The 12 Best Portrait Photographers in Perth

Whether you are looking for a Perth portrait photographer for headshots, branding, or capturing wonderful family memories, one of the following artists is sure to match your style. Ranging from visual minimalists to authentic storytellers to perfectly professional, each has their own style, but all are amazing in their way! 

1. Morgan Nesbitt of MN Creative

Morgan Nesbitt first caught our eye with his street portraits, and when we looked deeper, we found a lot more to love. Effortlessly blending an edgy street style with branding photography, he’s the Perth portrait photographer for you if you want more than a photograph; you want a story told. His style is creative, incorporating new techniques and putting his spin on standards, and cool, using trends to his advantage. If you are creative and want portraits that feel like you, he’s our top pick! 

2. Amber of Honey Media

Amber is one of our favorite Perth portrait photographers for her authenticity — recording spontaneous moments of joy and doing it all in her timeless editing style. If you are a fan of messy hair blowing in the breeze, belly laughs, and natural beauty, you will jibe with Amber’s work. By getting close to her subjects and making them comfortable in her presence, she allows them to be themselves and just so happens to create beautiful art along the way. 

3. Jonelle of Premier Studio

One of our favorite Perth portrait photographers for families, the team at this studio has over 50 years of experience between them. Started by lead photographer and owner Jonelle’s grandmother over forty years ago, Five Star Family Photography has earned its name over generations. Like a film set, their studio space includes multiple locations indoors and outdoors for your shoot — a feature that sets them apart. We particularly love the combination of candid moments and more polished family shots. 

4. Ryan of Ammon Creative

Ryan Ammon is the principal photographer behind this studio, and his wife Jess is the creative director and associate photographer (this multi-talented lady also does hair and makeup). They are award winners — winning the AIPP professional photographer awards for both their commercial and wedding photography two years in a row, and they have hundreds of happy clients. It’s easy to see why. They have an easygoing feel to their work while keeping it polished. It’s ideal for those who want to put their best face forward but who also want a natural feel. 

5. Brett Canet-Gibson of Twine

Brett Canet-Gibson sets himself apart with his intimate portraits—rich with character, you can see a story behind each of his subject’s eyes. As a four-time finalist in the National Portrait Prize and a regular exhibitor of his work, Brett aims to tell a story with even the smallest of details—a true artist. He finds beauty and interest everywhere he looks and shows his viewer a unique side of his subjects. 

6. Lyla Photo

Merrisa is all about preserving your memories — of yourself, your love, and your little ones and she does it in a way that is thoroughly her own. With a portfolio that feels completely timeless, she documents her subjects in a way that is both straightforward and beautiful in its honesty. It is rare to find Perth portrait photographers who allow scenes to unfold without any hint of direction. But that’s what she does to capture the absolute truth of who you are and your connections with your family. 

7. Sasha Mortimore

We love Sasha Mortimore’s work for her elegant, simple compositions that focus on her beautiful subjects. Her style blends headshot photography with a fashion flair for polished and professional portraits with just the right amount of playfulness. She shows the world who you really are through her art — perfect if you are looking for branding photography or have an idea for a shot you want to explore. She’s one of the few Perth portrait photographers whose creativity knows no bounds. 

8. Alice Andre

Alice Andre weaves elements of editorial, lifestyle, and documentary photography for a style that is truly her own. She uses the stylized glamour of editorials as a springboard for her polished couples portraits and the candid nature of documentary work for images that capture the real you. This blend of polished and raw is the epitome of dynamic and allows her to give you the best of both worlds—portraits of who you are at that moment and your best self. 

9. David Broadway

If you want your portrait to be completely polished and professional, look no further than David Broadway. Often working with corporate clients and those who want to put their most professional face forward on LinkedIn, he knows how to make his clients look great. His almost twenty years of experience show up in his complete mastery of studio lighting and strobes. If you are looking for headshots, he’s one of our favorite Perth portrait photographers!

10. Jessica Lockhart

Calling herself sentimental, Jessica Lockhart is your ideal Perth portrait photographer if you want photos to record details that you can pour over long after the moment has passed. Driven by her desire to imprint your memory on paper, she candidly captures you and your loved ones as you go about your day. Whether that involves play or a meltdown, it’s all part of the artistic process for her. If you are looking for someone to preserve the tiny moments of connection, the spectrum of human emotion, then Jessica is an ideal match. 

11. Arttemis Atelier

Temi is a visual storyteller with fine artist sensibilities. As one of the top Perth portrait photographers, she is all about presenting the world with your perfect self. Carefully controlling the lighting and gently directing you into flattering poses, she is an excellent pick if you aren’t comfortable in front of the camera. Her hair and makeup team helps you prepare for your session, as does her expert guidance about what to wear so you can feel your most comfortable while also looking fantastic. With her years of experience and her calm demeanor combined with her photographic talents, she will show you the best portrait you’ve seen of yourself! 

12. Lubè Saveski

With over 25 years’ experience as a photographer, Saveski’s highly proficient at capturing his subjects’ intentions, emotions, and personality through his work. Saveski’s style comes from extensive knowledge after working in the UK, Europe, and Australia, and he continually aspires to develop his creative niche and refine his style in a world that is constantly changing.

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