11 Best Atlanta Family Photographers

Atlanta is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the United States, and it’s home to a lot of families. Fortunately, many photographers specialize in family photoshoots, as they understand the importance of family portraits in terms of a generation’s legacy. Our lives move quickly, and taking a moment to pause and live in the moment is invaluable. The top Atlanta family photographers offer their clients the opportunity to become fully immersed in the moment. Without further ado, check out some of the most talented family photographers in the South.

1. Ashley Faith


With an eye for detail and an understanding of what makes a moment meaningful, Ashley Faith makes stunning photos of families in beautiful natural light. Her work is structured just enough to make sure your family looks extraordinary, but allows plenty of breathing room for authentic expression of emotion. Children and pets are equally at ease during her photoshoots, making Ashley a great choice when it comes to Atlanta family photographers.

2. Asterisk Photography


Angelina and Anntonette, the team behind Asterisk Photography, approach photography with the goal of freezing a split second in time. Their work is about making memories as much as it is centered on portraying families in the best light. Lifestyle family photography tends to be less structured than traditional shoots, and it takes a special talent, such as Asterisk Photography, to do it well.

3. Claire Elise

Claire Elise’s work focuses on younger families, and her work is well balanced between posed portraits and spontaneous candids. With bachelor’s degree in fine art, Claire has had training to make consistently eye-catching images of families. She’s mastered the use of natural light in images, and her photography does more than simply present families — it tells their stories.

4. Deborah Browne

Deborah brings a passionate and engaging approach to her family photography. She understands the importance of making images that are all about memory. Her natural light portraits are often marked by laughing children and tender moments that will look great online or as large format prints. It’s evident from her images that families have a lot of fun during her photoshoots.

5. Esther Ayers

Esther Ayers has mastered the art of creating a relaxed environment for her photoshoots, so her families and children can have fun. Every family is unique, and clients claim Esther is able to find the best approach to suit any need or style. By focusing on natural moments, Esther’s work features families that appear genuinely happy without ever coming across as stiff or insincere.

6. Jennifer McCarren

Inspired to take up family photography by her own children and husband, Jennifer McCarren shoots in natural light for consistently great images. With her own home filled with photography, Jennifer understands the importance that images of our families play in our daily lives. Featured in several magazines, her work is characterized by gentle light and soft focus that exhibits the natural beauty of her subjects. If you’re looking for Atlanta family photographers that can capture fleeting moments, Jennifer is a great option.

7. Leslie Walker

A lifelong photographer working professionally since 2008, Leslie Walker is drawn to the vocation of documenting the lives of others. She’s especially focused on recording the early moments of family — such as when you bring your newborn home. Her images are filled with as much life and color as they are with the joy of young families.

8. Mandi Mitchell

An Atlanta native, Mandi Mitchell is a passionate photographer. Her family photography is a mix of classical portrait styling and candid moments, so you get the best of both worlds in your final images. Working in beautiful outdoor environments and colorful urban settings, Mandi can easily fit your family’s aesthetic and sense of fun. Her detail-oriented approach results in photos that tell a story and show your family at their best.

9. Melissa Prosser

Passion for the work matters in family photography, and Melissa Prosser’s love of photography is clearly represented in her portfolio. Her work puts an energetic spin on classic natural light portraiture, and her subjects are frequently posed in unexpected — but still natural — ways. It’s easy to see that the families she works with have a great time during their photoshoots, and each shoot is uniquely tailored to a family’s tastes and needs.

10. Poppy La’Rue

The work done by Chelsea of Poppy La’Rue Photography is noteworthy due to her frequent use of bold colors in an industry that often champions subdued palettes. Chelsea’s work is bright and saturated, making full use of the natural landscape during the changing seasons or a sunset’s vibrant colors. She focuses on capturing real moments — all of her images feel authentic. Best of all, her photoshoots are a lot of fun, making her a great choice among Atlanta family photographers.

11. Lesley Cortright

Lesley Cortright, the creative vision behind Sweet Peas and Sprouts Photography, is first and foremost a true professional. A member of the National Association of Professional Child Photographers, as well as the Professional Photographers Association, Lesley can handle any family situation. She’s sure to produce great images in gorgeous outdoor settings. The care she takes to capture families at their best is evident in her portfolio, and she’s always pushing herself to raise the bar for the industry as a whole.

It’s sometimes a challenge to recognize “the good old days” when you’re living them. Perhaps it would be wise to assume that you’re always in them, so you can treasure every moment of your life, especially when you’re with family and friends. Document good times with any of these incredible Atlanta family photographers — you’ll be glad you did.

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