The 9 Best Event Photographers in Albuquerque

Albuquerque is New Mexico’s home for major and minor events, with regular local and international events. Balloon fiestas, weddings, corporate events, concerts … Each Albuquerque event photographer needs to have a well-rounded style capable of handling the demands of each of their clients! Fortunately, the photographers we’ve curated here are more than up to any collaboration you have in mind.

1. Complete Weddings & Events

Complete Weddings & Events is a team of photographers, videographers, and DJs available for weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, corporate events, and more! They have teams located in Albuquerque and dozens of locations across the country. Complete Wedding’s style is simultaneously intimate yet timeless in character, ideal for their main event subjects. Their color grade is gentle in character and avoids harsh contrast and strong direct flash that distract from the natural artistry.

2. Ashley Rose Turner

Concerts, outdoor events, parties, and weddings play a major role in the portfolio of Ashley Rose Turner. Any Albuquerque native will recognize the balloon festival with its soaring globes of color. But we’re also treated to her love of tonality when looking at her celebratory Day of the Dead costume portraits, birthday imagery, and other snapshots of lives being enjoyed to the maximum. Ashley prefers color saturation that’s rich with just the right amount of contrast to give her images a captivating character. And her mixture of poses and candid captures fully conveys the story of each event to viewers!

3. Happy Folk Photography

Heather of Happy Folk Photography loves nothing more than to be a part of intimate events as Albuquerque event photographers unobtrusively! Birthdays, newborns coming home, and other life milestones for families are the events she focuses on, with the occasional concert or other event seen in her portfolio. Since children and families play such a strong role, her style complements this genre with a light, cheerful character that includes abundant natural light. It gives her images a nostalgic quality ideal for newborns; after all, they will never be this small again!

4. Reveal Experience

Reveal Experiences describes themselves as “New Mexico’s premiere stylized photography experience,” and we entirely agree! Reveal includes the finest Albuquerque event photographers for folks looking for images for a theme party or other event with a distinct atmosphere or story to be told. They take their clients to party in wooded cabins, urban lofts, and other places that offer a backdrop for the themed storyline. And then comes the outfits! Dressing up is a major part of the Reveal Experience. They bring to life Day of the Dead costumes, stylized boudoir, and other lifestyle narratives you have in mind!

5. Jaclynn Dodge

Looking for an Albuquerque event photographer to artistically showcase your next engagement, wedding, or elopement? Jaclynn Dodge is one of our favorites! Her work is a captivating mixture of storytelling through documentary-style images, lifestyle narratives that feature setting and apparel, and a fine art style of composition! By fine art, we’re referring to her ability to send just the right emotional message through pose, color cast, and timing. Jaclynn’s wedding images belong printed onto a living room wall rather than a hard drive.

6. Caleb Cobos

Caleb Cobos is a well-rounded Albuquerque event photographer who loves finding moments of peak emotion to capture. No wonder he focuses mostly on the sports and wedding genres of photography! Caleb is a master of finding the decisive moments in the event that carry a complete story in just one or a few frames. The celebratory moments after a game-winning goal, the intensity of players on the field, the kisses and tears of a couple that has just been officially married … These moments can then be relieved for decades to come through the magic of his lens. We’re also fans of his delightful wedding color grading, using subdued tones with just the right dose of warmth to create a timeless atmosphere!

7. XL Sports Photo

Looking for game day documentation of young and adult athletes on the field? XL Sports Photo is Albuquerque’s premier sports event and sports portrait studio. Their style of telephoto shots from the sidelines and intimate close-ups of celebratory moments on the field is captivating. It leaves you feeling many of the same emotions that the athletes have during the event! We’re also big fans of their posed individual, team, and studio athletic portraits, showcasing teams at their very best for web and print usage!

8. Coryn Kiefer

Sometimes we want something more than straightforward, representational photography. Sometimes it’s better to hire a photographer with a fine art vision, one that uses the event as a template to bring to life their own vision of the world, complete with enchanting colors and an emotional focus. Coryn Kiefer is a wedding photographer with just this vision! The unique way she presents each wedding, using pastel tones, bright highlights, and gently guided poses, crafts precisely the right mood for a storybook ceremony. The combined effect leaves her subjects bathed in light and enhances the celebratory flavor of the event!

9. Tim March

Tim March is an Albuquerque event photographer whose concert, sports, wedding, and portrait photography carries an energy and mood all its own. Tim manages to find precisely the right angles, lighting, and composition for his concert shots that make it hard not to feel immersed in the seething crowd and pulsing music. His high contrast, richly saturated style is a natural match to the colored lighting, tattoos, energetic poses, and other elements that compete for your attention!

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