Your Monthly Space Stats — Explained

You’ve received a monthly space stats email to monitor your space performance — but you may be wondering: What do all these metrics really mean? We’ve got you — let’s dive in.

Based on your most recent activity, we’ll display the following metrics on your space. If a metric is missing from your email, that’s because you didn’t have any related activity that month.

Space views:

The total number of times your Peerspace listing(s) has been viewed or appeared in search results within the month. If your space is set up for multiple listing types (recommended!), this number will be an aggregate of all views from each activated listing type. Potential guests may view your space through search results on our website, mobile website, or mobile app. 


The total number of inquiries you have received from potential guests in a given month. Remember to always respond to inquiries within 24 hours to keep a strong response rate.


The total number of completed bookings you had during a given month. For example, if a booking is scheduled for October but is accepted by a host in July, the booking will appear in the host’s stats for October bookings. 

Total earnings:

Our most exciting metric!  Curious how much you’ve earned these last couple of months? We add up your total earnings each month so you can celebrate your efforts. Be sure to link your bank account so you don’t delay your pay!

Average review score:

Great reviews boost your credibility as a host. Keep track of your average review score from guests each month so you can maintain a quality space that compels guests to book.

Average response time:

Your response time is the average number of hours it takes you to respond to new inquiries and requests. Hosts who respond within 24 hours are 5 times more likely to land bookings – don’t keep your guests waiting!

Total favorites:

While exploring spaces, guests will “heart” their favorite spaces to save to Boards for future reference. We’ll keep you updated on the total times your space has been “favorited.”

Here’s an example of how your monthly space stats may display:

Your local market: Median prices near you

Picking the right price for your space can have a big impact on your bottom line. So, how do you pick a price that’s right for you? Finding the perfect price is an ongoing science, but the first thing to know is what other hosts near you charge for their space. That’s why we provide a monthly update on the median pricing for frequently booked spaces near you. 

We also help you understand how other hosts are pricing their spaces according to listing type. Take a look at the median pricing in your area to see how your hourly pricing currently stacks up.

Your monthly space stats are a great way to monitor your performance and celebrate your efforts. 

Are there other performance metrics that you’d like to see in your next email? Let us know in our Host Community.

Happy hosting!