Wedding Photo Ideas: Top Tips from Photographer Nick Kova

If you are after a personalized, DIY-inspired wedding, you want your wedding photographs to be unforgettable. After all, why go through all the trouble of planning a wedding and decorating an amazing space if your photos aren’t going to reflect the night’s perfection or the personality you brought to it? While creating an incredible wedding starts with a meaningful and inspirational event venue, it’s the memories that are created inside the space that matter most. The best spaces are made that much better when filled with love and joy – and there’s no one better to make these moments timeless than sought-after wedding photographer Nick Kova

Photo, Nick Kova

When it comes to capturing moments that will last a life-time and brainstorming unique wedding photo ideas, wedding photographer Nick Kova is an expert. With a strong journalistic background and natural artistic eye, Kova’s images showcase compelling love stories and convey lasting emotion. Given that part of amazing photographs are compelling backdrops, it’s no surprise that Kova feels that the right wedding event space and location is an integral part of making a wedding extra special. His portraits and event photography create strong visual language while evoking the essence of each wedding that makes them so unique. In this exclusive Q&A for PeerSpace, Kova shares everything from top tips for choosing a photographer to picking the right location for your big day. Read on for some serious words of wisdom and wedding photo ideas shared from someone who has witnessed dozens of weddings.

Photo, Nick Kova

What got you started as a wedding photographer?

When I was young, my dad used to give me one disposable camera per summer. I would photograph the whole summer and develop that roll at the end. I loved taking photos but photography was always a hobby for me until I shot my first wedding. Weddings were my key to discovering my passion and I was thrilled to find out I could also make it my profession.

How would you describe your style of wedding photography?

I see myself as an interactive, documentary photographer that is journalistically trained. Some photographers pride themselves on being a fly on the wall and leaving no footprint. I’m the opposite. I want everyone to remember me there, but not remember I had a camera in hand. That’s how I capture those intermittent moments of joy, comedy and tears. That’s how I get a great shot.

What should couples think about when brainstorming the ins and outs of wedding photo ideas and hiring the right photographer?

If the first thing you should look for in a wedding photographer is a killer portfolio, the second should be a great personality. The photographer will spend intimate time with the bride, groom and wedding party in the weeks leading up to the wedding. You want them to be excited about your ideas and to collaborate on bringing that to life in a fun way. A huge part of my service is how much joy I can bring to the day. You want a photographer that fits into your wedding and is able to capture the most beautiful, spontaneous moments as they occur.

How important is the wedding location?

A location is less about the beauty of it and more about how comfortable you feel there and if it fits the personality of the couple. Some of the best weddings I’ve been to are backyard weddings in private homes. I would encourage couples to think about what the destination means to them and what they can do in the space. No matter where the wedding takes place, I always discover a way to take amazing images and find the right angles that make each space unique.

As someone who has seen dozens of weddings what’s one thing you would tell every couple before their big day?

My best advice for couples is simple: show up and enjoy your day. Go in there with an idea of the schedule but let the small details and unexpected moments surprise you.

What are you most looking forward to doing after wedding season is over?

Going through all my weddings photos!

Nick Kova By The Numbers:
  • Shoots an average 2500 photos per wedding.
  • Drinks around 5 iced coffees each wedding day.
  • Spends 40 hours on post-production and editing per wedding.
  • Stays in touch with dozens of past clients.
  • Pulled too many muscles to count grooving on the dance floor, camera in tow.


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Cover photo courtesy of Nick Kova.