Introducing the Social Events Policy

2020 has truly been an unprecedented year. For Peerspace, it’s also been a time of reflection and an opportunity to reaffirm what we stand for.  Peerspace’s mission is to bring people together — but in a safe and healthy environment.

New COVID restrictions, as well as the closure of bars, clubs, and event spaces, have caused an increase in the number of illegal or unauthorized parties in our cities. In turn, Peerspace has seen an increase in these types of bookings.  These parties represent a risk and a nuisance for neighborhoods, but also a health concern for our communities. 

We are taking a clear stance that late-night house parties are unwelcome on Peerspace. Specifically, we will not allow residences listed on the platform to be used for late night events or publicly-marketed parties. 

Late night house parties have no place on Peerspace.

Today, we are formally announcing the Peerspace Social Events Policy – a set of specific guidelines that all hosts and guests must agree to in order to book an event on Peerspace. Guests will review and agree to this policy each time they make a booking request for an event. Space owners will continue to be required to adhere to legal guidelines. 

We will not tolerate abusers of this policy and may permanently terminate accounts, cancel bookings without refund, assess fines, or take legal action if necessary to prevent unlawful use of the platform.

We’ve always required hosts and guests to create bookings within the limits of the law. Our Services Agreement covers many things, but we are serious about safety and compliance with local regulations. We make sure our network of nearly 10,000 hosts understand this when they add a space to the marketplace. All of our hosts publish rules regarding how their space must be used and customize this section to include specific guidelines for social events. These requirements may include additional event permits, licensed staffing, proof of insurance, and capacity restrictions depending on the planned activity. 

We’ve created this policy to formalize our stance on safe gatherings and re-emphasize the importance of compliance with laws and regulations.  In addition, in the coming weeks, we will be making changes to our platform’s feature set to block such events before they can be booked.

Thank you to our growing community of hosts and guests.  Peerspace simply doesn’t exist without you.

Review the Social Events Policy