The 11 Best Commercial Photographers in Buffalo

While the Nickel City isn’t quite on par with NYC when it comes to the sheer number of commercial photographers around, it absolutely competes when it comes to quality! The hub of Western NY is home to some fantastic talent, and we’re excited to share the work of these top Buffalo commercial photographers with you! Whether you’re interested in corporate headshots, business event coverage, brand messaging, or something more, there’s someone here who is a natural fit for your idea!

1. Pete Andrews

Pete Andrews of Eagle 1 Photography has been in business as a Buffalo commercial photographer since 1982! While his roots are in film, the elements of light and composition remain unchanged. And Pete’s current digital studio still crafts fine art-worthy portraits, real estate, architecture, and product images for Buffalo brands. He is also a drone photographer and often provides aerial views for Western NY residents who want to showcase the entirety of a property for prospective customers!

2. Onion Studio

Onion Studio sees their photography as visual artistry, a claim we entirely agree with. Rather than simply providing representational images of a particular person, brand, or product, Onion Studio adds its own fine art approach to the commercial genre. This addition can come through the use of classic portraiture techniques, fantasy-inspired elements, storytelling backgrounds, and much more. They make excellent use of shallow depth of field in their corporate and classic portraiture, a technique much less frequently seen in the commercial space.

3. Bob Hubbard

Of all the Buffalo commercial photographers whose work we appreciate, Bob Hubbard best showcases what a retouching master has to offer! His studio portraits and product images use digital retouching to include, enhance, or exclude elements that heighten our overall appreciation of the main subject. This can include elements as simple as adjusting tonal curves for extra color and contrast to adding explosions and flames for a fantasy cosplay-themed photoshoot!

4. Vincent Lopez

We love seeing the efforts of self-taught photographers like Vincent Lopez come to fruition! While art has always been a love of his, especially graphic design, his forays into photography are the result of studying composition, technology, and light all on his own. And as a master corporate headshot photographer, Vincent uses ideal studio lighting and well-chosen backgrounds to showcase his subjects. The contrast between his dark backgrounds and well-exposed subjects helps skin tones, eyes, and smiles leap out at viewers. Vincent also uses posing styles that perfectly suit the headshot genre while still allowing the individual character of his subjects to shine forth.

5. Lindsay Sisting

While Lindsay Sisting’s events and other commercial genres are well worth exploring, we want to pay special attention to her architecture and real estate portfolio. It’s here that her attention to lines, shapes, form, and light is displayed to the best effect. Her colors are bright without being unnaturally saturated, and both shadows and highlights are tastefully recovered without looking too HDR in appearance. In short, Lindsay seeks to showcase spaces and buildings artistically while staying true to a natural presentation.

6. Patronus Photographic

With over 25 years of experience working as a top Buffalo commercial photographer, Patronus Photographic offers photo and video solutions for locals in need of wedding coverage, newborn portraits, or other genres. And in the commercial space, they offer corporate headshots and aerial drone footage for brands and individuals. Their past corporate partners include Nickelodeon, Upper Allegheny Health System, and Buffalo Service Credit Union.

7. Doug Hansgate

Fashion photography, corporate headshots, and real estate photography are the commercial solutions of Doug Hansgate. He has spent the past 40 years partnered up with Buffalo physicians, recording companies, and attorneys in need of professionally polished photos to show the world who they are and what they are about. While his clients are diverse, we see a continual thread in Doug’s style: rich colors and vibrant contrast. This gives his work a punchy, celebratory character that draws the eye as much as his compositions and guided poses do.

8. Buffalo Drone Photography

As their name suggests, Buffalo Drone Photography specializes in aerial views of real estate, agricultural, construction, and commercial business spaces. This higher vantage point allows architects, engineers, surveyors, prospective buyers, and more to understand better what a given space has to offer. And thanks to their Part 107 FAA certification, they are licensed to fly downtown, at night, over moving vehicles, and in other situations that limit unlicensed commercial drone photographers.

9. Three Sixty° Views

Rather than presenting interior spaces the same way as other Buffalo commercial photographers, Three Sixty° Views opted to take a different path. Using various shooting angles and technologies, they provide a full buffet of options for businesses looking to showcase a space digitally. Their use of virtual tours, virtual staging, and aerial drone photography are impressive enough. But the Matterport virtual tours offered by them provide the curious with full 360-degree viewings of home and commercial space interiors without ever leaving your screen.

10. Matthew Digati

Matthew Digati is the creative talent behind the Buffalo Homes Instagram feed and website and is also a Buffalo commercial photographer focused on the real estate genre. His love for beautiful homes inspires him to not only shoot them as a professional but to share the history and artistry with an appreciative audience. Matthew uses vibrant colors on occasion, especially where outdoor compositions are concerned. But when we travel indoors, his hues better match the subdued ambiance of contemporary interior design.

11. Darron L Whitsett

Visual solutions for small businesses are just one of the specialties of Darron L Whitsett. He’s also a master fashion photographer whose work has been featured on billboards and within magazines and lookbooks. Fashion brands use these to showcase their new apparel while conveying a particular mood or flavor for the shoot! Darron’s especially flexible in this regard, using poses, composition, and colored lighting to add moods ranging from vintage to pop and everything in between.

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