The 11 Best Boudoir Photographers in Grand Rapids (2024)


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Hoping to create some photoshoot magic with one of the best Grand Rapids boudoir photographers? Then you’ve come to the right place! At Peerspace, we’re all about helping connect you with amazing spaces to bring your creative endeavors to life. And yes, that includes plenty of boudoir-worthy photoshoot locations in Grand Rapids!

We also love shining a light on the most talented creatives across the county. We were totally impressed and delighted by the photographers we encountered in this beautiful city!

There are quite a few Grand Rapids boudoir photographers out there, but these are the creme de la creme. Whether you are looking for a full-on glamour shoot or an intimate portrait session, there’s someone to match your style on the following list. 

1. Show off your natural beauty when you book Mod Bettie

The “Squad Bettie,” led by Elise Kutt, is composed of outstanding photographers, make-up artists, and hairstylists. They are a completely inclusive studio with the mission of making everyone in front of the camera feel sexy.

Elise is a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and has years of experience in advertising and catalog shoots. If you want a photographer who knows how to pose the human body, this is the studio for you. Throw in their enthusiasm, their body positivity, and their extensive, glamorous client closet, and you have one of the best Grand Rapids boudoir photographers around! 

2. Enjoy boho-inspired fine-art portraits care of Cecilia Proskauer 

Cecilia Proskauer is an intimate portrait photographer—creating true impressions of her subjects in an honest and vulnerable way. Her style is a little boho, letting your natural beauty shine through, with warm overlays. It adds up to a modern vintage feel and completely unstructured—comfortable, familiar, and without pretense. As an artist, she invites you to be yourself, create magic in the space between you, and give you the freedom to express yourself—perfect for boudoir portraits that reflect all facets of your personality. 

3. Play bombshell for the day (or longer!) when you work with Trish Hadley

With happy clients across the state of Michigan, Trish Hadley stands out as much for her portfolio as she makes the effort she puts into making your session a positive, body-affirming experience. Starting with professional hair and makeup, your session with her is about putting your best face forward and (re)discovering your sensual side.

Her studio is outfitted with vintage velvet furniture, soft, fuzzy rugs, and of course, gorgeous light. Working mainly with natural light allows her to highlight the body’s shape and create a sense of mystery with shadowing. But Trish also utilizes neon lighting to create bombshell effects with her clients. She is a posing master, so she will always guide you to the most flattering and elegant poses for your body. Throughout the experience, Trish makes her mark as one of the best boudoir photographers in the region. 

Scroll through our neon photoshoot ideas for more inspiration for creating a dazzling, all-you type of boudoir sesh!

4. Opt for moody and sensual images when you hire Courtney Kay Photography

As a dedicated portrait artist, Courtney knows how to make her subjects feel comfortable in front of the lens—an essential for the art of boudoir photography. Another essential is knowing light and how to use it to flatter subjects, and Courtney knows light. Her style can best be summed up by the words moody and sensual—using dark shadows to enhance the drape of fabrics and glowing light to highlight curves creates a feeling as much as it does an image. 

5. Let your personality and beauty shine brightly with K Suzanne Photography

Kellie Britton is your ideal Grand Rapids boudoir photographers if you have a free-spirited side. Her work is filled with love and romance, created in a homey studio filled with plants, where you’re free to be yourself. While she does have a cohesive editing style—a bit dark, with good contrast and deep shadows—you can see the personalities of her subjects shine through. 

6. Create magic while celebrating you when you work with Head to Curve

We love Grand Rapids boudoir photographer Keara for both her philosophy and her photos. Believing that everyone deserves to feel amazing in their skin, she creates a space where that is possible. Her clients become co-creators of something magic, where people are free to be seen exactly as they are, and everyone is accepted celebrated. If you’re intrigued by the thought of boudoir but think, “I don’t look like a model, I am too (insert limiting belief here),” Keara is here to prove that you are absolutely gorgeous.

7. Get what your heart desires when you book Michelle Burroughs

Blending authenticity with flat-out glamour, Grand Rapids boudoir photographer Michelle Burroughs helps women find who they really are through her lens. Her shoots include hair and makeup styling for glamour, and then her expert posing and gentle guidance helps you find a space where you feel your sexiest.

Michelle’s shoots are custom created for her clients, with a consultation that uncovers your reasons for wanting to do a boudoir shoot in the first place. That way, she can specifically tailor your session, so you get what you want from it. 

8. Embrace the erotic possibilities when you work with Boudoir X Alyssa

Like many people, Alyssa Abdullah knows what it means to struggle with body image, and she found her calling is to help people overcome that struggle through photography. She wants to empower women to be more comfortable in their skin and give them beautiful mementos along the way. Her style is erotic—with plenty of moody lighting and a few R-rated poses for extra steaminess. She also works with couples, so if you are looking for someone to capture your bond in a whole new way, give Alyssa a look. 

Speaking of couples, these creative couples boudoir photoshoot ideas will have you posing with your partner in a whole new way!

9. Express yourself with stunning results from 3 Months Sun Photography

Sarah specializes in lighting, and her fluidity with natural, outdoor lighting and strobe lighting gives her photos an edge. Her mastery of the art of light means that not only can she identify good light, but she can also create her own, so there is no such thing as bad lighting. It also means that she can create effects that photographers who work solely in natural light cannot and create centerfold style shoots.

Sarah’s photo sessions are an opportunity to express yourself creatively, so feel free to bring any ideas you may have for an incredible collaboration. 

10. Play pin-up for a day when you work with Bold Boudoir

If you want a glamourous, centerfold style shoot, Chris has you covered. His hair and makeup team glam you up, and his easy-going style ensures you have a stress-free experience so you can feel free to be yourself—plus, his technical expertise ensures that the finished product is on point. Working in various settings, including studio and outdoors, his work is the kind of polished art suitable as a gift for a significant other or simply as a gift to yourself. 

11. Luxury In Lace

Brittany is the kind of boudoir photographer who likes her clients to feel comfortable, so if you’re afraid of the idea of boudoir, she’s perfect for you, you can choose what makes you feel good, and if it’s a t-shirt she will make you feel like a goddess. She also works outdoors if you’re feeling adventurous and works with men looking for dudoir. We love her flexibility and the sense of play in her photos. 

Grand Rapids boudoir photographers: conclusion

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How amazing are these Grand Rapids boudoir photographers? If you like what you see (and really, how could you not?!) book your favorite and start a dialogue about what you want from your shoot. And of course, come back here to Peerspace to book a sensational boudoir shoot location that suits your style. See you soon!

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