a copy for ourselves—even though we don’t know them! 

6. Helen Abraham Photography

Helen Abraham describes herself as a documentary-style photographer, and her engagement and wedding work do tend toward an austere sort of elegance. Their portfolio also boasts the quality of magazine photography, a genre to which Abraham is no stranger. Her biography states that she has been “called a photo ninja” because of her discretion and quietness on shoot; she is an instrument that dare not interfere but only capture.

7. Glenn and Lauren of Through the Woods We Ran

Metro engagement photographers Glenn and Lauren own and operate Through the Woods We Ran, a concept business as meditation on post-2020 cool. Of course cool, in large part, has always been about the simultaneous avowal and disavowal—the knowing that pretends not to know.

Thus, the firm’s tagline: for the “(un)seriously (un)cool.” We admit all of this could be a bit much, if not well-executed, but Glenn and Lauren do a fine job of illustrating just how much our lives do sometimes resemble and indie romcom. Let’s be real: love is a hot mess.

8. Kerry Morgan Photography

London engagement photographer Kerry Morgan has an uncanny knack for capturing whatever is going on in people’s eyes. It has something to do with perspective and focus: Kerry must know some secret about the alchemy between the human eye and light that other photographers haven’t yet found.

No matter her secret, her photos are uncanny, disarming, and unerringly human. Oh! And her couples always look mesmerizingly in love; it must have something to do with the way they look at one another.

Capture an heirloom you’ll look back on for decades.

It wasn’t easy to choose the very best of London engagement photographers, but we finally did it! We’ve tried to bring you a range of professionals for every kind of couple, and we hope to see your engagement photographs the next time we go pursuing our favorite engagement photographers’ Instagrams! 

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