The 8 Best Boudoir Photographers in Oklahoma City

On the lookout for the best Oklahoma City boudoir photographers? we get it. Everyone needs photos of themselves in which they look unbelievably hot. But let’s be honest, mirror selfies don’t pass muster! And that’s where boudoir photography comes in. You get professional photos of yourself looking amazing. And what could be better than that? Some offer a full-service experience, including hair and makeup, while some prefer to capture authentic moments. But all are wonderful artists.

At Peerspace, we make it our business to connect creatives with incredible spaces. We’re the largest online marketplace for hourly venture rentals, with countless spaces in Oklahoma City and beyond. Check out this list of our favorite OKC boudoir photographers and then book a Peerspace to bring your dream shoot to life!

If you want to work with an Oklahoma City boudoir photographer who knows how to showcase your best sides and find all the angles that work for your body, any of the following will impress you. They sure impressed us!

1. Intimate Lens Studio

We love Ore Adesina’s work. It comprises intimate lifestyle portraits of both couples and individuals. Specializing in telling love stories, her portfolio is a visual poem to people in love with each other and themselves. Her work has a sensitivity to it since she really looks beyond the surface and captures the real soul of her subjects. In fact, that is what makes it oh-so-beautiful.

Ore’s is an accepting, non-discriminating eye, so feel free to bring the full beauty of yourself to your session with her. With the rare genderless studio, she allows humans of all gender identities to have sweet, sensual images of themselves and, if they so choose, their partners.

Her slightly moody, sensual portraits wowed us. If you want to capture the connection you have with your significant other and yourself and celebrate your love, choose Ore. 

2. Boudoir by Sarah

Serving all of Western Oklahoma, boudoir photography educator Sarah has a portfolio that is the very definition of the word erotic. Her style is dark and sexy — heavy shadows, rim lighting to define the body’s curves, and warm tones all combine for an eye-popping portfolio.

If you want to fully explore your carnal side alone or with a partner, she is one of the best options there is. In her studio, you are free to play, to explore the concept of self-love, to transform into the sexiest version of yourself. You don’t have to take our word for it; check her out and see her highly-charged images for yourself!

Once you do, consider booking this mid-century modern masterpiece home in Meridian Hills-Manor to complement Sarah’s style. It boasts contemporary and chic bedrooms that can serve as the perfect boudoir setting. And let’s not forget the floor-to-ceiling windows in the living room that can surround you with ethereal light and the quirky treehouse in the yard for fun exploration!

3. AJ Stegall

Many boudoir sessions are all about empowering women, which is wonderful. But if we’re honest, there aren’t too many fully inclusive studios — the kind where your gender expression is not a limit. Enter Oklahoma City boudoir photographer, lifestyle photographer, and celebrator of humans, AJ Stegall.

As your hype man, he creates intimate portraits of ALL kinds of people, and the result is breathtaking. If you want a creative, authentic experience, look no further. Even if you don’t want to bear all for the camera, take a look at his wedding and portrait work. With his minimalist, journalistic style, he is sure to capture some beautiful moments in your time together. 

Discover some of our favorite indoor photoshoot locations in Oklahoma City as possible boudoir shoot settings!

4. Red Stiletto

With Whitney Stilwell as the lead Oklahoma City boudoir photographer, she started this all-women team to empower women at every age, stage of life, and body size. And they definitely meet that goal! Keeping their slogan, “Embrace Beauty. Embrace You,” in mind, they allow women to be themselves. That means you exactly as you are in this moment, without judgment, and all while making you look your best.

If you want to vamp it up for the camera, choose Red Stiletto studio. Plus, their hair and makeup team will bring out a whole other level of your lovely self. You can also choose from two different boudoir experiences: Dream Couture and Dream Session. Check out both options on their website.

Either style would work well in this exotic sand palace photo studio in South OKC. It’s a Moroccan-themed room with real sand, plush floor cushions, and custom-built stairs to elevate your shoot — literally!

5. Ashley Layden

Seductive without being X-rated, Ashley Layden is your dream boudoir photographer if you are a woman who wants to show the true beauty of your body. She had a transformative experience when she was the subject of her first boudoir shoot. She then decided to make it her mission to offer the same self-love and self-acceptance she found.

Helping you shed stories that no longer serve you while celebrating everything that you are in this moment, you will leave your session with the kind of confidence that only boudoir shoots can bring. Working with a hair and makeup team to primp you surely doesn’t hurt either. 

6. Ellie Piper of Boudoir No.5 Studio

Just outside of Oklahoma City in Edmond lies Boudoir No. 5 Studio. Ellie Piper designed the space to feel like a cozy home — complete with textural pillows and rugs for an added dose of sensuality. Inspired by the women she photographs, Ellie herself is an inspiration.

Why not hire her and invite her to this luxurious 40s hidden gem in Historic Brookhaven for your boudoir shoot? The rich furnishings and beautiful light are sure to inspire you both, pose after pose. You can even take your shoot out back to the private furnished yard complete with a pool and egg chair swing!

It’s especially a good fit since Ellie has two distinct vibes — one dark and emotive and the other bright and airy, a contrast that makes for a wonderful body of work and speaks to many different women. Whether you’re a brooding babe or a bride wanting light photos of yourself as a gift on your wedding day, Ellie will match your style. Be sure to check out her website for more information about her as well as professional tips and tricks for your boudoir shoot.

7. Crystal Shaw

Mixing a lifestyle vibe into her work, Oklahoma City boudoir photographer Crystal Shaw welcomes all humans and all bodies. If there is a part of you that you don’t totally love, put yourself in front of her talented eye and see if you don’t just embrace every single bit of yourself.

Her posing expertise also helps minimize any of your perceived flaws, but we promise you’re perfect as you are. Refusing to make you look like anyone but the stunner you are, she has a light editing touch that we love. 

Inviting your SO along for the fun? Then you need to see our creative couples boudoir photoshoot ideas next!

8. Ashley and Rachel of Southern Belles Boudoir

Ashley and Rachel are the Oklahoma City boudoir photographers behind this all-female studio. They specialize in sessions that they promise to be equally fun, tasteful, and glamorous. Working closely with you, they help design your shoot around your tastes. Want to show some love to your favorite features and be surprised at how good your less favorite ones look? They’re your team.

Whether your style is more everyday-causal sexy or full-on sex kitten, they will hype you up, so you leave your session feeling more beautiful than ever before. We would love to see their work at this Crestwood Cathedral, a multi-bedroom home brimming with natural light and elegant features that will enhance your boudoir experience.

Bonus: Modern Muse Studio

We absolutely adore how well Modern Muse Studio’s images reflect their name. Look through their portfolio, and you will see crisp, contemporary images of people who clearly feel empowered and magnanimous. The Oklahoma City boudoir photographers behind this team are Christie and Ashley, two friends who strive to help women see their own power and beauty.

When asked how they started their studio, they realized they worked better as a unit and can offer their clients more together than solo. “We had a friendly competition with each other for years and now we’ve teamed up to create the very best boudoir photography studio in Oklahoma .” If you’re looking for a studio that makes you look great and feel great in a seductive modern setting, this is your team.

Oklahoma City boudoir photographers: conclusion

oklahoma city boudoir photographers
Source: Peerspace

We hope this list of the top Oklahoma City boudoir photographers has helped you find your photographer match! We were blown away by the amount of talent and the diversity of styles in this charming southern city. It all may also have given you a few new ideas to inspire your shoot.

No matter which side of the camera you’re on, remember to check out Peerspace when the time comes to book a photoshoot setting. It’s the easiest (and most fun!) way to find private venues that unleash your creativity.

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