The 10 Best Lifestyle Photographers in Toronto

Looking for the best lifestyle photographers in Toronto to collaborate with? We understand! But first, what constitutes a lifestyle photographer? Between us, the answer to that could be many things. Lifestyle photography is unique in its own way. It’s a medium that isn’t confined to one subject or topic, but an endless array of niches appealing to everyone.

As the largest online marketplace for hourly creative venues, we at Peerspace understand the creative vision and work in close proximity with it daily. That’s why we created this list, to both amplify creative voices and to help others find their ideal photography partner. Where these Toronto lifestyle photographers differ in style, they’re all incredibly adept at their craft. As a result, each of them brings their own flavor to the city of Toronto. Whether they’re taking pictures of Toronto’s residents or street art, there’s something pretty magical about all of them. Let’s check them out!

1. Jessica Blaine Smith

One of our favorite Toronto lifestyle photographers, Jessica Blaine Smith’s work is just plain fun. Jessica documents real people in real situations, snapping pictures that show people as the real them. Having received a BFA from Ryerson University, she started her own photography business dedicated to the art.

Since then, she’s taken all kinds of pictures that fall under the lifestyle name which, to her, means capturing what’s true to life. And believe us, as a result, her pictures are honest, bold, and sentimental. So if that’s what you’re looking for, she is definitely you’re ideal Toronto photographer.

2. Maria Rose Mastrella of loversofliving

She might be a blogger, but is there anything more lifestyle than that? With her travel blog, loversofliving, Maria Rose Mastrella takes some fun, unique, and interesting lifestyle shots. Driven by adventure, Maria writes about all manners of the human experience. She also takes some stunning shots to go along with her words that give you an insight not only into her life, but Toronto and the places she goes. Check out her blog for more photography images and general lifestyle advice.

3. Audrey D. Cooper of Enfys Photography

As lead shutterbug and owner of Enfys Photography, Audrey D. Cooper documents day-to-day life. As well as shooting pictures of her own family, she does it for other Torontonians, too. With her clean, candid style, she tries to snap everything that catches her eye. Audrey’s portfolio reads almost like a journal, and you can tell it’s exactly what she loves to photograph, whether that’s portraits or wildlife or children.

4. Brett Ida Photography

Brett Ida is a commercial lifestyle photographer based in the GTA. He’s been shooting commercially since 2014, using that time to engage with other creatives to make work that matters. His images are vibrant and colorful, inviting and bold. Whether he’s on an athletic shoot or in the studio using his skills to take fashion to another level, Brett’s photos are so pleasing to the eye. Who knew it’d be a photographer who made us want to do sports?

5. Shane D’Souza Photography

Shane D’Souza initially picked up his camera as a form of therapy. Armed with a desire to create something important and a deep love of film, photography was a natural jump to make. His adoration for movies comes across in his work. The way he frames his photos is often like they’ve been taken on location with the colors following suit. They also have beautiful colorization which, whether done in post or not, pulls you right in. We especially love his stylish yet natural street lifestyle photography.

6. Angela Kievits Photography

Many of our top Toronto lifestyle photographers use natural light, but it’s Angela Kievits’s specialty. Angela lives in Newmarket, which is part of the greater Toronto area. Specializing in lifestyle, pet, and family photography, she wants to capture everyone’s special moments on camera before they pass. Like many other photographers, she never goes anywhere without her camera. And similarly, she refuses to let a moment pass her lens by. Angela has an inherent love of nature and animals that has inspired her work since her childhood in the Netherlands. And we love every bit of it!

7. Emma Pugsley of emproductions

It takes a talented photographer to shoot as beautifully on film as they do digital. Cinematographer Emma Pugsley excels in both mediums. Not only that, but she’s a dab hand with a disposable camera, too. As a visual storyteller, Emma is innovative and passionate about bringing a story to life through her lens. Whether she’s shooting portraits, editorials, or slices of various lives, it’s hard not to want to live inside her shots. If you’re looking for effortlessly glamorous shots of you being you, look up Emma now.

8. Lanna Mur

One of the rare common threads between these Toronto lifestyle photographers is capturing more than posed perfection. Lanna Mur is a portrait and lifestyle photographer in love with the in-between moments. Those slight glances in portrait sessions, the way shadows of hands create animals; all the moments we so often miss within them. Lanna’s pictures are effortlessly clean and expertly framed. Even in a shot of a sliced fig, she brings out a story. It’s a work of pure elegance and one we wouldn’t miss for a second.

9. Janis Lempera

Janis Lempera is a lifestyle photographer and documentarian who shoots clients across Toronto and Lake Simcoe. Her particular brand of lifestyle photography shines most brightly when it comes to families and newborns. With a talent for capturing real life, Janis’s portfolio is chock full of humanistic portraits.

These aren’t just any portraits, however. These are the ones that get to the essence of their subjects. From capturing kids at play to first and last moments, her photographs are warm and inviting. They also have a habit of tugging at the heartstrings.

10. Ranna Asha Photography

For Toronto-based lifestyle photographer Ranna Asha, photography is a connection. It’s connecting subjects to each other, to themselves, and the world around them. Raised in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ranna has called Toronto home for 20 years. Picking up photography from her father — who carried his camera everywhere — she considers her camera an extension of her eye. And no matter the angle from which she’s shooting or the moment she’s ready to capture, each shot is effortless proof photography is her calling, too.

Check out Ranna’s website for all the many, many glowing testimonials from her past clients. Here is just one example: “Thank you for capturing such fantastic photos of our family! Ranna was a complete pleasure to work with. Warm, authentic & friendly while still being prompt & efficient at answering my questions. Not only is she extremely talented but made my entire family (including my 2 years old toddler) feel at ease and very comfortable. I would highly recommend her photography and will absolutely be re-booking for future memories to be captured!”

Bonus: CopperRed Photography

If you’re looking for heartwarming, genuine images of you for your special moments, check out the work of CopperRed. Caroline is the lead artist behind the lens at this studio, and as a mom, she knows how crucial it is to capture weddings, family milestones, and other precious times as they happen. Her work is free of artifice and has a nostalgic quality about it. Look through her portfolio and just tell us you aren’t charmed!

Peerspace + Toronto lifestyle photographers = Class

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Whether you’re on the hunt for lifestyle photographers to hire or admire them, we hope you like this bunch as much as we do. There are so many different lifestyles in the world, but thankfully there are countless photographers out there to document every moment. With them, we’re able to explore other walks of life, cities, places, and vibes, and appreciate every single moment of it.

Once you find your perfect fit, come back to Peerspace to book a stunning photoshoot location in the GTA. We have hundreds of spaces available by the hour that show off your creative vision, whatever that may be!

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