Peerspace Fees Overview

Last Updated: November 8, 2022

The total price of a Booking depends on several factors and the specifics of your Event. This page explains how the price of your Booking is determined and the Fees you pay to Peerspace for using our Services. All Users acknowledge and agree that all payments shall be made in accordance with this Fees Overview. The total price for a Booking will be presented prior to your acceptance. Once accepted our Cancellation and Refund Policy applies. We, via our 3rd party payment partner, may authorize a hold for the total price amount to your credit card or other payment methods linked to your Account when you request a Booking. When a Booking is accepted by a Host or Vendor, we will charge your Account for the full total price. If you update a Booking, we may adjust the Host or Vendor Fees accordingly which may result in either additional amounts owed or a refund of amounts paid.

This Policy is a binding part of the Peerspace Services Agreement applicable to use of the Services and the Platform. Please read this Policy carefully. You may not use the Platform or Services if you do not agree to this Policy.

What Makes Up The Total Price?

Costs set by the Host:

  • Booking Price: The rate charged by the Host for use of the Space. This is usually based on an hourly rate.

  • Cleaning Fee: A one-time fee charged by some Hosts. May be charged at a fixed fee or included in the hourly Booking Price.

  • Host Add-Ons Fee: The fees charged by Hosts for providing additional services for an Event.

The Host is fully responsible for applying the correct indirect tax amounts to the Booking Price and Fees above. Peerspace does not collect tax on behalf of the Host, nor take any responsibility for how Hosts apply indirect tax as Peerspace does not invoice Fees on their behalf. Where applicable, the Host is required to input these Fees in the Platform with and without applied indirect tax to enable Peerspace to calculate the Peerspace Service Fees for the Guest and the Host. If Peerspace does not allow for the input of indirect taxes in your country, then you are required to account for any applicable taxes in your Booking Price.

Costs set by Vendors:

  • Vendor Costs: Where Vendor Services are made available, the amount a Vendor charges for services it provides. May be listed hourly, by service, or as a fixed amount depending on the service provided.

Costs set by Peerspace:

  • Concierge Service Fees: Where Concierge Services are made available, a one-time fee for using Peerspace’s Concierge Services.

  • Peerspace Service Fee: Fee paid to Peerspace for use of the Services and Platform and to ensure a high-quality experience for Hosts and Guests. Includes Guest Fees and Host Fees.

Other Costs:

  • Local Taxes: Any applicable taxes charged based on the location of the Space.

Could I Be Responsible For Additional Fees and Costs?

Guests may be charged for additional fees associated with their use of a Space or Various Services (“Additional Fees”). These may include:

  • Overtime Charge. Where you exceed the use limitations of a Space, additional fees will be based on the hourly rate for the Space, at one or one-and-one-half times the scheduled rate determined by the Host, and will be billed in 30-minute increments.

  • Over Capacity Fees. For over-intensive use of a Space (e.g., materially exceeding the agreed number of attendees in violation of a Supplemental Booking Agreement), in our sole discretion we may impose an additional use charge.

  • Damages and other Costs. While we try to avoid these situations, occasionally the terms or expectations of a Booking are not met and additional costs may be owed by a user. This may include damage to or misuse of a Space (or the personal property therein), inappropriate use of Vendor Services, excess garbage left at a Space that would require use of a hauling service, violations of the Booking Agreement or the Community Guidelines, insufficient funds or unauthorized use of a payment account, or other claims. Where any additional fees, fines or other charges are owed by you, you agree that we may, via our 3rd party payment partner, immediately charge any payment method linked to your Account.

We may bill any Additional Fees when notified that the agreed-upon time for use was exceeded and may charge any payment method tied to the Guest’s Account. Any disputes relating to Additional Fees are subject to the dispute resolution process identified in the Peerspace Service Agreement.

How Does Peerspace Calculate its Service Fees?

Guest Fees

Peerspace charges guests a processing fee (“Guest Fee”) to help cover the costs of running our business, including completing your transaction and providing support for your booking and all services added. The guest processing fee is a percentage of the booking subtotal (including cleaning fees) and is added to all transactions. It is calculated based on multiple factors, including the subtotal price of the booking and other booking characteristics. Generally, the higher the subtotal, the lower the fee. Guests always see the exact amount of the fee during the booking process. 

Host Fees

We charge Hosts a service fee (“Host Fee”), which is retained by Peerspace from a Host’s payout. The Host Fee is based on the Booking subtotal (payment for the Booking Price, including any required Host Services, Cleaning Fees, and Additional Fees, if applicable) and is retained at the time a Host’s payout is initiated. Hosts will be made aware of the exact amount of the fee during the booking process.

Peerspace will normally initiate payouts to Hosts within 3 to 7 days after a Booking is completed and payouts to Vendors will depend on the Vendor Service provided and agreed terms. We may withhold a payout if a dispute is initiated between a Guest and a Host or Vendor, or as otherwise permitted by the Services Agreement. Payouts of Additional Fees for overtime or damages, or resulting from a dispute will be paid within a reasonable time after settlement of a dispute. Timing of a payout may also be modified where the Booking is updated, rescheduled, or canceled.

Vendor Fees

Peerspace charges a fee to Vendors (“Vendor Fee”) to Vendors whose services are utilized by Guests through the Platform. Vendors will be notified of the exact amount of the fee we charge in a separate agreement that defines the relationship between Peerspace and each Vendor. Vendor Services may not be available in your location. 

Concierge Services Fees

You may elect to use Concierge Services to assist you with Booking a Space or Vendor Services as a Guest, or Listing a Space as Host. Concierge Services depend on your unique needs and may include identifying specific Vendors (such as catering or furniture rental), scouting Spaces for your specific needs, or assistance in event planning. Fees for Concierge Services are in addition to the Fees for the Space or Vendor Services and are charged at the time they are confirmed, or are set at a fixed price when explicitly stated (such as Concierge Services for Listing a Space as a Host). The specific Fees for Concierge Services will be presented before you confirm a Booking. Concierge Services may not be available in your location. 


All Fees are subject to our Cancellation and Refund Policy.