Host Referral Terms

Last updated: Mar 8, 2018

The Peerspace Host Referral Program gives existing Peerspace hosts (“referring host”) the opportunity to earn rewards by referring new hosts (“new referred host”) to Peerspace.

1. Who can participate

To qualify to receive rewards, a referring host must have:

  • Signed up with Peerspace
  • Kept their account in good standing
  • Agreed to and followed the Peerspace Service Agreement
  • Agreed to and followed the Peerspace Referral Terms outlined here

2. How to earn rewards

Referring hosts can earn rewards if the new referred host:

  • Clicks the referring host’s link to sign up
  • Agrees to the Peerspace Service Agreement
  • Completes a qualifying booking
  • Has not signed up with Peerspace before or submitted listings

If a new referred host clicks multiple referral links, the last referral link that the new referred host clicked before signing up will receive credit.

3. Qualifying booking

Referring hosts will receive a reward for qualifying bookings where:

  • The new referred host accepts the booking within their first 90 days after their first listing is set live by the Peerspace team
  • The booking is not cancelled
  • The booking is not with the referring host
  • The new referred host is not booking themselves on the same or an additional account

4. Collecting rewards

For qualifying bookings, the referring host will receive the reward in effect at the time that the new referred host signs up with the referring host’s link.

Rewards will be paid in dollars (USD) and calculated as:

  • 5% of the new referred host’s space subtotal after any discounts provided by the host (such as an 8+ hour discount)
  • Space subtotal does not include additional charges, including but not limited to cleaning fees, catering, furniture rental, overtime, sales tax, or gratuity.

Rewards will be transferred to the referring host three days after a qualifying booking ends to the bank account on-file with Peerspace.

  • If Peerspace cannot complete the reward transfer—for instance, if the bank account on-file is invalid or additional identity information is required to make the transfer—the balance of the reward may be held until the additional information is provided.

The referring host will be responsible for any taxes that result from a reward.

Host referral links are intended to be shared between friends. Publishing the link, such as through mass emails or spam, advertising, forums, or coupon sites, may result in disqualification from the Host Referral Program.

6. Termination & Changes

Peerspace may terminate or change the Host Referral Program at any time and for any reason.

Peerspace may suspend individual referring hosts from the program at any time for suspected abuse, fraud, or violation of the Peerspace Service Agreement. Peerspace may investigate referrals for any reason and modify rewards at Peerspace’s sole discretion as is fair and appropriate.

7. Updating the terms

Peerspace may update the terms of this program, including the bonus amount or qualifying activities, at any time without prior notice. The changes will be posted to and will be effective at the time of posting. Continuing to participate in the Host Referral Program will constitute consent to the program.

This program and your use of Peerspace is subject to the Peerspace Services Agreement.