Creative Feature: Ashley Seryn

Hi! I’m Ashley, and I’m a 22-year-old photographer in LA. I’ll also be getting my master’s degree from USC this spring. I’ve been doing photography for over five years now, and I love applying this creative side to my marketing and PR background.

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How do you stay creative?

By giving time to work on non-creative things! I think allowing yourself space from your art is super important, especially in today’s “always-on” culture. Consciously absorbing from your environment and experiences and intentionally looking at other art is also important to shape your visual style.

Who/what inspires you to stay creative?

My friends and other artists I work with push me creatively, whether that’s motivating me on slower work weeks or challenging me to try new techniques for current shoots. Today’s visual culture is so fast-paced, and I feel like I’m constantly trying to evolve my style and craft because of this creative output, not to mention the amount of talented people to work with and be inspired by!

Self-care tips for creatives?

Focus on yourself and don’t compare your work! Find the things you know will make you feel your best, so you’re in the right place to work on projects and jobs. For me, that’s exercising and being around others, so I make sure to prioritize those, so I’m operating at my best.

Your go-to gear

My Contax G2 is my baby!

Photos courtesy of Ashley Seryn

Ashley’s Favorite Photoshoot Locations


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