The 11 Best Wedding Videographers in London

Weddings have been at the forefront of photography since its invention. The stiff, formal photos of olden years have transformed now into gorgeous, highly-polished masterpieces, for which newlyweds spend top dollar. But even that is old news now: The real showstopper today is the wedding videographer. Bringing Hollywood visuals to our doorstep, wedding videographers transform our special day into a cinematic experience, where we are cast in the lead role. Filming requires a very particular skillset, and based on our research, these London wedding videographers are the crème de la crème. But don’t take our word for it—see for yourself!

1. Salih Karakis

Salih Karakis describes himself as a resourceful film studies graduate, who considers filming, directing, and editing all equally important aspects of the craft. His videos beautifully incorporate moments of slow-motion to heighten the feeling of magic intrinsic to every wedding day.

It’s awe-inspiring that he notices such little details, like the red and white high heels of the bride peeking out from under her dress, or the cheeky grin of the flower girl. Salih has invested in some serious gear, treating each wedding like a professional film set. That sort of dedication and experienced outlook garners Salih a spot as one of the London wedding videographers.

2. MIKI Studios

Mick and Ash are a best friend videographer-and-photographer duo working out of London. Mick was once a professional drummer, and Ash has competed as an Olympic athlete, so they come with a lot of interesting stories! Their films turn your life into a cinematic experience, filmed as though it were a movie, instead of a day in the life.

MIKI Studios truly turns a moment into a masterpiece, and their rich color scheme and flawless editing make them top contenders for best London wedding videographers. We especially love the way that they overlay the speeches from the reception over the footage, so that the couple can forever remember these precious words.

3. Mooncast Films

Mooncast Films describes itself as being a boutique cinematography company based in London, and the man behind the camera—Tom—is a dedicated videographer. Alongside the achingly beautiful images of brides in flowing dresses, Tom also posts various camera tests on his Instagram, showing that he is always exploring, practicing, and growing as an artist.

Including drone shots, artistic lighting, delicate slow-motion close-ups, and an innate sense of timing, Tom’s films feel magical and timeless. He effortlessly captures the inner life of his clients, bringing their personalities to the screen and leaving all of us with a smile on our faces.

4. Hanh Made Films

Whimsical, and full of light and love, Hanh infuses her work with that special fairytale-like magic which make weddings so much fun. She comes from a professional background in editing, working on shows like The Other Boleyn Girl. This gave her the training necessary to create top-quality wedding films, and the results speak for themselves.

We’re inspired by the natural, organic aesthetic of Hanh’s films, which bring us into the private world of the newlyweds. It’s clear that Hanh has a way of putting people at ease when she works, producing beautiful videos that the couple will treasure for a lifetime.

5. Andrei Weddings

Stylish, hip, modern, and crisp—these are all the words we use to describe Andrei Weddings. Andrei and Claudia run their company together, harnessing their experience in documentary filmmaking to create their stunning videos. They say on their website: “We have been fortunate to have the most beautiful job in the world,” and judging by the jaw-dropping content they post, that’s hard to argue against! The duo works with clients of all backgrounds, highlighting their work with Asian and Indian couples to demonstrate the diversity of their working chops.

6. RM Wedding Films

Ryan Mobberley is a creative filmmaker who always has a big smile on his face. He describes his filmmaking technique as being minimal and unobtrusive, allowing guests to relax into the evening without being worried about always having a camera in their faces. The final product is beautiful, graceful, and really does feel like being a fly on the wall.

He pays attention to everything going on in the scene, not letting a single detail pass. We admire the way he incorporates atmospheric moments from the day, like the movement of a nearby stream or the wind in the tree leaves. In years to come, these details will make us feel like we have been transported back in time, to experience the day afresh.

7. Fazackarley Wedding Videography

With 15 years of wedding videography experience, it’s no wonder that the team behind Fazackarley have mastered their style. Featuring warm overtones and lots of natural lighting, the films from Fazackarley are made to feel like a window back to a specific moment. The crew documents every part of the wedding, from friends arriving to a giddy bride and groom finalizing the decorations. Everything is laughter, smiles, and joy—and the final product is one which the newlyweds will want to watch time and time again.

8. Gione Silva

If you’re looking for luxury, then Gione Silva is your man. Absolute cinematic precision, and a natural eye for storytelling turn Gione’s wedding films into theatrical treasures. Together with his wife, Hannah, they are experts in their craft and have been featured in numerous wedding magazines and websites.

Their enthusiasm for experimentation is wonderful, like filming an entire wedding on Super 8 film, giving a modern wedding a romantic, vintage aesthetic. Any couple looking for a dreamy, masterful production won’t have to look any farther, as Gione Silva is undoubtedly one of the best London wedding videographers out there today.

9. Andrew Michael Films

Andrew Michael does more than just capture the wedding day, he crafts a story that speaks to the relationship behind the marriage. Finding the little details that show moments of love and friendship, he takes us behind the scenes. We also love the creative framing and artistic filming techniques Andrew employs, spending more time to capture the details and paint a full canvas.

Andrew’s background is in film, and after graduating, he wanted to craft his style as being modern, but with a classical twist. He has been working in the wedding industry now for nearly two decades, filming everything from lavish celebrity weddings, to elopements on tropical islands, and everything in between.

10. Urban Cinematography

Urban Cinematography is run by filmmaking duo Alex and Johanna, with bases in London and Santorini. Their time-tested methods produce gorgeous, color-drenched videos, with impeccable timing and understanding of what makes a great shot. It’s no wonder that their films have been featured in editorials around the world like Vogue, Wedding Style, and Hello! magazine! From cozy UK locations to the blue skies of Greece, Urban Cinematography is there to capture each and every moment.

11. Andy Bird Wedding Videos

Andy has been working in the wedding industry for 11 years, and as he says, “What I’ve learned is that the occasion comes first.” This means no unnatural poses, only the most genuine moments. Andy offers a variety of packages for clients, to fit into any budget. Andy’s videos are emotional, crisp, comfortable, and full of love and laughter.

He lives up to his motto of “unobtrusive, unposed, unnoticed”—not once do we feel as though we are intruding upon the newlyweds’ special day, but merely as though we are a fly on the wall. These videos will be treasured for a lifetime.

These days, it’s all about video!

Getting married is a huge occasion, one of the most memorable moments in life! Capturing that milestone is an important task, and not one which can be left to chance. For any couples looking to hire the very top talent, these London wedding videographers are sure to hit the mark every time.

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