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A Look Back at 2016 Before We Charge Forward

By On December 21, 2016

To say that 2016 was “great” seems like an underwhelming statement. What has transpired in the last year, with our product, our team, and most importantly, within each Peerspace booking, has been… Read More


How Emerging Artists Found Their Sweet Spot For a Good Cause

By On November 29, 2016

“Treat others better. And treat yourself.” This is the driving mission behind Treat Gallery, an online-based gallery that helps give contemporary artists more exposure. Every quarter, the Treat team organizes pop-up exhibitions… Read More


To Plan Great Events, Ask These Questions First — Advice from Facebook’s Event Manager

By On November 15, 2016

Anyone who’s ever planned an event knows how much it takes behind the scenes to make it come together. Guest blogger, Marissa McCombs, Event Manager for Facebook and Instagram provides insight into… Read More


Vintage Cars, Neon Signs, and BMX Bikes — A Look Into the Valley’s Past

By On August 28, 2016

Before stars like Marilyn Monroe and Bing Crosby made their mark in Hollywood, they got their start in the suburbs of the San Fernando Valley, otherwise known as the “Valley.” Home to… Read More


How to Plan the Ultimate Fantasy Football Draft Party

By On August 23, 2016

With Autumn’s cool air and colorful trees comes another reason to love Fall: Football. Yes, it’s that time again. This season kicks off on September 8th, making National Fantasy Football Draft Day… Read More


How to Plan a Picture-Perfect Photoshoot: Advice That Will Turn You Into a Pro

By On August 16, 2016

Every professional photographer knows there’s more that goes into taking a great photo than the “point and shoot” approach. It involves finding the right location, natural lighting, and a lot of planning.… Read More


How Blue Apron Brought the Farm to New York City

By On August 10, 2016

We’ve heard of farm-to-table, but the team at Blue Apron took this food movement to new heights with its farm-to-rooftop soirée. Blue Apron provides all the ingredients you need to prepare meals at… Read More

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