The 9 Best Real Estate Photographers in Vancouver

As one of Canada’s largest cities, Vancouver is the right place to be looking for quality real estate media partners. This city is also a major market and the constant competition means that only the best creatives in the world can thrive here. That’s why the best Vancouver real estate photographers just might be some of the best you’ll ever find, anywhere. Take a look through their work and see if you don’t agree with us!


Film, photography, social media marketing—there is no aspect of the world of real estate media that does not provide! In Vancouver, one of Canada’s hottest markets, it takes an agency with immense talent to help listings rise above the pack.

We especially love how they focus on the architectural elements of a home or space that make it so unique and worth appreciating. They also display how lines, contrast, and light move within the space to capture your attention and cultivate a mood. As a result, is a favored partner of organizations like the Canadian and Vancouver Homebuilder’s Associations, among others!

2. MaximusMedia

As one of the top Vancouver real estate photographers, telling the story of a home or commercial space is what MaximusMedia does best! Engaging viewers and turning a view into a potential sale requires an emotional connection that can only come through a narrative. And this they do well.

As experts in their niche, the photographers behind this brand are also fully equipped to offer comprehensive digital solutions to the real estate world. People have come to expect the ability to tour a space from every possible angle via a convenient screen. Therefore, MaximusMedia offers everything from photo and video to 3D virtual tours and virtual staging options.

3. Lucas Inacio

From documenting the progress of construction projects to highlighting the unique qualities of luxury homes in the area, Lucas Inacio finds deep inspiration in architectural lines and forms. And considering his background in art direction and marketing, his talents complement each other perfectly to help elevate and sell real estate listings in Vancouver.

What’s more, his client feedback is absolutely glowing! Here is what one partner had to say about their experiences with him: “We’ve hired Lucas a few times in the past months and he’s been absolutely great to work with. Knowledgeable, responsive, professional, and delivering above expectation despite our tight deadlines.”

4. Suzanne Rushton

Real estate/architecture, corporate, travel, and portraiture are the main niches of Suzanne Rushton. From capturing the energy of a room or person to highlighting the graceful lines within a high-rise office, she is a master of transmitting the emotional qualities of her subjects to viewers.

Small wonder major agencies like Concert Real Estate LTD and Pacific Cove Properties call on her when they are looking to show a property at its finest. There is also a distinctive love of color and contrast that comes through in her work as well that we love to see.


As one of the oldest Vancouver real estate photographers in the business, has come a long way! Founded in 2002, this brand was primarily a photo, website, and printing company. And over time their focus has shifted almost entirely to photography and videography in order to provide real estate media that helps listings sell faster.

We also think you’ll enjoy their subdued, realistic approach, which avoids unnaturally saturated colors or strong HDR. Instead, you are easily led into the frame through strong compositions that emphasize the interior design and architectural elements that make each space captivating and worthy of consideration!

6. Ishot

From 2D floor plans and 3D virtual tours to drone’s-eye views and interior images, there seems to be no aspect of the real estate world that Ishot does not offer. This team of Vancouver real estate photographers leverages their diverse skill sets, technological tools, and complementary talents to help listings thrive on the open market.

Best of all, Ishot also seeks to help elevate your listing and pave the way for future long-lasting partnerships by exceeding your expectations. In their words: “We thrive in building relationships and going above and beyond to satisfy our clients; it is our priority to provide the absolute best experience, service and results.”

7. Ivan Chan

Comprehensive real estate media is what Ivan Chan offers the Vancouver market. From construction and renovation firms to rental and real estate agencies, his partners love his style. In fact, they find that each image Ivan creates helps a listing stand out and attracts viewers to come to see it in person.

Ivan’s use of wide-angle perspectives also gives his images a depth that draws you in and allows you to fully appreciate the architectural elements that make them unique. And his preference for subdued and natural colors leaves you with a clear impression of what to expect in person!

8. Scott Edwards of White Wall Media

Whether you have a renovation in need of documenting or a space that’s ready to go to market, White Wall Media helps your listing shine bright. Scott Edwards is the Vancouver real estate photographer behind the brand and happens to also be an immensely talented wedding and portrait photographer.

His people experience is crucial since high-quality branding portraits are key to helping viewers engage with a home. By showcasing both you and your listing in the best possible fashion, Scott ensures viewers are already engaged and eager to explore before they ever meet you or your listing in person.

9. Colleen Burke

Colleen Burke, Vancouver real estate photographer, is last on our list but one of the best in the city! Her brand offers a clean and crisp perspective, paired with an eye for consistency of style and lighting. Some of the subgenres she works within include hospitality, cityscapes, industrial, and rental properties.

All of these genres also require a deep knowledge of what architectural elements best engage viewers. This makes Colleen a favorite of designers, builders, architects, and other detail-focused clients.

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