SF Startup Finds Team Offsite Space

Instacart used the PeerSpace App to book an inspiring team offsite space.

Do more than just love thy neighbor – collaborate with thy neighbor. Such is the story between PeerSpace and fellow South Park-based start-up Instacart. We caught up with the fresh company to get details on how they used PeerSpace to find a team offsite space.

Tell us why everyone needs to know about Instacart (if they already don’t)?

Instacart offers grocery delivery in as little as one-hour. Customers can choose from a variety of local stores including Safeway, Whole Foods, Rainbow, Berkeley Bowl, Bi-Rite and Costco or mix items from multiple stores into one order.

How did you get connected with a team offsite space on PeerSpace?


We had a need for a bigger space during our company-wide retreat in San Francisco. We were unable to fit everyone coming into town in our office/house and, since PeerSpace is our South Park neighbor, we began to talk.

Share a few of the ways you’ve used PeerSpace:

We used them to find us a space to host an array of meetings at our two-day company retreat.

What’s next on the horizon for Instacart?

Take over the world (or, deliver groceries to everyone, everywhere). We started with delivery only in San Francisco, but now we are in 12 cities nationwide and expanding very quickly.

What do the Instacart offices look like?

Our office is actually a house that fit us in the early days pretty well. But our rapid growth makes it increasingly difficult to find space for people to work. We currently have two “offices” in the bathrooms of the house. The house is pretty awesome, though. We have a hot tub on the roof, and our roof is convertible, meaning we can take the roof off when it gets warm. It sounds weird, but it is actually a thing. Our teams work closely together, so our “home” is very conducive to lots of communication and brainstorming!

Instacart is using PeerSpace to help accommodate their rapidly growing team. From temporary offices to team offsite space, this startup is utilizing the flexibility of that the marketplace offers. Let us help you find an inspiring team offsite space for your company by downloading the App or visiting www.PeerSpace.com.