The 12 Best Editorial Photographers in Toronto

Have you ever found a striking photograph in a magazine that made you immediately stop what you’re doing? If the answer is affirmative, then the editorial photographer who took that image has done their job well. Editorial photography is much more than just capturing what’s aesthetically pleasing—look closely and you might just figure out the story being told by the picture itself. In fact, when words fail, photography prevails. And in Toronto, where content consumers are plenty, hiring a creative who can do justice to your editorial is essential. Check out several of the best Toronto editorial photographers working in the field today.

1. Joanna Wojewoda

A brief scroll through Joanna Wojewoda’s Instagram feed is like stepping into a metaverse of brilliance. Her captivating food photography has found its place in famous cookbooks, lifestyle magazines, and countless food articles.

Wojewoda enjoys experimenting with her macro lens and has an eye for overhead angles. In fact, she arguably clicks one of the most beautiful top-down shots. We also love how she uses white backdrops and muted accessories to let the subjects shine. With a clientele that includes Penguin Publishing, Pressed Mag, Everyday Eats, and DK Books, amongst others, Wojewoda can make any publication bookmark-worthy.

2. Ian Willms

Sensational. Riveting. Important. Authentic. Fearless. These are some adjectives that come to mind when observing Ian Willms’ diverse portfolio. With his photojournalistic approach, every news article becomes an important conversation, and every political piece makes way for varying opinions. Working with influential publications like National Geographic, The New York Times, The Guardian Weekly, as well as TIME, Willms has earned the right to be called an authentic storyteller.

A significant portion of his profile is dedicated to the true face of any protest—its people—in black-and-white shades to make the impact even stronger. With a body of work that is both captivating and moving, this is one of the most insightful Toronto editorial photographers who always hits the right note.

3. Stefanie Neves

For Stefanie Neves, professional portraits aren’t just perfectly clicked headshots. They are a medium to truly bring out the personality of her clients. From successful CEOs to accomplished women of color to hard-working nomads, Neves knows how to appropriately represent anyone she lays her lens on.

She prefers to take these portraits in gorgeous Toronto outdoors instead of cramped studios, a decision that is both rare and rewarding. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that big guns like Globe and Mail, University of Toronto, and Quill and Quire prefer to have Neves behind the lens for most of their publications. Redefining the way portraits are taken for print media, Neves is our pick when it comes to capturing people in their most authentic element.  

4. Robin Gartner

Be it shoots for fashion magazines or corporate websites, a single look at the work of Robin Gartner will tell you a lot about her subjects. Her portfolio comprises portraits covering various niches—business, event, fitness, and fashion portraits. A frequent user of props with personal value, she captures people in environments that define who they are.

With projects commissioned by the likes of Forbes, Toronto Star, The New York Post, and De Morgen, Gartner comes with a diverse and expansive body of work. Her ability to make her clients look stylish, candid, and confident—all at the same time—is what makes her one of the best Toronto editorial photographers out there.

5. Ogla Pavlova

Good portraits don’t just reflect the personality of the subjects. They also let the audience in and be a part of people’s stories, if only for a bit. Ogla Pavlova is here to tell all of those stories, and she compels her viewers to listen with intent.

Magazine covers, lifestyle articles, maternity columns, women’s issues—there is no platform where she hasn’t displayed her artistic chops. Published in IMIRAGE, Moevir Paris, and PUMP, Pavlova lets her subjects be themselves, resulting in work that is honest, intimate, and incredibly authentic. 

6. Michelle Gibson

Michelle Gibson is a jack of all trades, which is exemplified by her impressive work as an editorial photographer. Half of her profile has stunning shots of the Toronto beaches and cityscape, featured in countless travel and lifestyle magazines. The other half includes accomplished entrepreneurs and corporate professionals, looking sharp in business magazines and publications.

From Forbes to Canadian Living Magazine, New York Times to Poz Magazine, no matter the assignment, trust Gibson to always deliver!

7. Graydon Herriott

Graydon Herriott’s Instagram profile is a welcome explosion of saturation. He manages to blend all the colors perfectly in his spectacular product and food photography. Needless to say, his shots find their place in various reputed publications—Vogue, The Cut, NY Mag, and Food & Wine Magazine, to name a few.  

The moment we see his compositions, we are reminded of glossy, colorful magazine pages, filled with products we want to own, a lifestyle we all secretly desire. To get a clear picture of his undeniable artistry, head over to his website, which is a visual art gallery in its own right!

8. Corina Van Sluytman

Corina Van Sluytman dons many hats and does a spectacular job with each of them.  Whether it’s a wedding feature or a health magazine, a business publication, or fashion covers, she makes sure the photographs are as interesting as their accompanying editorial pieces.  

Sluytman’s previous work with magazines like First Lady Global Magazine, Paris with Love, or Nouveau Riche exhibits a rare combination of simple and sophisticated. If you are looking for a creative genius who will contribute immensely to your publication, look no further than this Toronto editorial photographer.

9. Hector Vasquez

Trust Hector Vasquez to make any food photograph feel like a cozy Sunday dinner. And when he is not capturing our favorite dishes, he can be seen clicking A-listers like Meryl Streep on the red carpet or covering significant political events. No wonder his client list is as diverse as his talents, with publications like Toronto Life, Foodism, blogTO benefitting from his flawless lensing.    

Vasquez doesn’t shy from experimenting. Whether it’s top-angle shots, loud colors, negative spacing, or out-of-focus subjects, the results are always rewarding. We highly recommend giving Vasquez a call for your next big (or small) project. 

10. Chris Young

It’s astonishing how much movement and storytelling is present in photographer Chris Young’s work. The anti-vaccine mandate protest, the back shot of Canadian businessman Doug Ford, the feature on homeless citizens, the vigil organized by the Islamic Society—are all significant people and places that Young has so deftly captured.  

With a broad spectrum of clients ranging from The Canadian Press and The New York Times, to Vogue Korea and UNHCR, Young has made sure his lens has shown what’s important, while also shining light on the ones who are often overlooked.  

11. Erin Leydon

In Erin Leydon’s own words, “I approach everything I shoot with the intention of telling a story with my own personal touch.” And her gorgeous photographs only further prove that. Her published work (a lot of it in analog!) is a mixed bag of event and interior photography, magazine shoots, and fashion portraiture. 

With a clientele that includes Toronto Life, Report on Business Magazine, and Weddingbells, Leydon’s work truly captures the essence of Toronto lifestyle.

12. Shlomi Amiga

There are two main reasons why we really admire Shlomi Amiga’s work. First, he is helping analog photography stay relevant at a time when most photographers have transitioned to digital. Second, he can effortlessly make any book cover, fashion piece, published publication incredibly fun and unique.   

Harper’s Bazaar, Huffington Post, and Toronto Star have all regularly published his diverse work, ranging from fashion photography to portraiture to lifestyle and health. By stripping away the excess and simply portraying what is there, Amiga captures his subjects in ways we don’t often get to see. 

Telling visual stories in Toronto!

Editorial photography comes with the responsibility of representing people, objects, or events in the most authentic way possible. These Toronto editorial photographers all strive to do that while staying true to their personal style and aesthetics. 

Fashion, food, lifestyle, events, politics—no matter the niche, every publication has more impact when accompanied with powerful visual imagery. And in a city like Toronto, where print and digital media is constantly evolving, choosing the right editorial photographer makes all the difference.

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