21 Questions Every Peerspace Host Should Ask

Beyond date and time, there are many questions you may want to ask your potential guest to determine fit, set expectations, and ensure a smooth booking experience. The following are examples of questions Peerspace Power Hosts typically ask. We hope they will provide you some guidance and inspiration to create your own!

Step 1: Getting to know your guest

When you first receive an inquiry or booking request, take the time to ask clarifying questions. The ones below have worked well for your peers:

“I always ask why my guests are interested in this particular property. That leads to a series of other questions that help me identify things about the character of the person. The rest takes care of itself.” Tessa, Power Host

1. Why are you interested in this space?

Asking the guest to share more about what attracted them to your space is a natural way to open up a conversation. Plus, understanding the guest’s reason for booking is key to knowing whether or not your space will be the right fit for them.

2. What’s the occasion?

Invite the guest to tell you more about their event. If there are certain activities you’re not interested in hosting (for example, weddings, large parties, underage gatherings, nudity shoots, etc.), it’s better to kindly let the guest know early on in the conversation.

3. What’s your budget?

Don’t shy away from asking this! This information is helpful in understanding your potential sales leverage and determining overall fit.

4. What’s your estimated guest count?

This is a subtle way to remind guests of your maximum capacity. This number can frequently change, so having something to refer to down the road is always helpful. If you’re coordinating a Production shoot, ask them to clarify the cast and crew size.

5. Do you plan to bring and/or sell alcohol?

If the answer is yes, you’ll want to ask for more details (open bar v. cash bar) and discuss additional permitting and insurance requirements early on.

6. Will your event be catered?

Depending on your type of space, this question can shed light on any required minimums for the guest and help determine overall fit.

7. How much time will you need to set-up and tear down?

Keep in mind, Peerspace bookings should be inclusive of set-up and clean-up time. This is your opportunity to understand the potential work involved in setting up and breaking down the event and remind guests to account for these hours in their booking request.

8. What furniture, props, or equipment do you plan to bring on-site?

In other words, what wear and tear will be involved? Whether this includes bringing in equipment or moving some of your own, it’s important to understand what’s involved in order to plan accordingly.

9. Will there be any music?

Whether they’re bringing in a DJ, hosting a live band, or simply plan to use bluetooth, understanding any potential noise disruption upfront is helpful to know.

10. Have you booked with Peerspace before?

Doing your due diligence and vetting your guests is an important part of being a host. If the guest has used Peerspace before, be sure to visit their public profile to see their average review score.

11. Do you have additional event insurance or do you need me to provide you with a carrier?

Host safety is incredibly important to us. That’s why Peerspace provides insurance to protect hosts in situations involving liability claims.

Step 2: Restate expectations

In the days leading up to a booking, it’s important to restate the agreed-upon expectations via Peerspace messaging. This will ensure you and your guest are still on the same page.

“It’s good to ask and, if you have any doubts, RE-ask to make sure the stories line up with what you expect.” Tim, Power Host

1. How many people are confirmed to be on-site the day of the booking?

Depending on the activity you’re hosting, there may be unexpected additions to the guest count, such as vendor staffing, cast or crew members, or security. Asking this question a few days before the event will give you a clear idea of what this number could be as well as an opportunity to reiterate any additional charges that might be related.

2. What time do you plan to arrive?

This is your opportunity to discuss expectations around overtime. Although it can be uncomfortable to bring up, it’s best to send a simple reminder the day before the booking to make sure guests understand the potential added costs.

3. Do you have any questions about the rules in our listing?

By asking this question a few days before the guest’s booking, you gently encourage them to revisit your rules section. This can go a long way in setting and maintaining expectations the day of.

4. How many vehicles will be on-site?

Because this is often a forgotten detail that can cause headaches, it’s important to confirm a few days prior to the guest’s arrival. This is your opportunity to be hospitable, provide guidance on parking, and ensure the booking begins on a positive note.

5. What’s your preferred layout for the day of the booking?

Ensuring the space is set up to the guest’s liking is your fast-track to a five-star review. Confirm the guest’s expectations around set-up beforehand to ensure the booking starts without a hitch!

6. Who will be the point person the day of?

In the event that you’ve been coordinating with an assistant or employee who won’t be there the day of the booking, you will want to confirm the “day-of” point person and their contact information for any last-minute changes.

7. Do you need anything else?

Often, guests have last-minute needs that you can help meet. Whether it’s catering, a projector, or anything else, asking this question shows the guest you’re a willing and available resource.

Step 3: Asking for feedback

The booking experience doesn’t have to end when the guest leaves your space. Take the time to follow up and understand how you can improve the experience for future guests.

“I ask them to please send any feedback on how to make our future bookings better. Asking for their input goes a long way in getting a positive review.” Allison, Power Host

1. Were you able to find and access the space easily?

Asking about specific elements of the booking experience can be pivotal in improving small but significant details for future bookings. Plus, most guests are more than willing to offer this and will be impressed that you asked!

2. Did you have everything that you needed and expected?

Understanding where the event was a success, as well as any missed expectations, can improve your booking process. This is a great opportunity to design a consistent five-star booking experience for all future guests.

3. Is there anything else I can do to improve the booking experience for future guests?

This question can be simple, and should be in your own voice. The gesture of asking for direct feedback shows guests you truly care about providing a great experience and can serve as a gentle reminder to leave a review.