The 9 Best Engagement Photographers in Tallahasse

As Emerald Coast natives know, the warm Florida Panhandle is one of the finest places to hold an engagement photoshoot. The area’s beaches, forests, parks, cities, small towns, and sunsets provide an endless palette of possibilities for creative photographers and couples alike. And as the work of the top Tallahassee engagement photographers demonstrates, their vision is more than up to the task! So why not explore these portfolios and see if one of them resonates with you in just the right way?

1. Kylene & Ryan Studios

Kylene and Ryan are two wedding and Tallahassee engagement photographers whose style is more towards the photojournalistic side of the genre. In doing so, they capture authentic expressions of love that highlight the unique character of each couple, rather than copying what everyone else does. And we also adore how Kylene and Ryan use the outdoors to best effect. Meadows full of flowers, pumpkin patches, and other classic settings are used to engage and frame their subjects intentionally, rather than remaining a simple, pretty backdrop for poses.

2. Poppie Studios

Artistry has been a part of Emily’s life for as long as she can remember. Even before she obtained a degree in photography, she was crafting and exploring various genres of creativity. But as a photographer, her specialty is the intimacy and connections on display during engagement and wedding ceremonies. As befitting the theme, Emily uses a classic wedding color scheme, with soft pastel tones and brilliant whites. Her highlights overflow with natural light, bathing her couples in radiance, signifying connections and new beginnings for viewers.

3. LV Photography

Lauren of LV Photography exemplifies all that we love about self-taught photographers. Rather than going to school for it, she spontaneously discovered her love for the genre and decided to dedicate herself to learning more. Weddings and engagements are her focus now, where she can use her visual artistic skills to forever capture the powerful emotions on display. Lauren’s style is subdued colors paired with rich contrast and dramatic lighting for a nostalgic ambiance. In fact, we especially love how she uses lens flare to heighten the celebratory mood of her engagement images.

4. Amanda Perry

Sometimes spontaneous photoshoots aren’t the way to go. Many couples prefer having a photographer who can guide them through poses that best fit the mood. The work of Amanda Perry best exemplifies this style, combining stunning outdoor locations with well-chosen poses to craft timeless images. Her grading style has a distinctly soft character, both in color and monochrome, with mellow contrast to match. It gives her work a unique character that stands apart from what we usually see, much to our delight.

5. Selina Barnes

What immediately caught our attention looking at the work of Selina Barnes is the closeness and intimacy of her captures. This Tallahassee engagement photographer never stands distant from her subjects. Rather, she often creates the sense of being within arm’s reach of their embraces and laughter. As a result, viewers feel immersed in the scene and emotions on display. And as delightful as this closeness is, adding nicely saturated colors, rich shadow, and contrast to the frame only heightens our appreciation of the entire moment.

6. Courtney Wahl

Courtney Wahl’s love for photography extends back to her days with film and continues in today’s digitally dominated visual arts space. Even then, people were her focus, and she always strives to highlight their emotions and connections to one another. And now, as a Tallahassee engagement photographer, Courtney showcases these bonds using well-composed environmental portrait techniques. We get to appreciate the beauty of each of her couples and the surrounding environment, which always frames without distracting us from Courtney’s subjects.

7. Michelle Phelps Howard

Like many of the top Tallahassee engagement photographers we’ve chosen, Michelle Phelps Howard is highly sensitive to the environment and how to use it harmoniously with her subject. Beaches, urban downtown, parks, and jetties all offer a diverse palette of backdrops for the stories being told by each couple. And the mixture of guided and spontaneous poses Michelle captures ensures a complete engagement story is told. Her images reveal how you naturally appear through the eyes of an expert with poses that best classically express your romance.

8. Elizabeth Birdwell

The portfolio of Elizabeth Birdwell often has a spontaneous, playful vibe that we love to see. Sometimes engagement photography can feel a bit stiff, so seeing a photographer so skilled at getting couples to relax and engage is delightful. And in getting couples to be playful, there is a much greater chance of seeing them as they naturally express their love for one another. This makes the final images much more satisfying for the couple to enjoy for decades in the future. The warmer tones Elizabeth favors are also enjoyable, reminding us of the Golden Hour sunlight filtering through the trees on a warm Emerald Coast day. The warmth and gentle shadows generate a strong sense of nostalgia in us viewers.

9. Monica Terrero

Monica Terrero continually travels to where love is, seeking out wedding and engagement clients who find her personal style a match. Monica favors stunning outdoor locations, including beaches and waterfalls, where the environment plays a strong role in shaping the final image. These environmental portraits can even add a lifestyle angle to the collaboration, giving us a sense of what it’s truly like to live a day in the shoes of her couples. And befitting the abundant Florida sunshine, her subjects are bathed in radiant natural light, amplifying the sense of celebration and freedom right alongside the love and happiness.

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