The Peerspace Message Library

Communicating with guests may be the most time-consuming part of your daily hosting duties, so well-crafted templates can be incredibly helpful in managing your inbox. Instead of rewriting the same messages over and over, take the time to build out three or four that address guests’ most common questions. You’ll save valuable time without sacrificing proofreading and professional communication.

There are a few key moments that a pre-written template can be the game-changer. We recommend starting with one for each of the following moments.


Immediately after receiving an inquiry or booking request 

Immediately after accepting a booking request 

Shortly before the event

Shortly after the event

  • Host tip: Create your pre-written responses directly in your email service (i.e. Gmail, Mail, etc.). Google search “{{email service provider name}} canned responses” and follow the steps to add new templates for easy use.

Immediately after receiving an inquiry or booking request

If there’s ever a time to use a message template for the sake of a quick response, this is it. Being the first to respond will put you ahead of the competition. Plus, because you’ve already thought through how you like to initiate the conversation, your well-proofread reply will help strike the right tone early  on.

Title of template: “Inquiry — Tell me more”

  • When to send: You receive an inquiry but are unsure if the event is the right fit for your space. After reviewing the inquiry details (date, time, capacity, etc.), use a simple template to open up the conversation, like the example below, or build it out to cover more details upfront.
  • Hi {{guest name}}, thanks for your interest in booking our space! We’d love to learn more about your event. Before we dive into details, can you tell me more about what attracted you to our space and what the occasion is? Best, {{your name}}

Title of template: “Inquiry Still interested?”

  • When to send: You already responded to the initial inquiry, but are waiting to hear back. You aren’t sure if they’re still interested in your space or have found another. If the inquiry is a great fit, try knocking off 5% of your price in your follow-up as added incentive to book.
  • Hi {{guest name}}, I hope you’re doing well. Are you still interested in renting our space for your {{event type}} on {{date of booking}}? We have a few other interested parties, so we’ll plan to release the date if we don’t hear from you within the next day or two. We’d love to offer you a 5% discount if you decide to book with us. Looking forward to hearing from you, {{your name}}

Title of template: “Inquiry Away”

  • When to send: You are away or on vacation and need to quickly confirm when you’ll be able to follow up with more details. This is a great way to maintain a healthy response rate during off-hours or over weekends.
  • Hi {{guest name}}, thanks for your interest in our space! I am currently away and unable to answer your inquiry in detail until {{time of your return}}. I apologize for any inconvenience and look forward to connecting then. Feel free to look over my listing in the meantime and send over any questions you might have. Best, {{your name}}

Title of template: “Inquiry Not a fit” 

  • When to send: You receive an inquiry that is not a fit for your space (examples include: doesn’t meet minimum hour requirements, for an activity you don’t allow, etc.) and need to kindly let them know.
  • Hi {{guest name}}, your {{event type}} sounds like a fabulous event! Unfortunately, we aren’t able to host activities of this kind due to {{reason}}. We hope you understand and are sure you’ll find the perfect venue. Please think of us for any future {{accepted event type}} needs! Best, {{your name}}

Immediately after accepting a booking request

Now that guests have money on the table, a quick personalized note to confirm final details or thank them for booking will go a long way. This is an important moment to set the stage for a positive booking experience and remind guests of any remaining items to close out.

Title of template: “Accepted Thank you for booking”

  • When to send: You just accepted a guest’s booking request. This personalized touch shows that you’re communicative, available, and excited to host their booking. 
  • Hi {{guest name}}, you’re now confirmed for {{date of booking}}. Thanks for choosing us for your {{event type}}! We’ll be in touch a few days before your event with additional details on check-in and check-out, but please let us know if there’s anything you need in the meantime. We look forward to hosting you! Best, {{your name}}

Title of template: “Accepted Permitting help?”

  • When to send: You just accepted a Production booking and the guest still needs to finalize permitting requirements 
  • Hi {{guest name}}, we’re thrilled you’ve chosen us for your {{event type}} on {{date of booking}}! Let us know if you need help getting a film permit or certificate of insurance from here. I’ve found the following website super helpful for all things production related in {{city name}}: {{URL}} 
  • Host Tip: If you Google search “filming in (town or city name),” you should be able to find details on filming and other production related activities. Guests will appreciate the resource link to review whether or not they need to obtain a permit.

Shortly before the event 

Drum up excitement and reduce anxiety by touching base with your guests one to two days before their booking starts. Include important logistics, such as where to park, in order to ensure a smooth arrival. If you’re struggling with what to include, put yourself in the guest’s shoes. What would you want to know for peace of mind?

Title of template: “Prep Space set-up” 

  • When to send: The guest’s booking is 1-2 days out. Use this opportunity to confirm a few logistical details, like space set-up or who to coordinate with day-of, to ensure the booking starts off well.
  • Hi {{guest name}}, we’re looking forward to hosting you in just a few days! If you have any preferences on how the space is laid out (classroom, banquet style, etc.), we would be glad to set it up for your team beforehand. Let us know your thoughts. Best, {{your name}}

Title of template: “Prep Need more time?” 

  • When to send: Guests often underestimate how much time they need, which can lead to uncomfortable conversations around overtime. If you’re available, offer additional time a few days before the guest’s booking to be both accommodating and forthright about overtime. 
  • Hi {{guest name}}, just a reminder that you’re booked from {{event times}} this coming {{date of booking}}. We’re looking forward to seeing you then! If you think you’ll need more time on either end, we are available and happy to accommodate you. Let us know ahead of time and we’d be glad to provide the space at our standard hourly rate (rather than the 1.5x overtime rate). Best, {{your name}} 

Title of template: “Prep Checking in” 

  • When to send: The day before the guest’s booking
  • Hi {{guest name}}, we’re excited to meet you tomorrow at {{booking start time}}! Just in case you misplaced it, our address is: {{insert address of space}}. Here are a few other important details to keep in mind as well: {{customize a few of the following based on your space details}}
  1. From {{where the guest is traveling from}}, you’ll want to allow {time} and take {hwy}
  2. You’ll know you’re in the right spot when {{any notable landmarks to look out for}}
  3. Look for the key {{location of key}} and plan to meet {{who they should expect & where}}
  4. Park your cars at {{most convenient parking options nearby}}
  5. Call {{cell of contact person}} If you arrive late or have any trouble! 
  • Host tip: Whether you plan to be on-site to greet the guest the day of the booking or not, creating a welcome kit to leave in the space is a fantastic way to ensure open communication continues. Check out our sample kit, including an itinerary, here and adopt it to fit your needs!

Shortly after the event 

We encourage you to ask guests for feedback once the booking is over. Whether in person or over messaging, it’s important to follow up on their experience. If done well, this can have a lasting impact on how the event is remembered and can influence the guest to leave a positive review.

Title of template: “Post Booking How was your event?”

  • When to send: The day after the guest’s event. 
  • Hi {{guest name}}, thanks again for choosing our space for your {{event type}} – we hope it was a success! We work very hard for five-star reviews, as they help our Peerspace business tremendously. If you enjoyed your time and have a moment to spare, would you mind writing a short review of what you enjoyed most? If there’s anything we can do to improve the booking experience for future guests, we welcome your feedback on this as well. Feel free to message us via Peerspace with your thoughts. We hope to host you again in the near future. It was a pleasure to connect! Best, {{your name}}
  • Host Tip: If you do not receive a review or hear feedback from the guest, they may have been busy right after the event day. We encourage you to follow up one more time a few days later.