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The 12 Best Columbus Wedding Photographers

Savvy observers will note that Columbus, Ohio, is going through a real-deal cultural Renaissance. It’s the epicenter of super-talented graphic designers and photographers, many of them coming out of Columbus College of Art & Design. The business scene is booming, and a young and energetic population is helping drive increased demand for good food, craft beer, and coffee. A lot of good stuff is going on in this city. And, thankfully for new couples, this creative energy extends into the wedding photography market. There’s something for everyone on our list of the best Columbus wedding photographers. Check out the city’s most creative shutterbugs.

1. Jessica Miller Photography

Jessica Miller is primarily a documentary-style wedding photographer, and her eye for composition is top-notch. But when you peruse Jessica’s work, what immediately stands out is color. These days, a lot of wedding photographers are leaning hard into the trend of using minimal color palettes, and there’s nothing wrong with that at all — but for those who like their photos to exude vibrancy, Jessica’s style might be the perfect match.

2. Robb McCormick Photography

Robb McCormick has won a “Best of Weddings” award from The Knot every year since 2013, which is extremely telling. He describes himself as a purist, a true photography geek who uses light meters and shoots in manual mode. Robb’s a technician and artist who thinks in terms of light and the human form. That lends his work an undeniable precision, and there’s certainly something very confident in it — this is a photographer who knows what he’s doing. And like other great photographers, he’s able to capture those subtle, beautiful, and unexpected moments.

What we particularly love about his work are his posed wide-angle compositions, in which the scale is much greater than usual. It’s easy to get lost in them, and other photographers might crop them much more closely, trying to create a sense of intimacy. Instead, Robb’s decision to frame the larger scene gives the images a grand, almost epic quality. 

3. 222 Photography

222 Photography is Brian and Maria, a married couple and creative powerhouse duo. They pack a lot of personality into each shot, and they capture the uniqueness of each couple’s wedding incredibly well. They’re interested in being creatively adventurous and, as they would say of themselves, “[pushing] visual boundaries.” There are shots in their portfolio that aren’t quite like anyone else’s work — we mean that in the best of ways. If you want a wedding gallery of lovely traditional photos, they’ll shoot them beautifully, and you’ll be happy. But if you give them some leeway to get creative, you’ll be even happier.

4. Vision & Style Photography

Rashad and Arica of Vision & Style Photography are another married team, and their work is bold and beautiful. They’re at their best when staying true to traditional or classic wedding portraiture, though much of their work is in an “illustrative style.” This entails setting up the scene, posing the couple, and then encouraging them to act naturally, documenting the emotional connection. It’s a popular blend of spontaneity and technical control of the scene. If you want pictures that look like they could grace the cover of a glossy bridal magazine, reach out to Vision & Style.

5. Samos Photography

Rick of Samos Photography’s work blends contemporary, vintage, natural light, and traditional wedding photography styles, and the result is a pleasing mixture of shots for each wedding. Granted, this is not in and of itself especially unique among great wedding photographers, but most lean heavily in one direction or another, and Rick produces great work in all styles. There’s also an effortless sensuality to a lot of Rick’s work — something subtle and not at all tacky. It’s just one of the things that makes him one of the best wedding photographers in Columbus.

6. Kimberly Potterf Photography

Here’s how Kimberly Potterf wants her photos to look: clean and timeless. For our money, that’s a very, very good thing. She’s neither leaning too hard into social media trends in post-processing nor staging compositions that are so epic as to be silly. Instead, her work gorgeously captures the beauty of right now as it truly is.

7. Hailey Lauren Photography

Hailey Lauren is a light-centered photographer. She gently guides couples in small, subtle ways to maximize the effectiveness of each shot without sacrificing the authenticity of any given moment. In addition, she’s into soft details and tastefully restrained color palettes. If you’re a fan of light, soft colors, and a splash of greenery, you’ll love the scenes she captures, which are nothing if not Pinterest-worthy. 

8. Curtis Wallis & The Wedding Gallery

Curtis Wallis has a laid-back family-man attitude that puts clients at ease, and that’s an underrated quality in a photographer. On the wedding day, things can get pretty overwhelming for couples, and being surrounded by people who are well in control of their corner absolutely affects the direction of the day. If you like black-and-white photography, give Curtis’ portfolio a look — it’s one of his strongest mediums. There’s a lot of intimacy to his work, with its tight cropping and shallow focus, making you feel like you’re standing in the crowd along with all of the other wedding guests.

9. Comfort Photography

On your wedding day, you’ll want to be surrounded by level-headed allies, not just people looking to finish a job and go home. Comfort Witcher of Comfort Photography has a reputation for going above and beyond — she’s on deck to help make sure everything goes smoothly. Furthermore, she lends her general wedding expertise ahead of time in terms of vendors, venues, or anything else. And then there’s her photography: sharp, clean, and classic, a mixture of beautiful documentary-style and traditional work that will look good forever.

10. Amy Ann Photography

Amy Ann wants to capture your personality in each gallery, and she does a mighty fine job of it. Most of her work is colorful and fun, though her black-and-white shots are also breathtaking. There’s a lively quality to it all that’s really great, something that on occasion gets lost for other photographers. Amy will capture images of the wedding day so that it feels exciting, action-packed, and memorable.

11. Erica Kay Photography

Erica Kay loves dogs, wine, Columbus, big glasses, and bold colors. Her fun photos display the confidence of vision of a photographer twice her age. She sincerely shines in her classic, traditional work, in which she has a way of making slick, magazine-worthy compositions in natural light while keeping them light and stylish instead of totally romanticized. The work’s beautiful, but it’s also full of life, and the personalities of her subjects definitely pop.

12. Joe Banker Photography

How do you get to be one of the best wedding photographers in Columbus? Keep churning out consistently beautiful work for each and every wedding you shoot. Joe caught the photography bug in high school and set out to make it a career a few years later. Since then, he’s become one of the most well-regarded talents in the city. His work exhibits technical precision, a wonderful eye for detail, and an excellent understanding of light and composition.

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