The 10 Best Boudoir Photographers in Albuquerque

Interested in a boudoir photoshoot? Boudoir is a genre that can be intimidating at first, but with the right Albuquerque boudoir photographer, you’ll quickly find yourself in love with both the results and yourself! The empowerment that comes from the experience can be a life-changing one. So why not take a chance and treat yourself or someone close to you to some intimate, sexy self-portraits?

1. Shot by Delina

Shot by Delina is an Albuquerque boudoir studio aiming to help women rediscover confidence and self-love through this challenging yet thrilling opportunity. Delina works in the studio and on location, including at the pool, the desert, and wherever else best suits the mood for a particular collaboration. As a result, her work carries strong lifestyle elements that add more than simply sexiness to the scene! Her work with models of all body shapes and sizes enhances our view that boudoir really is for everyone, regardless of how uncertain you are about your first shoot. Delina’s boudoir work is about celebrating yourself as you are rather than who you wish you were.

2. Ariana Munoz

While it’s Ariana Munoz‘s boudoir work that caught our attention, you will also love her couples, family, portrait, maternity, and engagement images! All of her photographs focus on intimacy, connections, and love that’s hard to resist. We also enjoy the more naturalistic contrast and color grading, with a slightly warm shift that gives Ariana’s photography a classic, nostalgic quality.

3. Lacey Sexson

Given her focus on women and empowering, confidence-inspiring images, the boudoir genre is a natural fit for Lacey Sexson. Motherhood, maternity, birth, boudoir, and classic portraiture are where her portfolio takes us. Here, we get to appreciate women in all their grace, poise, and power, with boudoir themes ranging from classic and sensual to maternity boudoir and other subgenres that explore how femininity and sensuality contrast and blend. Lacey has a twin emphasis on radiant highlights and deep shadow, which is intriguing since most Albuquerque boudoir photographers focus on one or the other! 

4. Keith Green

Are you a potential boudoir client looking for a photoshoot with a strong theme to it? The work of Keith Green might be precisely what you’re looking for then. His models often take enticing poses alongside motorcycles, modeling couches, hotel rooms, and other spaces that add a lifestyle narrative or other theme to the mix! Keith also favors deep shadows and well-recovered highlights, both of which flatter curves and the tonality of bare skin in enticing ways.

5. Sheer Desire Studios

One aspect of the work of Sheer Desire Studios that really excites us is the way she strays away from bold, occasionally distracting color. Instead, she favors a subdued tonality of soft contrast monochrome and desaturated tones that is a nice balance to the abundant natural light that highlights her models. The intimate working distances and poses on display nicely complement the outfits, furniture, and other props to complete the sensual story. Sheer Desire Studios also works with male clients, ensuring everyone, regardless of sex, can see themselves in the best possible light!

6. Jennifer Chavez

Moody shadows, dim ambient light, and warm tonalities are the specialty of Jennifer Chavez, an Albuquerque boudoir photographer whose work is the very essence of the genre. And of all the boudoir photographers here, the way she features skin tonality is something to behold. Jennifer uses expertly controlled lighting and gentle retouching that makes softness as much a visual quality as it is one of touch. And her carefully chosen settings, including rugs, carpets, candles, and beds, create a backdrop adding to the sensuality and intimacy her models exemplify.

7. Celebrate Your Sexy

Celebrate Your Sexy is an Albuquerque boudoir photography studio and operates in 40 locations across the country, including Phoenix, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC! Their photographers include members of the PPA (Professional Photographers of America) and WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photographers International). As such, their style has tremendous variety and includes shots taken from working distances ranging from up close and personal to more expansive environmental portrait views. We notice that Celebrate Your Sexy has a consistent love of rich color and contrast that heightens the tension between deep shadow and well-exposed skin and clothing.

8. Moon & Midnight Boudoir

Where other photographers go light, Moon & Midnight Boudoir goes dark. Photographer Caroline Mendoza prefers neutral to deep shadows, framing her subjects in a moody ambiance that suggests intimate meetings in rooms with just a hint of natural window light. However, she maintains her favored style even in outdoor settings like forested ponds and backyards. Caroline pays much closer attention to her surroundings as a result, preferring locations that add to the scene at hand and give a lifestyle element to her images.

9. Falling Star Boudoir

The working ethos of Falling Star Boudoir best exemplifies what boudoir is all about to us! In her own words: “I often hear from the women who grace my studio that they have never liked a photo of themselves. Their boudoir session was the first time they walked away from experience loving their portraits, and in return, loving themselves a little bit more.” Falling Star knows that boudoir is as much a gift to you as it is to viewers or lovers. And judging by the confidence, excitement, and other expressions on full display, their clients reap the benefits of this approach with each session. We also enjoy seeing the dual embrace of shadows and highlights as ways to add mood to a particular boudoir session in her work.

10. Simply Eve Boudoir

Evangaline of Simply Eve Boudoir sees her work as a way of telling your story through a lens of intimacy, sensuality, and self-empowerment. Helping women love their bodies and fight through the unrealistic messages our society transmits is a labor of love and a testament to the healing power of boudoir. That’s why Evangaline favors close working distances and confidence-inspiring poses in her subjects. Her work typically takes place in her indoor boudoir studio, where her team of stylists and makeup artists help you find the highest expression of yourselves for the day!

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