The 10 Best Boudoir Photographers in Boise

Boudoir photography often encompasses different genres. But at its core, it is portraiture — the kind that may be the most challenging to do well. Luckily, there are some truly wonderful Boise boudoir photographers out there, and these are the best of the best. Whether you want authentic portraits or to be made pin-up glamourous, there is someone for you here. 

1. Makayla Madden

A well-loved local portrait photographer, Makayla Madden brings her lifestyle vibe into her boudoir work. She makes each portrait a genuine representation of her subjects. Finding the beauty in every person she photographs, Makayla works with them to create magic both during the session and as a result. Her photographs feel like she just happened to catch you on your sexiest day — naturally red hot. But she also uses subtle effects like shadows (and occasionally smoke and props) to increase the mood of her portraits. As a bonus, if you are looking for a couple’s boudoir shoot to capture the authenticity of your bond with your significant other, she works magic there too. 

2. Carrie Hampton

Carrie Hampton does something truly unique in the Boise area—pinup and rockabilly styled boudoir shoots. These sessions include full hair and makeup styling, a huge client closet to choose your outfit from, and an especially chosen location/set/props based on the vibe you are going for. Her work is magazine quality, as proven by her publishing credits, and just cool. If you’ve ever dreamed of being a pin-up girl, here’s your chance, although her rocking artistry is not just for women—she works with couples as well. If you want to be pampered and have stunning art-quality prints of your boudoir shoot, definitely take a peek at Carrie’s work. 

3. Mossy Lane Boudoir Photography

For some, boudoir is all about embracing their vulnerability, facing fears, and learning to love themselves just a little bit more. And if that describes you, the team at Mossy Lane might be your dream team. Serving all of Southern Idaho from their luxuriously appointed Boise studio and being open to outdoor adventures, the team here is all about empowering their clients throughout every stage of life. They are body positive, meaning that you will see photos of real people in their portfolio, not just models. They are Boise boudoir photographers who prove that every single body is beautiful. 

4. Happy Hour Beauty & Boudoir by Carly Moon Images

A lifetime love of photography and portrait work has turned Carly into one of the best Boise boudoir photographers. Her tastefully furnished studio is where clients can play and be their sexiest selves. An addition of textural fabrics and high-end settees make for a sensual experience. As a bonus, she’s an adventurer, so if you want to really step out of your comfort zone or into it, as the case may be, she is more than willing to take her talents outside and capture some epic images.

5. Sydne and Joel Photography

Boise boudoir photographers Sydne and Joel are a cut above. The talented Sydne has her own romantic and bright style, with just the right amount of color. Often working with her husband Joel on weddings and lifestyle shoots has given her a keen eye for spontaneity and unforgettable moments, and she will bring this same eye into your boudoir shoot. Their bombshell experience includes hair and makeup and time spent in a glowing, natural light studio, so you will have the perfect setting to express yourself. 

6. Cherise White of White Fox Photo

Cherise White is a gifted portrait artist—creating timeless images with each shutter click. Her boudoir work is perfect for those who want to feel sexy while still leaving something to the imagination or those who have a sexy outfit that they want to be captured—think tasteful editorial, classy, not trashy. We love how she brings out her subject’s sexiness without being overt. It’s a delicate balance and one she does well as a Boise boudoir photographer. 

7. Intimate by Thistle & Pine

Macarah creates truly intimate portraiture. Her photos focus not just on sexiness, they focus on the vulnerability, on the realness of her subjects, and for that, they are endlessly beautiful. Her boudoir style is more about loving yourself exactly as you are than airbrushing any of your perceived flaws away, for an entirely different experience. An empowering afternoon focused on your true beauty. Intimate portraits don’t get much better than that. 

8. Emerald Boudoir

Boise boudoir photographer Miranda has a dark and moody style that is perfect for embracing your inner sex kitten. It is also perfect for converting into black and white for timelessly gorgeous images. Believing all of her clients are beautiful (we agree), she helps each woman in front of her camera see the amazing sides of themselves. If you want to explore different sides of your beauty, give her work a look. 

9. Boudoir Defined Photography

Cyndee Wanyonyi cares about her clients. She works closely with them to design their ideal shoot and then creating a comfortable atmosphere for an experience they won’t soon forget. Her focus is on self-confidence, so she gently guides her subjects into flattering poses that will work for them and highlight their bodies. If you’re hesitant about trying boudoir, let Cyndee’s expertise lead the way for eye-popping beautiful results. 

10. Blushing Fox Boudoir

This Boise boudoir photographer best friend duo is all about making you feel like a goddess in your skin and making you feel your flat-out sexiest while remaining true to your style and spirit. Their enthusiasm for building women up is evident in their work—each woman looks stunning. They serve the entire Treasure Valley with their bright, airy style and inclusive mindset. So if you’re based anywhere in the area and want to try boudoir, give them a look. 

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