The 9 Best Real Estate Photographers in Toronto

Hoping to work with only the best of the best when it comes to Toronto real estate photographers? We understand! As one of Canada’s hottest real estate markets, Toronto is a great place to start looking if you need a photographer to make the most out of your space. After all, without good photos, how will folks know what’s on offer? Since photos can make or break a sale before it even begins, you’ll want to find the best around.

That’s why we at Peerspace have curated this list of the top 9 Toronto real estate photographers. Take a look and feel free to thank us later!

1. Air Unlimited Corp.

If you’re looking for a Toronto real estate photographer who offers a complete suite of media options then look no further than Air Unlimited Corp! They made our list because Air Unlimited truly lives up to their name. HDR interior and exterior images, Matterport 3D tours, aerial video, and photography…They even offer virtual staging, where potential buyers can import furniture and other interior decor items in order to customize a space to their liking!

2. Elevated Photos Canada

Thanks to his background in landscape photography, Sebastian Petrescu of Elevated Photos Canada has the attention to detail required to bring out the best in your home or commercial space. It was an encounter with a photography pole that started his journey into the world of real estate photography.

After using it to photograph landscapes from above with varying levels of success, Sebastian started applying to real estate jobs. His aerial perspective was something that no one else in the 1990s could offer. And from there, he jumped into interior and other more traditional real estate work! Perhaps in honor of the pole that started everything, Sebastian opted to name his brand Elevated Photos! Though we suspect it has more to do with the quality he offers realtors, architects, and other discerning Toronto clients …

3. Misho Shaltout Photography

Misho Shaltout is a creative that offers both passion and extensive formal education when he is a part of a collaboration. In 1995, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in architecture, which gives him an insider’s perspective on the skill and artistry that goes into home construction and design. Misho also has two decades of photography experience to offer, including study at the School of Image Arts, Ryerson University, where he earned his certificate in photographic studies.

The end result is a vibrant personal style that is rich in contrast and uses warm, inviting colors and compositions. We are immediately transported into the space on a deep, emotional level by Misho!

4. PRO Studio Real Estate Photography

PRO Studio Real Estate Photography is the rare Toronto studio that offers a unique twist on traditional exposure methods: multi-flash indoor photography. As they explain their process, “We utilize a combination of traditional flash technique and ambient light photography, which requires taking multiple flash and natural (ambient) shots of each scene, but provides images with unmatched color, clarity, and appeal.”

In this way, exposure can be tweaked to provide an even more engaging end result. All that without the sometimes fake look that high-dynamic-range multiple exposures can have.

5. Raffi Tutundjian

With nearly a decade and a thousand clients’ worth of experience, Raffi Tutundjian is a must-have on our list of the top Toronto real estate photographers! We also chose him because he truly understands that impactful real estate images can make or break a potential sale. As Raffi shares: “Professional photography is the most important tool you have to get potential clients (buyers and future clients) through the door and ultimately the end goal of selling (sell) your listing.”

His images highlight the unique elements of a particular space in a way that makes an emotional connection with viewers. Raffi also has a personal style, using subdued colors and vibrant whites. This style plays incredibly well with contemporary interior spaces.

6. Stallone Media Group

Matthew Stallone offers everything you could possibly want in a real estate business partner. Besides featuring the space from every possible angle, he also offers portrait sessions for folks who need to update their business cards and websites. After all, people engage with how your personal photo makes them feel just as much as the space itself!

We were also impressed by the social media outreach that Matthew has cultivated over the years. Considering real estate photography is rarely a hot topic in this space, it speaks to his talent as a marketer that he can drum up so much interest in his work! But when you look at the stunning final images, truly it is his due as a top Toronto real estate photographer

7. LUXVT Real Estate

Once you have a space cleaned up and ready for sale, it takes top talent to help get the word out. After all, if no one knows about it then it doesn’t matter how nice it is … That’s where LUXVT Real Estate comes into the picture!

Real estate marketing for brokers and agents is their specialty, doing all of the heavy lifting required. This also includes crafting real estate media that transmits the luxury elements that make each home special. From warm twilight encounters to spacious ranch homes, LUXVT’s photography makes an immediate impact on viewers like us.

8. John Reid

John Reid proves that Toronto real estate photographers that care about your end result are the ones to seek out and work with again and again. His aim, in his own words, is to: “Become a trusted partner, who delivers fast, consistent, high quality, images which maximize the potential sale of your property.”

John can craft engaging images in part thanks to his background in fine art photography. Each photoshoot is seen in its uniqueness and the elements that make a home special are brought to the forefront by him!

9. Zendo Photo

Many real estate photographers use a style that is true to life but somewhat underwhelming. Zendo Photo goes in the opposite direction, using colors and contrast that are rich and inviting, highlighting the beauty and potential of a new home. Lines and textures feature prominently in their work as well, guiding the eye across the frame and highlighting their professional attention to detail.

From downtown apartments to suburban homes, Zendo Photo is a creative partner of choice for photos with an instant appeal!

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