How to Seal the Deal and Get More Bookings

We get potential guests’ eyes on you. Here’s how you can get them through the door. 

There are a lot of reasons why Peerspace is the most popular venue rental website in the country. One of the biggest: our marketing chops. From our extensive digital marketing, to a large and active referral network, to wide-ranging PR coverage, we’re adept at linking hosts and guests. 

But here’s what you may not know…

We don’t just advertise Peerspace; we also advertise your specific space directly to our guests, augmenting your own marketing efforts. It’s a part of what we do — and we do it at no cost to you. Here are a few ways how:

1. Social media highlights

Our Instagram followers are more than a little obsessed with scrolling through our most inspiring spaces. Check our latest highlights, stories and reels featuring our favorite themed spaces that brilliantly transform their look and feel to suit each guest’s needs.

2. Top spaces emails

Our guests and hosts subscribe to our weekly emails to stay updated on our latest and greatest spaces. In these emails, we showcase the top reviewed, most recently added, and most booked spaces near guests from the past month. So whether a guest is searching for an event, meeting, production space, or something else, we work hard to get your space in front of them. 

3. Remarketing to turn lookers into bookers

Finding the perfect space can take a lot of scrolling and searching. And it’s easy for a browser to get distracted and lose track of their faves. That’s why we remarket your space to turn lookers into bookers. We send targeted ads on social media and various websites to get your space back in front of guests, keeping your space top of mind until they’re ready to book. We also remarket your space to guests with a quick email to remind them to book the space they recently viewed.

Now that we’ve told you a little about how we get potential guests in front of you, here are some tips on how you can close the deal — and get them through that door.

  1. Don’t keep them waiting: Our best hosts respond to guest inquiries as soon as possible. If you’re getting overwhelmed with responses, well, that’s probably a good thing! But if you’re struggling with those asking about your space when it’s not available, sync your calendar — and you’ll only receive inquiries for when your space is available. 
  2. Up your photo game: Keep your photos fresh and appealing. Take all photos in landscape mode, stage your space to show it at its best, and make sure lighting is the best it can be. And if you’re not confident in your photography skills, investing in a well-reviewed professional photographer will pay dividends when it comes to growing your bookings.
  3. Take an objective look at your pricing: It always helps to do a quick gut check on what you’re charging. Review comps in the area, take into account the current economic environment, and use custom offers to close the deal when you find a great guest. Lastly, if you have a number in mind, it may make sense to lower your hourly rate but increase your minimum hours to book – this can help take the sticker shock out of a high hourly rate.

Be sure to check out Peerspace’s community forum for more hosting tips.

Happy hosting!