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The 9 Best Atlanta Food Photographers

Atlanta food photographers know how to beat the Southern heat! These talented creatives all have their own unique way of showcasing the charming elegance of Southern cuisine –– with humidity in check! So, take your horse down to Old Town Road and don’t forget to stop in for some tasty local treats along the way. These top Atlanta food photographers should make it easy to find exactly what you’ve been hankering for.

1. Kathryn McCrary

Kathryn McCrary’s natural lifestyle approach to food photography gives her photos a relaxed and personal appeal. Her light and airy editorials portray food in a manner that draws the viewer into the experience –– with relatable table settings and human elements. Her use of overhead shots further highlights the inclusion of hands and utensils. Using a mix of warm earth tones and cool whites, McCrary is able to achieve a look that is elegant yet unassuming.

Her exceptional work is based on storytelling, a love for light, composition, and color –– and her photography has appeared in Atlanta Magazine, Garden & Gun magazine, and Bon Appétit. She has also worked with Chick-fil-A, Mellow Mushroom, and Thrive Farmers Coffee — of which you’ll need a robust cup to get through McCrary’s extensive portfolio of beautiful images.

2. Kimberly Murray

Kimberly Murray’s background as a product stylist adds to her ability to create crisp, eye-catching images. Always up for a challenge, Murray continuously strives to improve her skills with new lenses and techniques. Her macro photography brings out the various textures of each ingredient and gives the viewer a sense of the weight and mouthfeel of the dishes she shoots.

Murray is deeply connected to food and the bond it can create; she often chooses to whip up dishes that inspire her in the kitchen and behind the lens. Her positive and reassuring attitude is apparent not only in her striking imagery, but also in her generous tips and advice that she gives to her fellow photographers.

3. Elena Veselova

As a food stylist, Elena Veselova has firsthand knowledge of what it takes to construct mouthwatering photographs. Her bright and cheery portfolio is a mix of impeccably styled aerial shots, 45-degree angles, and food lays. Her use of carefully scattered accent ingredients balances out her immaculate plating, adding a feeling of comfort and warmth to her expertly composed images.

Soft backgrounds and bright whites give her visually full compositions a clean and professional look. When she’s not shooting, Veselova puts her skills to use as a social media content creator and recipe developer.

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4. William Twitty Photography

William Twitty uses his degree in commercial and portrait photography, along with his experience as a native Georgian, to craft simple yet compelling photos. As a destination photographer, Twitty is able to project his unique perspective onto his work involving classic Southern cuisine –– making each dish feel like a fun adventure.

His use of smooth bokeh, uncluttered compositions, and soft natural light all work to showcase the comforting flavors of Atlanta’s best restaurants. This fun-loving photographer has been featured in Southern Seasons magazine and Atlanta Magazine, as well as the book Tony Conway: Legendary Events. Sounds pretty legendary to us!

5. Kate Blohm

Kate Blohm’s passion for food and photography culminates in her outstanding work with PeachDish –– a meal-kit company focused on sustainable sourcing. Her sunny and polished images give the viewer a glimpse into the company’s vision of supplying healthful, nourishing food in season.

Using bright natural light, diffused studio lighting, and thoughtfully balanced compositions, Blohm is able to create craveable photographs that would make any fast-food junkie think twice. Her stunning images have made her one of the most sought-after Atlanta food photographers.

6. Sarah Newman

Sarah Newman isn’t just a sushi-loving coffee fanatic with an adorable Boston terrier –– she’s also a great photographer. Her work with food encapsulates the dining experience through careful attention to natural shadowing and tones.

Her use of bold, black backgrounds gives her images modern and stark contrast, while her inclusion of cozy table settings with soft vignettes brings out the hearty flavors and textures of the food she is working with. When she’s not working with local restaurants and chefs, Newman takes her creative eye — and camera — with her on her travels across the country and abroad.

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7. Sara Hanna

As one of the most in-demand Atlanta food photographers, Sara Hanna puts her experience in radio sales and passion for continuously honing her craft to good use. Her bright and playful product photography showcases the unique characteristics of individual ingredients with casual styling and bright, diffused light. Her eye-pleasing images are well-balanced and make use of ample negative space and symmetry.

In addition, her work is regularly featured in Simply Buckhead magazine and has appeared in Tony Conway Legendary Events coffee table book. Most importantly, Hanna’s stunning photography makes it possible for her to continue working with her favorite charities, including the Georgia Breast Cancer Coalition.

8. Hannah Lozano

Hannah Lozano’s passion for helping fellow creatives and small businesses tell their story has fueled her drive to create timeless, high-quality imagery. Lozano believes in photos that give the viewer insight into the processes and people behind great brands.

Her full and vivid images combine soft lighting, low apertures, and strong compositions. Whether it’s a Valentine’s Day brunch or a simple shot of cookies, Lozano crafts striking photos that make each culinary experience feel like a feast.

9. Wendell Weithers

With a background in writing and a fixation on the latest in photography tech, Wendell Weithers is quickly becoming one of the best Atlanta food photographers. His approach to photography is as focused on human interaction as it is on food.

His dreamy and elegant photos highlight the luxurious elements of fine desserts –– from crisp shots that capture a dusting of edible gold to tightly framed closeups that bring out intricate fondant details. When he’s not shooting, Weithers spends his time writing about the inspiring people he meets along his photographic journey.

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