Meet Nicole, Space for Change Recipient

Nicole Solis-Sison is a talented creative director and 2021 Space for Change recipient. We caught up with Nicole to see how Space for Change and Peerspace helped bring her documentary, Undocuhoneys, to life. 

As described by Nicole, this documentary “is a celebration of immigrants in America. With or without papers, we are beautiful creators of our futures. Together, we have come a long way mentally, physically, emotionally for ourselves and our family. This is a space to reclaim, reflect and express the experience with great depth through photographs and video poetry”.

Upon receiving Peerspace credit through the Space for Change, Nicole was able to book the perfect studio to set the scene for her experimentation with creating a dialogue between the two mediums (photography and video) to represent “the fragmented relationship immigrants have of the two places they call home.”

Learn more about Space for Change and how to apply for space credit to bring your vision to life here.

Photo Credit

  • Artist, Director and Stylist: @nicolesolissison
  • Makeup Artist: @adrianaleyva_mua
  • Assistant Photographer: @paolojriveros
  • Models: @black_viper723, @justinomora1, @edwinsotos
  • Production Company: @_laproduccion
  • Director of Photography: @soymarcosnieves
  • Sound: @torrestorresfilms
  • Printer: @laumonteditions