The 9 Best Cityscape Photographers in Dallas

Almost everybody knows someone with a framed cityscape photograph on their wall. Whether it’s the Haussmann rooftops of Paris or something a little closer to home, we all do. Indeed, the US is full of captivating skylines and intricate streets, and good ol’ Texas has the most memorable of both.

Texans are lucky to have both effervescent, urban gems and vast, glorious landscapes on their doorstep. And there’s so much inspiration packed into the Lone Star State; it seems to overflow despite its size. These Dallas cityscape photographers have captured one of Texas’s most popular cities in ways we never thought possible.

If you’re from out of town and these photographers don’t make you book a trip to Dallas tomorrow, browse a little longer and you will.

1. Joseph Sullens

Joseph Sullens’s photography is anything but sullen. He’s a guy of many interests focusing on street, landscape, motorsport, and automotive photography. We feel like you couldn’t get two more different photographic mediums than sport and landscape. So, the fact he shoots both to such a high standard is enough to make us ask, “But how?” Talented Dallas cityscape photographers don’t grow on cedars, and we’re so happy we found Joseph’s work.

2. Phil Davidson

Phil Davidson’s Instagram portfolio is filled with deep, moody photos of everything from flowers to urban streets. Because we see so many bright, softened portraits, seeing the darker side of things is always a joy. These are photographs that actually make you feel as you look at them. No matter if they’re shot around the DFW area or further afield. We also love the lack of contrast and filmic approach to his skyline shots in particular. It’s something we don’t see nearly enough.

3. Kynzie Story

Kynzie Story is the photographer — and drone pilot — behind AirStory. Although she began her ascent in the drone world by shooting for realtors, she soon realized she could expand into all realms of photography. Having been passionate about the medium since she was a teenager, she sees everything through a creative eye. And considering she’s able to use her creative eye while flying a drone, well… we only wish we could produce cityscape pictures quite so compelling.

4. Raul Cano

Raul Cano is a Texan boy through and through. Originally from a small town in South Texas, he lived in both Houston and Dallas before moving back to the town where he grew up. His niches are cityscapes and landscapes, but he also shoots portraits and aviation when the desire hits. Utilizing his trusted Canon 80D and Mavic Air, he brings all of his subjects to life like magic — cities included. Our favorite thing about Raul is that he shares his camera settings alongside his pictures. So, go marvel and learn at the same time.

5. Kyle Bunch

Landscape, nightscape, and cityscape photographer Kyle Burch is a Nikon guy through and through. His love for Texas and other US cities is palpable in his work. Our favorite shots of his are those where the city is reflected in the water. These are photos you could blow up and hang on your wall. No matter the weather, the time of day, or subject matter, each frame has been carefully calculated to bring Dallas to life.

6. Ryan Baker

We found Ryan Baker on what’s a goldmine for Dallas cityscape photographers, Skylines of Texas. This particular skyline shot of Reunion Tower jumped out at us for so many reasons. From sky gradients to the grand architecture that makes up the Big D. Colors are definitely the overarching theme of his portfolio. Regardless of where he’s shooting, be it Dallas or New York, he captures those lower-light sunsets and dusks in ways we only wish we could master.

7. Timothy Alsbrooks

Timothy Alsbrooks is a professional photographer and videographer. While many photographers have been taking pictures for as long as they can remember, it was different for Timothy. Once a skateboarder, he picked up the camera after an accident. In place of doing it himself, he wound up shooting his friends skateboarding and fell in love. Since then, he’s worked with huge clients like Harley-Davidson and shot editorials for Nikon. As you can see, he also takes some stunning shots of Dallas.

8. Brian Sandoval

On his photography Instagram account, Brian Sandoval turns the Dallas cityscape into a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk fantasy. His pictures look like they should be screenshots from Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner. All neon lights, pinks and purples, and blues that hark to a futuristic time that could very well become reality one day. His pictures are dreamy and inspiring, and we’ve never seen Dallas look so different. (Spoiler: we love the work of a good rooftopper.)

9. Joseph Haubert

Joseph Haubert is one of our favorite Dallas cityscape photographers. And we’re not alone in loving him. People call him “the skyline photographer” for a reason, and that reason is evident across his incredible work. Whether he’s shooting cities like Dallas and Houston or joyous, iconic Texan landscape, you feel like you’re part of those dreamlike moments. So it’s no surprise he’s been featured in everything from Vogue Italia to National Geographic.

See Dallas like never before

Interesting cityscape photographers have the power of showing us how they see cities through their lens. Sometimes, the image reflected back is one we recognize. Others, different colors or processes make them look unreal and dreamlike.

Each of these Dallas cityscape photographers capture DTX in their own way. And they are ways that show you the true power of photography, architecture, but most importantly, human creativity.

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