The 9 Best Commercial Photographers in Las Vegas

Are you finding customer engagement isn’t what it once was? With as many restaurants, hotels, casinos, and retailers as there are in Sin City, it takes images with true impact to stand out from the masses. That’s why we’ve curated this list of the 9 top Las Vegas commercial photographers to partner up with in 2021!

1. LaCroix Marketing & Design

Casia LaCroix began building what would become LaCroix Marketing & Design in 2016. She works with businesses to plan photoshoots, run social media campaigns, and polished webpage layouts for maximum engagement potential. As one of the top Las Vegas commercial photographers, Casia is in demand for her signature styles: a bright and airy tone with pastel colors and a contemporary flavor and a dark and moody style perfect for modern product photography! LaCroix Marketing & Design is a one-stop shop for all things marketing, from business card graphic designs to branding portraits.

2. Studio J Inc.

Studio J is a collaboration between Eric Jameson and Chase McCurdy and covers quite a broad swath of the commercial photography world. Their portfolio explores everything from underwater photography to celebrity and corporate portraits. We were especially impressed with their commercial architecture featuring malls and casinos as well as their advertising images. Their vibrant HDR (high dynamic range) style is captivating and always oriented to showcase the space to best effect through leading lines and to invite lighting. 

3. Square Shooting

Jennifer Burkart and Ryan Reason are the combined talent behind Square Shooting, a top Las Vegas commercial studio providing high-end photography and videography to local businesses. With clients like the Golden Gate Hotel & Casino and endorsement from the City of Las Vegas, you can rest assured Square Shooting lives up to the hype! Even before opening their collaborative business in 2013, Jennifer and Ryan have been working in the Vegas commercial industry for over a decade each. Their complementary talents lead to stellar product, food, and exterior images with a punchy, well-lit style perfect for the character of Las Vegas! 

4. Neon Sun Photography

If high-quality commercial and residential real estate, 360º panoramic tours, aerial drone images, and other aspects of the architectural world are what you need, Neon Sun Photography should be your first choice to work with. Their vibrant, HDR (high dynamic range) style brings out the full textures, tones, and lighting in highlights and shadows to showcase the full possibilities of every space they feature. And in every case, their use of lines and composition is balanced so viewers can appreciate what makes each space unique, from kitchen size to bedroom views. When not providing some of the best commercial real estate images in Vegas, they also provide fantastic wedding, event, portrait, and food photography for the area!

5. Jill Heupel

Jill Heupel thrives on variety and shoots everything, from newborns to dogs. However, her work as a branding photographer and stylist is what caught our attention. From veterinary clinics to local bakeries, Jill expertly crafts images that weave stories and provide a sample of the experience viewers can expect from the business in question. While she loves contrasting color, her lighting is pleasingly subdued, with vignettes and shadows that add a contemporary character perfect for a wide variety of subjects. We especially enjoyed her eye for textures in her food photography! The interplay of wooden backgrounds, marbled plates, and soft, creamy desserts is captivating and adds impact to her images.

6. Ashlyn Savannah

As a Las Vegas commercial photographer, Ashlyn Savannah regularly partners with beauty and food-oriented entrepreneurs to help clarify the message and improve the reach of their brands. Having been in the business for four successful years, Ashlyn discovered along the way that styling is something she absolutely adores. She finds compositions and angles that work with her natural vision in ways unexpected and refreshing for the genre, from dress to food. Her images often include lifestyle elements that add story and interest and always go beyond mere documentation or presentation of a product or person!

7. Sabrina Wainberg of Lady Brand Boss

Female entrepreneurs looking to empower the message of their local brand need to connect with Sabrina Wainberg of Lady Boss Brand! She’s out to ensure the voice, ethos, and story of your brand are told exactly the way you want it to be. Sabrina expresses her enthusiasm best in her own words: “I’d love to help you to show your customers that there’s a real and trustworthy person behind your  business through my lens.” This personalization of images takes several forms, from environmental portraits of you at work in your office or studio to portraits perfectly tailored for social media and website usage.

8. Peter Harasty

Peter Harasty is a Las Vegas commercial photographer who has been an industry leader for over 20 years. In his time, he’s worked on food, product, advertising, and real estate shoots for magazines, hotels, casinos, and other national and international clients. However, food photography is a central focus of his work, and few photographers in the area match his expertise in creating inviting, irresistible presentations that showcase the best of Vegas food culture. His approach is simple and direct, relying on strong compositions that emphasize the “hero angles” of linear dishes, plain backgrounds paired to vibrantly colored dishes, and other masterful techniques to help food shine with minimal fuss!

9. Jackie Sobon

Looking for a commercial food photographer specializing in the wonderful, sometimes underappreciated world of vegan cuisine? Jackie Sobon is here to show you just how tastefully vibrant plant-based cooking can be! Her images are full of colors that captivate and close compositions that emphasize each dish’s textures and complex tastes. Jackie uses diverse elements that pull from still life, lifestyle, and other genres to create photographs that carry story, mood, or simply highlight the beauty and complexity of vegan cooking!

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