The 11 Best Lifestyle Photographers in Sydney

Lifestyle photography, when done well, can immerse the viewer in a visual story about the subjects and their lives. From weddings to newborns, there’s no genre that can’t benefit from a good lifestyle narrative! That’s why we’ve taken the time to hunt down the 11 top Sydney lifestyle photographers to partner up with.

1. Pure Love Imagery

Cilem of Pure Love Imagery photographs families, weddings, and babies in a lifestyle-oriented manner! This means helping viewers feel as if they’re enjoying a day at the beach or appreciating the loving gaze of a newborn alongside each couple. Cilem not only uses intimate working distances to heighten our immersion but uses a warm, earth-toned color profile that adds a contemporary artistic element to each storytelling frame!

2. Elysium Photography

Fun-filled and un-posed is how Laura of Elysium Photography describes her work. As a natural light Sydney lifestyle photographer, she often works intimately with families in their homes to capture artistic perspectives on the moments of their daily lives. And her lifestyle wedding photography combines storytelling backgrounds and documentary-oriented coverage to tell the tale of your ceremony! 

3. El Earl Lifestyle Photography

El and Travis are a couple whose marriage informs their complimentary wedding photography vision! And El brings 15 years of photography experience to the partnership, from fine art gallery images to editorial work for magazines! Their gently guided and natural poses help people new to being in front of the camera feel relaxed while bringing stories of romance, laughter, and other emotions to life! We especially love their children’s images, as the photographers know to shift down to their level to give us a better perspective!

4. Christie Victoria Photography

Creating stunning art while celebrating the human connection is what Sydney lifestyle photographer Christie Victoria does best! She was formerly working for a top global media organization – but the birth of her daughter helped her realize that she wanted to do something more meaningful with her photography. From beach walks to quiet moments at home, her lifestyle photography is an invitation to appreciate those times of gentle beauty and intimacy that often go unremarked in daily living.

5. Nadine Sickert Photography

From early mornings to gentle early evening tones, the warm natural light that the Golden Hour offers is the natural habitat of Nadine Sickert! And while the outdoors are a great place to soak up the sun’s rays, her way of working with windows only adds to her lifestyle perspective. We also love the gently desaturated earth tones on display, which are an excellent match for the Golden Hour light Nadine works in.

6. Carolina Morgan Photography

Families, weddings, maternities, and newborns are the favorite subjects of Carolina Morgan, Sydney lifestyle photographer! Her perspective on the storytelling power of photography informs her love of capturing unforgettable images for her clients. in Carolina’s words: “Photographs have the power to take you back in time or bring closer to those who are not longer with us .. so who says time machines don’t exist?” Carolina also has a talent for finding dramatic lighting, such as brilliant sunsets and silhouette opportunities, that only heighten the emotions on display!

7. Polly Jane Photography

As a believer in true memories, Polly Jane wants nothing more than to help immortalize them through her photography! And as a lover of photography she’s continually seeing photo opportunities as she moves through life; small wonder she’s become a top Sydney lifestyle photographer! Her images capture so much about her subjects; the playful love families have for each member, the gentle grace maternity subjects carry, and other themes that she brings to life through artistic collaboration!

8. Courtney Gold Photography

Lifestyle maternity, wedding, family, and newborn photographer Courtney Gold has over 20 years of behind the camera experience! Her style is sun-kissed and celebratory, with innocent smiles and family bonds on full display. We especially love her outdoor maternity photography, which carries lifestyle elements for both her mums and the soon-to-be arriving babies! Who says one has to start with newborn images?

9. Running Under The Sprinkler

Documentary, candid, fun, and unexpected are how Jacqui describes her lifestyle images and we agree 100%! She finds those unremarked moments of everyday living in families’ lives that are actually art waiting to be appreciated. Her natural light style includes rich shadows and directional lighting that add ambiance and mood to each image. One feels instantly immersed in making cookies with the kids or a quiet moment of embracing a newborn with new parents. And the intimacy of Jacqui’s working distances speaks to her love of life, connections, and ability to leave her subjects feeling at ease in front of her lens!

10. Tealily Photography

Trish is a lifestyle wedding and family photographer that offers an artistic, even cinematic take on your moments, both the once in a lifetime and the everyday ones. In fact, one element we love most about her work is how naturally she makes the everyday ones look like once-in-a-lifetime captures! It really makes you appreciate how much art we’re immersed in continually, heightening our love of life. While this often goes unnoticed on a daily basis Trish uses her talent behind the lens to remind viewers of just how beautiful they always are!

11. Peggy Wong

Marketer, daydreamer, and photographer Peggy Wong is all about honest, intimate moments between family members of both the two and four-legged variety! And to do so, she encourages her families to forget about her presence and simply interact in a spontaneous, natural manner. We love her gently desaturated colors, which pairs nicely with the abundant natural light in the highlights. Together they give her images an air of freedom and lightness!

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