The 9 Best Event Photographers in Orlando

As a major convention destination, vacation spot, and happening city, Orlando has its share of events to celebrate. And, it’s home to many incredible event photographers to help you document them. We rifled through dozens of portfolios to find the best of the best — those artists who deliver consistency, high-end work, and who have a special something all their own. Whether you are looking for a photographer for a huge gala, an intimate birthday celebration, or a corporate convention, one of the following Orlando event photographers is sure to cover your event. 

1. RTW Photography

Branded initially as Ride the Wave Photography, Derrious Robinson founded RTW as a fashion studio and has quickly branched out as one of the top Orlando event photographers. His team includes specialists in Orlando event Photography, weddings, and commercial videography and portrait services. Working with natural light, studio light, and strobes ensures everything they shoot is beautifully lit. And, their flexibility means they can cover your event in their crisp style no matter the lighting conditions that day. They are one of our favorites for their adult birthday shoots and their graduation pics — events that are sometimes overlooked but are full of celebration. 

2. Lotus Eyes Photography

If you are planning a shindig and want dazzling photos of the party, look no further than Orlando event photographers like Denisse and her team of 11 pros. With a background in corporate photography and decades of experience, they know plenty about branding and can help you document your event’s success for future promotion. With such a multitude of photographers, they can team up and cover any size event — they’ve documented conferences with over 20,000 attendees. Each artist is also a lighting expert transforming even unflattering overhead lighting into a portrait-worthy glow and working with off-camera flash for the best results indoors. 

3. From Within Arts

As experienced portrait and wedding photographers, you can be sure that the team that makes up From Within Arts are Orlando event photographers who press the shutter at the precise moment for the perfect shot. Their work is stellar, no matter what they train their talented eye upon, but their birthday milestones are exceptional. Imagine being the center spread in a fashion magazine, and you’ll have an approximation of what it’s like to have your event portraits shot with them. 

4. Steven Miller

Specializing in documenting one of the most critical events in life — weddings — Steven Miller and his team are all skilled professionals. They’re Orlando event photographers who also cover a spectrum of corporate events and family celebrations, including once-in-a-lifetime vacations and birthdays. The team here is a mix of personable and precise —ideal for promoting a relaxed environment while getting the shots you want. As an eco-friendly company, they also do something unique among the photographers here, planting trees and native plants that support local pollinators for every client they serve—as they say, “look good, feel good, do good.”

5. Danny Kandid Media

Working with some of the hottest nightclubs and concert venues gives Orlando event photographers like Daniel Korentur plenty of experience and honed his talent to a fine edge. All of his shots are full of creative energy. From the posing to the lighting, he intuitively knows what will make a photo speak to the viewer. His bold, colorful style, combined with his artistic streak, make him the perfect choice for celebrations — graduations, birthday parties, and even corporate parties. If you want a photographer who will only enhance the fun of your day, Danny is a great pick. 

6. Chris Thompson

As one of the top-tier Orlando event photographers, Chris Thomspon has gotten used to memorializing life’s events, both large and small. Bringing his considerable portrait knowledge to his craft, he carefully plans the angles of his composition for the most flattering shot—keeping an eye on light and shadow to help with the atmosphere. If you’re having a grand birthday blowout or a graduation celebration, you can trust Chris to both captures all of the details of your party and make you look fantastic while he’s at it. 

7. The Studio Creative Group

There is a whole creative crew behind this award-winning studio—they’ve even been behind Emmy award winning productions. Their dedicated commercial photographer, Stephanie Mullins, is an internationally published artist in her own right and has been featured in numerous local papers. Her background in stock photography gives her the ability to distill an idea into a picture and refines her eye for composition. While all of the artists here are great in their own right, Stephanie has a unique vision. 

8. Green Screen Photography

Benny Sibbitt not only takes great photos of your Orlando event, but he can also create them too. Using a green screen as a backdrop gives him the freedom to let his (and your) imagination run wild and develop ever-changing backgrounds to fit any theme. His booth is not only there to document the party. It can also be the highlight of a party, with plenty of props to play with. One of the most adaptable artists here, he can work in the bright sunshine or darkened convention halls and tailor his photography to your needs. If you want light, bright wedding photography, he does it. If you want candid shots of your landmark birthday, he’s happy to oblige. And of course, if you want fun portraits with a green screen, he’s here for you. 

9. Dynamite Studio Inc.

Dynamite Studios is composed of not one but two Orlando event photographers with astronomical talents. Kellie Warren and Lindsay Widdall cover various genres of photography, including documentary, portraits, travel, and corporate events. Each specialty reinforces the other, with their charming portrait work efficiently transferring to friendly corporate photos and their documentary work showing up in their coverage of conferences. They even offer video coverage for promotional materials or as a representation of the events of the day. They are one of our favorites for the sheer volume of events they cover and their layered styles. The name Dynamite suits them perfectly as they will blow your expectations out of the water. 

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