The 10 Best Commercial Photographers in El Paso

As the largest city in West Texas, El Paso is a vibrant hub of innovation and commerce. Local businesses know that it’s not nearly enough to have a good product, though. It takes photography with instant, emotional impact to get folks curious enough to want to learn more. That’s why the work of the top 10 El Paso commercial photographers is as polished as it is! Let’s explore it together.

1. Omar Mena

When not shooting weddings for lucky El Paso couples, Omar Mena is a talented commercial photographer whose luscious food and product images are a delight to witness. He prefers working from macro-level distances to capture fine details and colors in flowers and notes of moisture and texture that bring to life memories of flavor and taste in burgers and other rich dishes. His closely composed commercial images also carry greater visual weight thanks to the lack of distracting elements within the frame to compete for our attention.

2. Studio Rise

Families and businesses looking for polished, professional studio images know Studio Rise is the place to turn. Their clients come from France, Italy, and Switzerland, but also Las Vegas and other places closer to home. John Genesis is the founder and creative mastermind, bringing portrait subjects to life using brightly exposed studio subjects against plain backgrounds. His work encompasses fashion and portrait genres and commercial imagery for small businesses, staff headshots, and much more.

3. Lux Lens Productions

Lux Lens Pro is an El Paso commercial photography studio focused on business, branding events, and wedding coverage. They are especially talented at bringing to life brand messaging through visual media and people-centric storytelling. In all of their photography, we better appreciate brands and what they offer through glimpses into the business locations, apparel choices, and confidence-inspiring expressions on display. And rather than relying on punchy, unnatural edits, Lux Lens Pro prefers a neutral color balance that represents a more authentic presentation style.

4. Stage Photo Art

Memories of special moments that are unrepeatable by nature are what Stage Photo art specializes in documenting. This includes quinceañeras, weddings, commercial photo booth rentals, and anniversary photoshoots for El Paso customers. Portraiture is Stage Photo Art’s strong suit, using camera flash and studio lighting to present people in an ideal fashion. Athletes, seniors, corporate business people, teenagers, and newlyweds all benefit from their technique, which is captivating thanks to their wide-angle portrait preference.

5. Kat Armendariz

Kat Armendariz is a creative with mastery of several unique niches, including commercial photography and videography, graphic design, art direction, and project management. In short, she’s the person you turn to from the beginning, helping projects come together from the ground up. As a photographer, Kat uses modern retouching techniques to emphasize subjects and additions to the frame that solidify the main theme. This is the El Paso commercial photographer to turn to if you’re looking for less straightforward and representational art styles.

6. Flying Pixels Imagery

Aerial drone photography is becoming more in demand than ever thanks to its ability to provide vantage points that no person can view unaided. Construction projects, stock libraries, and real estate ventures are just a few of the collaborations that Flying Pixels Imagery finds itself a part of. And being a group of FAA licensed and certified drone pilots, they can work in places and conditions that others cannot. Small wonder they’ve been chosen as partners in the past for architectural brands like Sonny Brown Associates and Terracon Consulting.

7. Truvision Solutions

Truvision Solutions knows that it takes images with immediate impact to reach a tech-savvy audience. Their commercial photography avenues include the aerial, real estate, food, hospitality, and product genres. They also provide social media management for businesses too busy to cultivate their Instagram or Facebook profiles. Truvision’s real estate portfolio is awe-inspiring, using modern HDR presentations of interiors with gently graded highlights and shadows to ideally present residential and business spaces for prospective customers.

8. DoubleScope Films

DoubleScope Films is a group of videographers and El Paso commercial photographers that have been in partnership for the past 11 years. The quality of their work has not gone unnoticed, not only by us but also by major brands like Nike, Prudential Financial, and even the Pittsburgh Steelers. Since they use a hybrid approach of photo and film, DoubleScope can provide images documenting the result and the collaborative efforts behind the scenes of a particular project. Their work is as much documentary as it is creative in character.

9. Studio-07 Photo

If you’re a reader of The City Magazine, then you might already know that Studio-07 is a Best In The City Of 2019 business. While El Paso is their main metro area, they also work in Ciudad Juarez and destinations further afield as required. Events for individuals and businesses are their specialty, combining photography, videography, and even aerial drone coverage to ensure not a single viewing angle goes unrecorded. Weddings are a major focus for Studio-07, but the commercial aspects of their business also extend to professional headshots, portraits, and images for local restaurants for use with social media and websites.

10. 3D Casa

Sometimes 2D real estate photography isn’t enough for a potential client to truly experience what a space has to offer. This is where 3D Casa steps in, providing fully virtual tours of residential and commercial spaces for potential clients that need a tour from afar. Using Matterport technology, they provide 360-degree viewing angles of each room that offer an ideal solution for these uncertain times when paired with floor plans and labels.

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