The 9 Best Commercial Photographers in Boston

Boston entrepreneurs have a wealth of talent to work with when searching for creatives who can tell their brand’s story! Since many of these expert photographers specialize in particular genres, we thought it a good idea to break down and explain how the 9 best Boston commercial photographers go about their business and how each can vastly improve your brand’s message.

1. Jessie Wyman

Boston commercial photographer Jessie Wyman is known across the metro as the creative to work with for personal branding, interior features, product shots. She knows how to showcase the story of your business. Jessie uses pastel and bright white style reminiscent of modern wedding photography that is cheery, upbeat, and contemporary in character. We especially enjoy seeing it paired with her branding portraits of Boston entrepreneurs for a polished, professional feel. While looking through her diverse portfolio be aware that Jessie also offers European travel and landscape fine art images that add a touch of extra class to your business space!

2. Lumina Portraits

Portraits are the name of Lumina’s photography game! From seniors to newborns, Lumina does people images very well — and their business portraits are just the thing for Boston entrepreneurs looking to give a face and personal character to their brand. Lumina uses both traditional business backgrounds (blurred out, brick wall, and studio) as well as working on-site for environmental portraits that add context to what your business has to offer. They work to fully understand that putting your best foot forward through professional images isn’t a luxury for modern brands but rather a necessity for outreach and instant engagement!

3. Matt McKee

Matt McKee has a well thought out philosophy to his specialized angle on the commercial imaging world that we think you’ll appreciate: “Corporate photography is not simply documenting what is there, but a way to tell your company’s story, a way to showcase your company culture, to your best customers.” We entirely agree. Clients who get a sense of who and what your company is about are far more likely to be willing to engage with your brand.

Matt’s corporate commercial photography includes working with industrial, life sciences, executive portraits, and product images. His product photography tends to fall in the sphere of these businesses and pairs vibrant backgrounds with macro images that often have an active component.

4. CB Creatives

CB Creatives makes some of the finest portraits, fine art, landscape, and commercial food images we’ve yet to see! They use a consistent style across genres high in color contrast yet embrace shadow to highlight complex lighting environments. This embrace of the functionality of commercial imagery plus the personal artistic expression of CB Creatives really caught our attention and is a brand of choice for businesses looking for images that go beyond the letter of a collaboration! They are especially fond of overhead compositions that explore form, color, and texture, often with contrasting backgrounds that emphasize emotional and sensory elements like taste, smell, and even story through a purely visual medium.

5. Joe Gonzalez-Dufresne

“Photos that work as hard as you do” is Joe Gonzalez-Dufresne’s motto, and we absolutely agree here! His images are full of storytelling context that leaves no doubt about the ethos and business in question. From vineyards to potters, Joe is a master of his style that mixes traditional commercial work with a photojournalistic rendition of how products take form. His moody, shadow, and vignette-filled style sometimes takes on a subdued color tonality that lends extra emphasis to background details within the frame and his spot-on compositions. Few Boston commercial photographers can match Joe when it comes to telling the story of a business in a single frame!

6. Randall Garnick

Having been called to locations on both East and West Coast for his attention to detail and collaborative spirit, Randall Garnick is a Boston commercial photographer with an eye for sharing opinions, messages, brands, and business philosophies through captivating images!

His satisfied customers include local and national brands like Boston Marriott Cambridge, California Closets, and KSID Architecture and Interior Design. While all of his work is impactful, we find his real estate images especially appealing. His eye for emphasizing the most notable and attention-grabbing aspects of space over simply making expansive views that lack focus is perfectly suited to commercial work!

7. Matthew McLaughlin

Commercial, portrait, travel, and food and beverage photography are what Matthew McLaughlin prefers to focus on. This Minnesota transplant has built a successful Boston commercial photography brand that focuses on his love of showcasing fascinating lifestyles and adventures abroad. His style is bold and cinematic in character, with colors that contrast in attention-grabbing ways.

8. Yin Tom

Is your brand centered on the fashion and beauty angles of the commercial world? Take a look at the work of Yin Tom! Educated at the Beijing Film Academy and the American Elizabeth Grady & Kett Cosmetics airbrush schools, Yin has honed her innate talent with formal training that makes her one of the best Boston commercial photographers for the genre. Her work is of such quality that Phoenix Television and magazines like Sheer, Imagine, and Grace Ormonde Wedding Style have all taken notice. Yin’s expertise artfully highlights the individual beauty of each model while showcasing the wonders of the makeup, clothing line, or other products being featured through the collaboration.

9. Julie Molliver

Julie Molliver specializes in building the online presence of local businesses, an angle that often remains woefully underdeveloped by budding entrepreneurs. Julie helps you increase client curiosity and engagement. Her talents include focusing on traffic by tailoring your site and creating images that highlight your services and message on the very first click. Her product photography not only shows customers what’s on offer but takes a contemporary artistic approach that brings in still life elements for visually pleasing, well-balanced images! 

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